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> EXCLUSIVE: Read fed up ex-army officer boss's blistering text to her overseas-born staff about their 'dirty' kitchen: 'You live in Australia now... your mother doesn't work here'
I have found our calling. 

Neets, does it seem like there's a lot of building going on? There are 4 house construction sites within about 100m of me, and a dozen more around my neighbourhood. Just seems like a lot.
The vacancy rates are low across Australia and a lot of people are turning blocks in multiple residential homes. Unless they're a boomer who can afford a double story brick mansion.
You can't find a place to rent for less than $350 pw. 
Either have one big house with a yard rented out for $450 or two houses for $350-400 pw.
Tonight we'll be seeing The Mauritanian(2021), a 2021 legal drama film based on the memoir of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a Mauritanian man who was held for fourteen years (from 2002 to 2016) without charge in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, a United States military prison.
Unless I've screwed up the encoding on the video, in which case we'll be seeing The Social Network instead.
The hottest ever temperature in Alice Springs of 45.7C is actually below Sydney and Melbourne's hottest days.

Nuro is still living his best life.
These Cambodian cunts don't ask for much

Aside from the compensation, Mr Risby-Jones and the Australian-managed surf resort he was staying at will also have to pay for a cleansing ceremony in the town, which will involve slaughtering a cow.

That's on top of the $25k fine and $5k hospital bill. 
Getting mogged by a mong qlder is the best thing that'll ever happen to them.
We shouldn't dwell on the past. RIP.

> These Cambodian cunts don't ask for much
I think they wanted $50k or $60k in total before this agreement. The $25k in compensation was in cash handed over at the meeting, so add a few percentage for transaction fees too.
I want to see orangutans in the wild. Partly so I can take photos of them and send them to my sister telling her that I found her real family.
Interesting perspective. The first one or two would be bogged down in copyright issues like this:
Shes threatening to kick me out if I don't get linked in with some kind of mental health service again
Let the beetroot hit the floor
Let the beetroot hit the floor
Let the beetroot hit the floor
Let the beetroot hit the
*doink doink*
Do you have any idea how much work needs to be done to fix an entire house that received no maintenance for about 40 years? It's also a house that is being lived in and is full of furniture and bullshit and the owner has to give the appearance of working occasionally Monday to Friday, so fuck all gets done during the week.
Had a post about Neanderthals in my head but had to write stuff about potential meteors and the younger dryas and how living in caves would have been beneficial and that sapiens probably did violently relocate them to take their caves. Maybe.
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My mother always reminds me about things from my childhood. Or brings items like old toys out that she found somewhere thinking she is giving me a treat by showing me.
She has no idea that I feel sick looking at it all. That my memory of everything was poisoned by the abuse. No clue.
Where is that hug?
Like my family minimising the abuse my stepdad put me through, or acting like him being a prick to them is even remotely as bad as the shit he put me through when I was a kid. They say they know what I went through when there's absolutely no way they could.
Yes and that way you get abused twice. The first time when it happens, and then again when they minimise it and/or deny it. Traps you in it forever.
Going to the gym in a few hours. First time in exactly two weeks. I will suffer for my boonging.
I in no way hold it against her, but I think a part of my issue with my sister is that she is my stepdad's daughter. So there's always going to be that lingering between our relationship, even though she's at least somewhat aware of his true nature.
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Ok neets, we'll be screening The Mauritian (2021) in 1 hour on womboflix. 20 minutes before that, we'll be showing a documentary on the zodiac killer, to complement the movie we saw a few days ago. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
I genuinely have no idea. I think stuff like overcoming our own shortfalls from a combination of nature and nurture and trying to give more than we take from the universe is a good start. I've only made so much progress, though.
Find the nearst kfc and go out the back to the skip bin and have a look in it for a feed, just keep an eye out for anyone behind you.
If I save $500 of each NEETbux payment for the next 12 months then I should have an extra 13k on top of the savings I already have. My cost of living is pretty much just cover the internet every month and a few other things.
The common wattle (acacia aroma)  has a large amount of it in it. 
Put the pollen in a capstan tin and leave it for a month or so. 
It'll turn to orange sap looking shit that you can smoke through a crack pipe.
imagine if half the people making youtube videos for views actually did anything remotely fucking useful
It's wonderful how many people can be not just fed but ensure to live very well without the need for their productive work (or even the illusion of it). Wealth unprecedented in history.
It's the season for feeds like that. I remember when my mum used to make me raisin toast for breakfast before school and I'd watch Cheez TV while she'd warm my uniform up in the dryer for me.
She was a good woman, deserved much more than what she got from this world. I need to try and make up for the world losing her.
What's next?
Now we'll have a bunch of people that aren't needed for anything.
They are consumers can keep the numbers up and growing by consuming.
But when it will be realized that actual consumption can be safely replaced by virtual consumption no need to really consume, just make the numbers grow on paper, in practice the only difference is trash being created as the result of consumption, and we go green, no? they won't need all these people anymore.
good morning neets. yesterday was a very good day. a local grocery delivery service was running a promo where you put a code and get 10 euros on your account, but they forgot to stop it from being used on more than one account. 

i managed to snag like 600 dollars worth of wine, beer and alcohol before they shut it down. good stuff
Had a big feed and a tall glass of milk. Resisted the urge to get on the goon. Bottleo closes in four minutes. Going to avoid it!
I only deadlifted and overhead pressed tonight, and only for two sets each. I feel a lot better though having gone at all. It was my first time in two weeks and I haven't deadlifted in about a month due to my Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status.
> Australia must recognise Indian vocational and university graduates as “holding the comparable AQF qualification for the purposes of admission to higher education” AND "holding comparable Australian qualifications for the purposes of general employment".
No employer ever would.
Good morning NEET.

> but they forgot to stop it from being used on more than one account. 
> i managed to snag like 600 dollars worth of wine, beer and alcohol before they shut it down. good stuff
Good morning NEETs.
Unpleasant dream woke me early.
I could not get back to sleep. All the mental poison had risen to the surface in the wake of the dream.
Have to spend the morning tamping it back down.
What a life.
I think I will buy a second executive mixing bowl, just in case they stop making them and next time when I need to replace it there will not be any.
I have learned from experience to do this. If you find something that is quality and works well you should stock up, especially when they are on sale.
I have been admiring the new mixing bowl ever since it was delivered. I think I will get the next one in a different colour.
We’re in the Lizbef food court. Bill is complaining the carvery charged him $21 for a plate of roast beef and veg and chips and gravy.