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Nah, it's one of those times of year when I have more going out than coming in. Last week I paid electricity, water, health insurance, some other stuff I can't even remember
Monk u boong
Fucking council has been using big machines to tear up the footpath and lay new concrete down. It is nice and all but they start work around 8am which is too early for a sensitive little neet.
I like watching them remove some of the concrete that is still so strong that it requires a big digger to move. So they can replace it with new concrete that cracks within a year.
My street is all marked up for something similar. They haven't bothered to letterbox us to say when they're going to make the street inaccessible.
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Fürchtet euch nicht vor denen, die euch bedrohen! Denn nichts bleibt für immer verborgen, sondern eines Tages kommt die Wahrheit ans Licht, und dann werden alle Geheimnisse enthüllt... Habt keine Angst vor den Menschen, die zwar den Körper, aber nicht die Seele töten können! ⚔️🛡️
Weber patented a water based lubricant that smelt like a double bacon deluxe (minus cheese) but four seasons pretended to not be interested to try and low ball him but he hurumphry b beared out before they could counter once.
The first word that came into my mind was autism when reading that article. I feel I have done similar something with my computer for a long time.
> I often decide to not make a post but fail to clear the reply field properly.
This is good self control.
I am sorry for being rude.
Get rid of your bone dragons, theyre shit.
Its better to have 2 lots of the skellingtons because your vanquished foes get recruited as them.
All the good Slavs died out during the Russian revolution through to the end of WWII. Any decent Slavic DNA left is in the descendants of those that left before the purges.
Day two of sober June.
I still find myself looking at the BWS and Dan sites to plan what I will drink over the next few days but then remember I've stopped for a bit.
I think I does. Otherwise they would serve no function. Just expensive toilet paper. The chux are wedged. Chedged.
I am not judging though.
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I AM a superhuman. I am literally the ubermench and Lightning bolts of snappy bants stream at will from my fingertips to shock all you pathetic NEETs.
I have a question for those working in IT and cyber security, which path should I head down? I can either go to TAFE on campus and get my diploma in this field or go certification online route. Such as comptia, chfi, ejpt etc. I'm really stuck on what to do, there's online courses like upskill would you recommend? but their cyber security pentesting is done with ceh which I hear is only theory and oscp is better. I can do online or campus, I don't plan to get a degree is there another accredit course like upskill for bootcamp or collection I'm missing? Or the comptia type self pace? Or TAFE? Thank you for any advice
CompTIA Sec+ and CEH are a bit of a joke.
OSCP is probably the defacto standard for proof of pentesting fundamentals.
There is more to the cybersecurity field then just pentesting, so a general diploma isn't a bad thing to have if you want to get your foot in the door.
Depending on the time line you're working to, and the money you have, I'd probably combine the diploma with an OSCP.
Not that neet and I'm not looking to get into the field, but is it easier or harder to get into the field as a white man compared to pajeet?
I'm an Hikki/NEET so time isn't an issue, I do have anxiety about being on campus but I think I can try to manage. Money wise I'm on a pension but have options for course funding, I thought just online comptia +cysa +sec and +net and others that differ from comp like cissp would be helpful on a resume, since they're internationally recognized and I can work in my own time and pace, but the diploma could be just as vital? I have concerns of the pace of the classroom and if I can keep up, I'll have to do a Cert 3 or 4 first because of entry requirements essentially I just want the most desirable way of making it in this industry
Should be easier. Being able to write in readable English is a big plus and the stinky Pajeets can’t do that as a general rule.
> write in readable English
Not him, but often when I write something and have to come back to it later I have no fucking clue what I wrote.
There’s certainly nothing wrong with having those certs. What TAFE might do with some of the subjects is have the syllabus basically be the material for a cert and have the subject exam be the actual certification exam. Charles Sturt did that with one of my forensics subjects and the CHFI, so it might be worth investigating the tafe subjects for this sort of thing. I know at one point tafe was using the Cisco CCNA exam for a networking course.
I might move to bed soon. I notice I somehow get less distracted with other tabs when I'm in bed.
I've never gotten to have a last day at work, as every employer elected to pay out my notice period or put me on garden leave due to being a risk.
Fuck, that is pretty gay. I'd try to time it so all my sick leave was used up before leaving the job. Fuck working when you don't have to.
> Can't even wank.
That's for the best. Push through the current woe. You will start feeling better in a few days time. You can do it.
Just got a cease and desist email from my private VPN host for that moofie I downloaded (probably Sisu 2022). Should I have gone with Nord or another popular one? How easy is it to track my IP with a dodgy setup torrent from one of those chud VPN's?
What is a good provder to go with? I'm thinking a .ru domain sounds like a good upgrade from singapore.
Maybe that'll be their reason but that's not why they'd be looking.
The cost of employing people and the rest of it isn't worth it in comparison with what you've allegedly stole from movie revenue. 

