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That NEET should wear a hat made of cheese and if any of it starts melting he will know that the mindreader is using his power on him.
i wasn't really feeling up for it today at work, i don't regard the door dash drivers as customers so they get nothing from me. he was in a hurry to pick up one of the grocery deliveries and i just kind of dawdled along while others from the team got around to bringing those groceries down stairs and during that i served the real customers. i heard him pissing and moaning to door dash about it or something and i thought it was funny. he was getting a bit too chummy with me over the past year or so and started referring to me by my name. i doubt he'll do that now.
This is what womboflix should be. 
Did you know.. 
There are 72 emojis approved as the base facial pack (I can't remember the proper name) and there are 72 Solomonic seals. They have a few that are quite similar. Along with Google, Microsoft etc, the Government of Oman signed off on the approval of the emojis. It's a little weird. No other government is on there, or at least listed. The queen of Sheba is suspected to have lived in either Yemen or Ethiopia. Oman is next to modern Yemen. She gave Solomon a bunch of gold, and apparently was gifted in return.. something. It doesn't say, but it'd be interesting if it was these original 72 seals, or at least some of them. A bloke went to Oman in the 1800s where the modern western world got the seals that we know of. I think. 
tldr sending emojis is unleashing demons.
> sending emojis is unleashing demons.
I thought you were just using them because you are a phone poster and they come up in suggestions.
I reckon she lived in Ethiopia. 
Not sure where the gold came from, maybe South Africa near Adams Calender. No evidence of their culture because they lived on boats and only made port towns, that are under the water now. 
That's a pretty believable tinfoil Afrocentric choofd idea. 
Better than any other African one.
Also seen someone say that Zimbabwe was Sheba. 
That's a long way to transport gold. 
I dunno. I'm not convinced.
You won't find anything on Google except terrible tiktok on it or some other meme thing. 
I forgot where I heard about it.
Probably in my dreams while Dr Sledge plays on repeat. 
Images of green lions and bloody arrows. Compasses and squares.
I know someone who was a head pastor or something in the druid society. 
Apparently freemasonry used lots of their ideas (that weren't really organised or consistent) as well as kabbalah ideas. 
Seriously considering going to a meeting. 
The YouTube man I let radicalise and covertly influence me doesn't wear shoes and looks like a back up singer and mandolin player for Van Morrison. They seem pretty hip. 
The guy I know used to host big gatherings in the country. 
That was pretty much the whole point. Just community building. They seem a bit like hippies but more the organic food type, not the boong.
one that professes or is held to be able to perceive another's thought without normal means of communication
I think I might. 
Have a home made mushroom schnitty with vegan gravy. 
Listen to some fellas in beads play one of those Irish drums and a lute. 
Talk about food safety and 5g.
I was going to say cheese but they might think that's the exploitation of another member of pure energy's global interconnectedness.
The word pure doesn't mean anything in the food production. 
Same as green. 
It's all just marketing, in line with corporate and government compliance regulations which they have a lot of sway over.
Went out to have a quick cone. Couldnt find shoes so took socks off. It's wet. Knocked and smashed glass goon cup over.
thumbnail of pacific_rim_4.jpg
thumbnail of pacific_rim_4.jpg
pacific_rim_4 jpg
(92.68 KB, 360x512)
Womboflix will be showing our cancelled Saturday night movie, Zodiac (2007), on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, tonight we are showing the action packed Pacific Rim (2014) - in a terrified futureworld, spindly-limbed, whale-sized beasts emerge from a Hellmouth on the ocean floor and duke it out with immense robots, each piloted by a pair of humans. Directed by Guillermo del Toro. 7pm AEDT.
> I thought The Raid was actually a really good movie, although quite violent.
I said it last night. The subtitle version would be. I felt the dub was a let down when hyped moments were dulled by a shitty English voice
> Amazing
Was one line Big Fella highlighted in the chat that was absolutely butchered. 

The ending was good as it answered a question I had about why everyone lived in the building in the poster as that wasn't clear until the very end.

The choreography was also very good. It was well performed but not overdone and excessive.
Home from my excursion in the city. Waiting on my cenno to land. I might just stay on the wagon now.
Internet has been shit lately. Keep needing to reset the router.
Going to make a list of things to do and try to be productive today. Been boonging for too long. I'm going to make my list and then start work as I gradually get Danned.
I hear this sort of sentiment expressed quite often amongst the depression and misery communities, but I have never been able to relate to it. I can't recall as a child imagining myself in the future at all.
thumbnail of Solaris-1972.jpg
thumbnail of Solaris-1972.jpg
Solaris-1972 jpg
(207.55 KB, 1110x1600)
I wanted to ask if there will be a movie today. I still uploading Ace Ventura 1. Probably for future downtime.

