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i draw and post from my school, whenever i create my beauteous expression, it is segwayed directly to you, my adoring fan...
adding to the only decent thread here to reply to OP with suggestions

> The Animator's Survival Guide
Read this if you want to hate animating. Williams makes it very tedious and takes the fun out of it, and animation should be fun. Check out http://johnkcurriculum.blogspot.com/ instead.

Interesting palette, I'll check it out.

I use a modified Zorn palette:

Ivory Black
Titanium White
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Red / Crimson (or Alizarin Crimson) / Vermilion

and cobalt or ultramarine blue, sometimes magenta, burnt sienna, burnt umber, and cadmium yellow.

You're probably using an old outdated form of color theory that's more "recipe based", so check out:


Other sites:

has video instruction from people like Bill Perkins, Steve Huston and Vilppu

James Gurney's blog

General stuff:
Michael Hampton
Harold Speed
Scott Robertson's How to Draw
Bargue plates

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New Reply on thread #43
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