You've been doing other stuff.
Yeah and how does the VPN link that traffic back to you? Does the VPN server basically do NAT and therefor links incoming client requests with outgoing VPN server requests? 

Most VPN networks don't support P2P traffic on all their networks. It could have been he connected to a network which didn't support it and it kicked him off.
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thumbnail of cheesed.jpg
cheesed jpg
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The movie jews must have some pedo blackmail on the VPN cucks so they gave me up and now the ZOG knows I torrent moofies and candlemaking instructions.
If a NEET downloaded the anarchists cookbook, a vpn provider would always protect you against alphabet monitoring. 
The ads for them say so.
Dear Sir or Madam:

I certify under penalty of perjury that I am authorized to act on behalf of the Paramount Global companies CBS Broadcasting Inc., CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation, Showtime Networks Inc., Viacom International, Inc., Black Entertainment Television LLC, and other Paramount Global subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, the “Rights Owners”), the owners of certain exclusive intellectual property rights in the copyrighted work(s) identified in this notice. I have a good faith belief that the information in this notice is accurate.

We have become aware that the below IP addresses have been using your service for distributing video files, which contain infringing video content that is exclusively owned by the Rights Owners.

We have a good faith belief that the Rights Owners’ video content that is described in the below report has not been authorized for sharing or distribution by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. Such copying and use of this material constitutes clear infringement of the Rights Owners' rights under the Copyright Act and its counterpart laws around the world.

We are requesting your immediate assistance in removing and disabling access to the infringing material from your network. We also ask that you ensure the user and/or IP address owner refrains from future use and sharing of the Rights Owners’ materials and property.

In complying with this notice, you should not destroy any evidence that may be relevant in a lawsuit relating to the infringement alleged; including all associated electronic documents and data relating to the presence of the infringing items on your site, which shall be preserved while disabling public access, irrespective of any document retention or corporate policy to the contrary.

Nothing in this letter shall be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of any right, remedy, or claims possessed by the Rights Owners, or any affiliated party, all of which are expressly reserved.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at the information below.

> seedbox might be the way to go. 

> The VPN is practically useless for imageboards these days
Ptsd - underactive prefrontal cortex
Gen. Anxiety disorder - overactive prefrontal cortex

Jew doctors will try to convince you that you have both. 
Not possible.
If you're going to use shit or free VPN that's on you, the good ones will keep your online activity secure and private. You had one which retains logs, use express you autist
I set up a private VPN using a server hosting service, i rent a ubuntu server thing and coded it to run openvpn. Its not a dedicated VPN like nord. I think the seedbox has a VPN attached but I can just use another hosting service, maybe in Iran or russia I duno. Whats express?
Why though? What's the point of doing that other than for fun or curiosity, just use a service. ExpressVPN no logs, split tunneling, available on most devices and heaps of servers. There hasn't been a breach identifying users like PIA but a bit more on the expensive side
Efukt 3+ years or more had a legendary editor, his name was Duran who made stuff like this

He even did a thing on Reddit 10 years ago:
Those worthless faggots and Woolies with their poofter paper bags really piss me off. Those things are fucking worthless, I hate them all. May Allah smite them all.
There's nothing wrong with it, it just needs a little more care with the cooking. It has a more 'steaky' flavour than the other cuts, which is a good thing.
I work in the online department at Coles for now, everyone hates them. Us drones hate them, the managers hate them, the customers hate them, some filthy corpor faggot pushed them through. They're just not practical to use in those fucking crates. They were a contributing factor to me calling it quits there.
> I don't have any money though
Just enjoy it for the homosexual themes. It's two shitty Victorian teams playing at the MCG. Should be just your thing.
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1605496814488 jpg
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Have to dip into the HDD and drag out a moofie for tonight because I cant get any fresh kino until I sort out my torrentbox. Watching American history X again. Theoretically I can host cytu.be moofies from a seedbox yesno?
It looks like the Womboflix server was configured on June 14 last year, so we're coming up on a year since its introduction. That was a Tuesday, so Saturday June 18 was probably the first moofie night.