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She crossed my mind the other day. Was it ever even confirmed the girl in the pics was actually who was posting?
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haha it's funny I was just thinking about making a post about her here. I thought I was the only one still around who remembered her.
I don't think that was actually her on 8chan, just some larper posting her pics.
She is still on instagram, she looks a lot different now, I think she's a model or something: https://www.instagram.com/chouchofujin_/
> Was it ever even confirmed the girl in the pics was actually who was posting?
Not really, but I enjoyed pretending she was real. I hope she was.
I remember Nika looks identical to some manga girl who likes american first person shooters.
she was fun because she actually interacted directly but still mysterious. was she from Russia or something?
> model

she isnt ugly at all, but she just has that chubby alt egirl face now that every insta thot does. fall from grace
I used to tease her (or the person impersonating her) saying I wanted to eat her pussy and she would say I can't because it's addictive.
i remember she/larp was on ----- too
as well as some nudes
really cute girl
how and why has forbidden stayed up itt for several days despite multiple reports?
she’s not though. pics of her as an adult we’re posted earlier in the thread and she looks nothing like how she looked when underage. she is underage in those pics.
you thinking she 'looks' under 18 based on nothing isn't proof of anything. you don't know that she is underage in those pics and yet you state it like it's a fact, when in reality you have no clue how old she is in any of these pics and are just pulling shit out of your ass. probably the same retard who tries claiming every nude posted here is 'forbidden' even when we know for a fact they're 18+. stop projecting your pedrophilia and forbidden obsession onto everyone else. there is literally no reason to assume she's underage in those pics.
nigga she posted them on l*lifox in 2019, when she was still underage, where do you think they came from? it’s forbidden, very obviously, and no i’m not that anon always saying things are forbidden.
actually it was 2018 i think, and it was 8ch agatha, but i saw them get reposted on l*lifox. she posted herself all the time including her nudes
She was 14 in early 2019, so she’d be 17 or 18 now. Probably not even 18. Nudes have been deleted here before when the age wasn’t verifiable, and in this case there’s no way she was an adult in those pictures because her entire look has been completely different for a few years now. I’m not sure why people are being so aggressively defensive over this. The burden of proof is on *you* to prove she is not underage in these photos, but in any case, it’s obvious that she is considering she has not looked like that in years, and is possibly still underage right now as well.
> She was 14 in early 2019
definitely not lmao. i mean that is just so blatantly untrue i can't even take anything you say seriously after that
> and is possibly still underage right now as well.
she is literally in her 20s now. you have no clue what you're talking about lmao
I remember this very clearly but of course don’t have screw caps. If you’re so confident about her age, why can’t you prove it either? There’s a reason she was posting on LOLI fox. She also posted on 2ch a lot.
she only ever posted on dvach i don't care what the gay larper on 8ch/lf said she wasn't 14 and she never posted either of those places
I've deleted those images for now since her age in them doesn't appear to be known with certainty. Best to be safe.
I'm not even the person you're responding to but everyone knew she was 14 during that time.. it was never even disputed
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If you're trying to convince yourself that nudes of this kid are actually of an adult, you're genuinely delusional and you've never interacted with children outside of viewing porn of them on image boards. If you interacted with children in any non porn way you'd know this is obviously someone extremely young.......
She even said she was 13/14 and it was never a secret. Some of you make it too obvious that you spent your whole life shut inside watching porn. If you argue that this is an adult, you're a retard
> everyone knew
no, everyone didn't 'know' anything about this girl, considering all those retards thought she was actually the one posting there
> She even said she was 13/14
'she' never said this. to say it once more this girl never posted on these boards. if you ever thought that larper with the ridiculously exaggerated 'teenage girl' posting style who only ever posted pics that had already been posted elsewhere was actually her then you are legitimately fucking braindead.
in her own livestreams on her legitimate accounts she claimed to be 13, idiot. Just because someone pretended to be her and distributed her nudes doesn't mean she's suddenly not a child anymore
she was definitely a minor, anyone arguing the contrary is just some pedro trying to cope
it was hot. nothing terrible about it just a beautiful girl showing off her bare hips and stomach. don't care what her age was.

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