> why everyone lived in the building
NEET commune.
> dub
I try to get everything in original, I was just glad I could find any version of Raid Redemption. On May 25th if everything goes well we stream Solaris, a Soviet sci-fi in original Russian.
I ended up getting a fucken yiros because apparently the local pasty merchants couldn't keep up with demand and they just got that fucken paprika nugget villi's stuff in wholesale
I don't have any pillows on my bed. I've been meaning to buy some for the last six years but I have never gotten around to it. Neetlyfe.
thumbnail of pacific_rim2.webp
thumbnail of pacific_rim2.webp
pacific_rim2 webp
(263.56 KB, 1440x810)
Ok, we'll be screening Pacific Rim (2013) in 1 hour on https://cytu.be/r/womboflix - 15 minutes before the movie starts, we'll play some of the awesome soundtrack.
When I go out at night and look up and see a possum overhead on a wire, I worry it's going to poop on me.
thumbnail of Ausneets an on mene.jpg
thumbnail of Ausneets an on mene.jpg
Ausneets an on mene jpg
(1.9 MB, 4608x3456)
I will be screening Harry Potter 19 (2023) on my cytu.be channel 
https://cytu.be/r/moofiesneetkino at 7 PM ESBT. In this one Harry gets sexy with Delores Umbriage. Actually I'm not sure its actual franchise  or maybe its some degenerate reboot, i duno. Rated X.
thumbnail of pacific rim.jpeg
thumbnail of pacific rim.jpeg
pacific rim jpeg
(1.07 MB, 1016x1433)
Harry Potter 19 was not quite what I expected, it was kind of repettitive and based around some alterenate fantasy where harry potter is submissive to the headmistress. Of particular kek was the foot in mouth scene and the spanking. Other than that it was too much plot and dialogue and little to no CGI. 

2 out of 5 "yes mistresses"
thumbnail of moofie_night.jpg
thumbnail of moofie_night.jpg
moofie_night jpg
(128.81 KB, 1280x720)
Thanks to everyone who came to Pacific Rim tonight.

Largely hollywood's attempt to do Japanese anime and kaiju movies, Pacific Rim is a silly B-movie given some A-movie direction and production values by none other than Guillermo del Toro. It was a big hit in China, where the biggest foreign films are always about superheroes, dinosaurs or giant robots.
This is the second time I've seen the Pacific Rim, the first time, years ago, I was highly medicated and thought it was a good movie. Now I'm not so sure. One thing I am sure about - it's way too long.
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thumbnail of g9cenyqngz9a1.webp
g9cenyqngz... webp
(52.88 KB, 750x1632)
I am into the reddit /getmotivated/ memes right now but they are not doing it for me. They do not hit as hard and ring as true as the trauma memes.
Pacific Rim should've been directed by Michael Bay rather than del Toro. There has been a great disturbance in the thread of fate ever since 2013, directly caused by this miscalculation.
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thumbnail of Fwpi2QWaEAUYHoP.jpg
Fwpi2QWaEAUYHoP jpg
(114.21 KB, 690x900)
good article shitting on the abc
Any Bunnings NEETs know if you can buy bags of Australian flower seeds? I think I'm going to start sprinkling them all around my town and hope they grow.
I think native and non-invasive species are going to be more expensive. I would look online and when you find something there should be something similar at Bunnings maybe.

Be careful how you do it as people might complain and report you.
thumbnail of zodiac7.jpg
thumbnail of zodiac7.jpg
zodiac7 jpg
(2.98 MB, 2048x1361)
thumbnail of hhgttg.jpg
thumbnail of hhgttg.jpg
hhgttg jpg
(35.91 KB, 500x375)
Ok neets, we'll be seeing Zodiac (2007) on Wednesday, and on Thursday, which is Towel Day, we'll be watching the first episode of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1981). In a few posts we'll also start voting on next weekend's movies.
thumbnail of frogs-movies.jpg
thumbnail of frogs-movies.jpg
frogs-movies jpg
(36.48 KB, 713x401)
The womboflix movie selection committee is now in session.

The movie list has gotten a bit mixed up over the past few weeks - if I've lost anyone's movie let me know. Otherwise, vote for a movie on the list or nominate a new one to the list:

Wrongfully Accused (1998)
Good Will Hunting (1997)
Angel Dust (1994)
Last Man Standing(1995)
The Sunset Limited
Kamikaze Taxi (1995)
Captain Phillips (2013)
The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
Smokin Aces (2006)
Rapid Fire(1992)
The Mauritanian 
Apocalypse Now/Full Metal Jacket/Tropic Thunder
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Rambo (2008)
Showdown in Little Tokyo(1991)
Who Killed Captain Alex
Under Siege
Wag The Dog
Truman Show
Weekend At Bernies
Taxi Driver
Trading Places
BMX Bandits
There Will Be Blood
Synecdoche, New York
Fritz the cat
The Princess Bride
The Social network
Another shit on-site job where the cunts don’t bother to offer you a glass of water or a cup of coffee or tell you where the toilets are. Staff are all non-whites. Walked a lap of the block but couldn’t find a coffee shop or anything.
Drank too much last night. Badly taxed. Going to go shopping for food. Any suggestions for food to help pay off the tax?
I won't drink tonight and won't drink that heavily for a while.
Cenno still hasn't come in :(
Slept till 2pm despite my 9:30 alarms 
Feeling like I am too stupid to be accepted into the army
Cenno is normally a midnight thing for me. Maybe you have a better bank. Give them a call if you're desperate and prepared to wait a while.
I hate pineapple as a solid fruit, but like it in juice form, something about the fruit texture I cannot stand.

Maybe I'm autistic.