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Might give up sugar tomorrow. Again.
Got a rock hard erection.
Are you interested, stanley?
IGA is taking nuros place as the board retard and attentionwhore though
Monarchist faggot
Please sir.
> saving money for my future
> 1700 phone
> 1300 watch
> live in warehouse
True, IGA is a much more mild form but he might get worse I suppose.
Not that mild and it's only going to get worse, he's started to emulate nuro more and more
>>live in warehouse
*toilet of a warehouse
How come womboflix hasn't started?
He needs a high end tech-fashion statement to track his heart rate when he's exercising during his gooned up beach outings
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thumbnail of batman-begins-photo-989279.jpg
batman-beg... jpg (237.37 KB, 1600x1067)
Batman Begins has begun. Get in here neets! https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
Absolutely superlative way to trigger IGA's cringing envy, nuro. Sitting there in his miserable hovel, seething. kek, lol.
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thumbnail of e7a.png
e7a png (216.89 KB, 680x585)

I like how nuro has an iphone, an apple watch and a macbook air but uses linux out of some false sense of privacy
Sounds based
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thumbnail of F2EE8FF0-7E19-49D2-AD14-FAD81ACB08ED.jpeg
F2EE8FF0-7... jpeg (2.25 MB, 4032x3024)
You forgot the new turntable nigger
Well, what did you pay for it?
Three gobbies and 20 minutes with his arse.
post your soldering iron
Poor fella likes retail therapy and larping as an audiophile too much to move out of the shed
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thumbnail of clap.jpg
clap jpg (95.9 KB, 1170x1022)

Good meme.
anal rape
anyone on the standards?
I had half a bottle of red wine at Motherbat's.
Good wombo.
Did Motherbat have the other half?
Nice digits.
What did she cook for dinner?
lasagne and salad and garlic bread
> garlic bread
Home made?
no, that la famiglia 'just for 2' one
This is fact.
> la famiglia
The fancy stuff. Nice.
I am watching the footy.
Think I will go for the Lions. Might change my mind later. No strong opinion on either team.
I like Max Gawn as a player.
Max Garn
Well bantered.
Lions were $4.40+
Would have been a fun watch
Little Christmas pudding and custard for dessert.
Saw a dude lining up infront of me in chemist warehouse, we were the same height but I could see his gigantic muscles through his tightly fitted knitwear. His physical presence was intense. I'm almost always the tallest person in the room and he absolutely mogged me 
If only I stayed consistent with the gym when I started 8 years ago. I could be a monster like him, striking fear into cute asian cashiers
Paul's custard?
The best time to start was 8 years ago. The second best time to start is right now.
Hit the gym King.
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