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imdb is in the right here. It is like when a restaurant gets review bombed by people who have never eaten there for some political reason. It distorts their rating. Google will remove the reviews.
When lots of people who have never seen a film start rating it 1 star something has to be done to preserve the integrity of the ratings.
Had a dream I pissed in the kitchen bin. FRM pressed the pedal to put something in and fainted when the smell hit her.
Not sure what any of this means. I was very relieved to find I did not in fact do that.
> Did you blame the dog?
No, it was during a fight over something. Just walked from the lounge to the kitchen and pissed in it. Alcohol was involved, obviously.
He feels suitably shamed and is eating his leftover pidser in the hallway. No plate or microwave service was extended.
> Round 8 sees North Adelaide take on South Adelaide. Bounce time: 2:5pm ACST.
Really creative team names.
What AFL game is Monk even betting on, given there is no televised game in the TV guide today/tonight?
Spent some time listening to bible study. 
Job is about divine justice and collateral damage is worth it.
accidentally got some piss on the toilet wall (my dick was still uncurling as I let the wee out)
tried not to laugh because bill was just around the corner
made a black russian in a coffee mug
passes for black coffee
What sort of jobs would fit this description:
> require only a few years to get into
> work from home
> minimal work time (2 or 3 days a week for 20-30k a year)
> stable
Is there anything like that?
Yes, they all have diversity slots to fill. A coloured gay female would shoot you to the top of the candidate list at any major organisation.
I have dark hair and eyes, I reckon I could get away with saying I'm a boong as long as I didn't have to have any paperwork. I'd probably just say I didn't have it because of racism or the stolen generator.
I doubt most places ask for proof. I know there are orgs that are supposed to facilitate that sort of verification, but I don't think they're used heavily.
Where you come unstuck is them introducing you to the other company boongs and they're real ones who ask your background.
Can I just say on my resume or on a cover letter that I'm a "First nations Australian"? How do I mention the tranny thing? Should I just say non-binary and leave it at that.
I'm the last member of my tribe and I speak a boong language that's completely unrelated to all the other ones.
Most companies have an application form with your particulars that have checkboxes for gender and nationality.
You could put something in your cover letter about being "a proud flubbawubbajugga noonger man"
The three that gave statements against him only gave oral statements and there were a same number who said no such happenings happened. The judge just decided to go with his own agenda.
Do Parcel Freight Logistics actually deliver on a Sunday? They updated the tracking for a package of mine this morning with "Our driver has your parcel onboard for delivery", but that could just mean he has loaded his van for tomorrow?
Might take Friday off and surprise Motherbat by driving down on Thursday night for a long long weekend.
It's disgusting that the most popular (supposedly) porn star at present is an Australian named Angela White. She is chunky, bordering on fat, and has a plain face. Her porn catalogue includes pretty much every degenerate thing you can imagine: blacks, trannies, fisting (both holes), lactating, piss drinking, DP, DPP, DAP, etc. Apart from munging down on a literal turd, there's nothing she hasn't had a go at.
If you're talking about me and the previous post, no. I haven't had a wank or looked at porn in a few weeks. Pretty much can't be bothered now.
You joke, but we're in clown world now. You can probably be a klansman that identifies as black and it would be a hate crime to say otherwise.
This was an interesting 5 minute read this morning: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-04/bali-bombers-caught-with-australian-intelligence-involvement/102362158
> Leyland Brothers star Mal plans 'last hurrah' travel documentary adventure across Australia
I've tried hard not to tell ProjectionistNEET to screen anything in particular on Womboflix, but by jingo he'll be screening this in full.
> Most Australians will wander through life blissfully unaware that a saturated outboard starter motor can produce an electric shock capable of scorching a grown man's testicles.
most you cunts probably dont even remember the leyland brothers being weekend tv viewing
theme tune was played on a jew harp even
> Family at war as posh private school brothers brawl with a $115 bottle of McLaren Vale grenache outside a ritzy French bistro in Sydney - leaving one bleeding from the head
do we have a list of neets who are missing? I'm confused as to whether 10k and fifo and others are still around
Fifo posted some springies the other week.
10k/AboriginalAlan hasn't been around since his spergout at womboflix
NK hasn't dropped in for months.
Spergo left us for dead completely six months ago (or more)
Shire pops in once a month
Big Fella said something about not liking TV shows where people stand in a room and talk and Aboriginal Alan flipped a virtual table over and stormed out. I think the Cowboy TV show (I can't remember the name) was a favourite of his.
I think it was Fat Weber's relentless negativity and low brow racism that drove 10K away.
thumbnail of Gangsta-Rap-Glockumentary.jpg
thumbnail of Gangsta-Rap-Glockumentary.jpg
Gangsta-Rap-Glockumen... jpg
(624.31 KB, 700x700)
So if anyone wants it I can stream Gangsta Rap. I haven't had the time to got around Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard, and perhaps, it should be streamed on a regular occasion.
I'm not sure Ladyhawke will attract much attendance, the evening/2nd stream of the Red October was a flop, Fantomas could generate some interest. It's not like I can't stream Ladyhawke sometimes, perhaps we can work something out with the requester, I assume he wanna watch it oh how wrong I am.
thumbnail of 1503379743001.png
thumbnail of 1503379743001.png
1503379743001 png
(1.17 MB, 1200x800)
No, that's where I came undone. She said she would change them this arvo and I told her not to, she reiterated and I rejected the offer again with a bit more force which would have made her suspicious. I didn't want her in there because there were some recently used cumdies under the bed, on the side opposite to the bottles, which were near a pair of older, crustier cumdies already.
I tried that but I was wondering if there was a higher grade of firmness.
Is it worth spending big on a pillow? Are the $60 ones much better than the $20 ones?
I use my gym shorts for cumming in. I have made the mistake a few times of wearing the cummed on ones but I don't think anyone has ever noticed or at least they haven't commented.
You have to wash them pretty quickly or else they stain. I let cum sit on some for about a week and now they've been through the wash about three or four times whilst still being stained.
She pretended to be angry but is fine now. I had actually changes the pillows and doona but not the bed sheet because it had been fitted recently. She keeps track of this shit in her primitive woman brain. Doesn't seem to realise that I've lived and changed my bed linen independently for years
Haven't wanked or looked at porn for about a week. No desire. Do have a desire to get my goon on though.
thinking of getting some pidser to avoid having to cook or do dishes, I could also have half for breakfast, again avoiding dishes
Popped a massive pimple and some gross stuff came out. Slimy shit with some funny little lumps in it. Vile.
Okay, so throwing something in on endcorner, perhaps the magic Jew I'm not sure yet. Then at 7 (seven) pee-emm AEST, will stream the movie promised above.
Disappointed I can't look at the API calls and download instagram reels of hot asian biddies anymore to challenge the olive poster
If neets stop posting what interests them then they have one more reason not to come here, then this place will die, just ignore the stuff you don't like.
Weber reached for his cumdies when he was about to cum but accidentally grabbed possum once.
When was it that neets were posting youtube videos? I remember one neet had a video about choosing a uni major but then he took it down. I inquired about it and he gave me some advice.
Oh, you got an ass on you alright. See that's what he's talking about. Spread your ass open, dude. You can do the rump shaker, huh? The thug shaker; gimme the thug shaker, dude, shake your ass! Take your hands off it and shake that shit. Pull your shirt up, I know you can shake it, shake it! Yeah that's some thug ass right there. Oh yeah, that'll work. You got the booty, dude! God damn. Look good, bro? Yes. Yeah nice, huh? Alright that'll work for him. Put that condom on.
She found and removed the fresh, still wet pair. The old trusty crusty is still there, halfway under the bed. Fresh sheets feel nice tho
Blacks on the internet have not been having a good time over the last few years. 13 do 50 is fully mainstream, Elon Musk is talking about racial differences in crime rates, chicken washing/bleaching, not understanding hypotheticals, Lowrey's salt, buck breaking, smoke detector beeps, IQ differences.
My favourite gook woman story was real estate story where th bloke left Asian woman restrained for hours while he went for a drive.
Twitter has become incredibly open. You can easily find /pol/ reposts and other such stuff. I think the MAGA movement has inadvertedly redpilled a lot of normies
thumbnail of Woerice.jpg
thumbnail of Woerice.jpg
Woerice jpg
(4.45 MB, 4128x3096)
Japanese didn't turn out well. 
It all looks very nice but doesn't taste quiet right. 
The rice is undercooked but I'm too hungry to wait for it, the miso has too much fish, the tofu all wrong and it didn't brown. The pickles are bitter rather than sour.
Composition wise its too salty and lacks richness. Woe.
It's very hard to find good recipes for vegitarian food because of vegan zoomers, and Japanese cuisine is increasingly mangled by the Chinese. 
I should have used my book
i might sleep while keeping the current youtube im watching on so that when i wake up a different youtube is on for me to watch
The trauma memes tonight have almost made me cry. I think it is the green tea that has done this to me.
Feeling sick to the stomach, I think that is the green tea too.
Something has gone wrong. I have been tired and depressed all day.