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> studied hard

That's part of the problem with modern society today, people always trust the system and institutions, "as long as I conform and do this I will succeed and be happy hurrrr durrrr"  ...but NOPE! Not today, not anymore, this ain't the 50s and 60s anymore. Society has become corrupted. So have governments, nearly all institutions have as well. They only exist to exploit those who put effort into them. Hate to say it, it is almost better to simply find ways to sponge off the system today as sad as it sounds. Why have to pay off a massive student loan for worthless degrees that give you menial labor work? NOT WORTH IT BRO!
No it isn't. The problem is a weak gay cunt didn't raise his son right and now he's "autistic" and doesn't act right. Cunt definitely left him infront of baby shark on the telly while he played skyrim
i saw my reflection in the window and it scared me because i thought someone was staring at me through the window
The line between mentally retarded and autistic has become increasingly blurred because some train loving aspies who cant talk to girls start claiming neurodivergence online
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Why do you think his son has autism in the first place? Autism was very VERY rare many decades ago. Very uncommon. Yet, over the years it suddenly and vastly increased. Why would that be?
woe, woke up in the middle of the night with anxiety again. I need to start drinking chamomille tea. woe
Luke Smith has a good video on the self-depricating nature of the term “autistic” as it’s commonly referred to by internet weirdos as a modern replacement for “nerd” and such
> Victorian bakery
> Country Cob Bakery
> migrant Cambodian
Not even once.
I'm about to let out a big reee via email. Got served by some teenage afghani terrorist looking piece of shit with a paedo moustache who refused to put my hygiene products in the bag (just tossed them down next to it) and while I was staring at them in disbelief he literally shouted "DO YOU WANT ANYTHING ELSE?"
I had to ask for my receipt
Woolworths Feedback lady reading this:
> I was not impressed by the demeanor and attitude of the checkout operator who served me this morning. For some reason he declined to put the soap I purchased in the bag (just tossed it down) and while I was looking at that in disbelief he literally shouted "DO YOU WANT ANYTHING ELSE?" After packing the soap into the bag myself I had to demand my receipt as he had already turned away. If it helps with identification, he looked like an Afghani terrorist with a paedo moustache.
> This interaction occurred after I was first ejected from your store for a fire drill. Between the drill, the shithouse customer service, and having to type this up, it has been a fantastic day so far.
I watched a couple of seasons of Arrow on TV. I think the last comic book movie I saw in the cinema was that one with Ben Afleck and that big nugget. I think it was called Dare Devil or something.
Looking back I was never a big fan of the MCU itself, just of tony stark/iron man. I got bored of it in the mid 2010s and never finished watching endgame
20 Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?

21 Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

22 What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:

23 And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,
has anyone used a fantech keyboard? They've got the cheapest mechanical keyboards, but I don't want to buy rubbish because I spend a lot of time typing
> The court was told the Kot family, refugees who fled war-torn South Sudan, had lost two sons to knife violence in six months. 
good parenting
why isn't the state giving all of these nuggets free airpods each week?
Depending on how bad both issues are for you then it might have been too much to undertake both at once. Stay strong with the no porn.
Woolworths responded asking which store it occurred at, despite that being one of the fields on their feedback form, along with my rewards card number, which would also have been linked to the transaction.
I think this weekend his daughters have some dance or aerobics championships or something. I vaguely recall him saying there was something on the 18th too.
I immediately had a shower and did some things after waking up this morning instead of going straight to my morning wank, I think breaking that cycle today has helped a lot. I also went for an hour long walk, since it's not hot now I think I might just go for short walks whenever the boredom induced urge to wank gets too much for me.
I did not realise that was real. They are trained not to put food items and cleaning products etc together in the same bag. What a Karen.
Yeah he should have shouted at me and turned away before the transaction was finished. Fucking raghead should have been killed in a mosque bombing back in dirkadirkastan.
People stupid enough to strap microwave ovens to their heads are stupid enough to be culled by their future brain tumors and loss of vision.
Karens are known to exaggerate to make themselves look like more of a victim. Exaggerations and lies of omission are most common.
Got severely too boong'd last night. 
Did a 20 min workout without any rests, doing some weird squat+arnie press thing while listening to captain beefheart at midnight, and now can barely walk. 
Tingly leg and stabs in my spine. Might've herniated a disc.
I'm sorry. I hope your back gets better soon. You need to be careful about your form when exercising, especially if you have pre-existing issues.
Possum was left parallaized after a hit and run by an American sports car with suspension leaning heavily to the right once.
You always need to be careful mate. Going flat out leads to injuries which slows you down in the long run. Slow is fast, fast is slow.
Today is a Tuesday and I'll be going to the gym tonight. I'll make sure to start going Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday like I used to. I'm going to not follow a programme at all and just do big compound lifts until I get back most of my old strength. Then I'll get back to my old plan.
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thumbnail of prisoner2.jpg
prisoner2 jpg
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thumbnail of zulu2.jpeg
zulu2 jpeg
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Tomorrow night on womboflix: in the allegorical British science fiction TV series, The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan attempts to escape the village and return to London.

On Saturday we have The Karate Kid (!984) - the story of Daniel, a violent sociopath who moves to california and begins to torment a local boy and his friends.

Then on Sunday we have Zulu (1964), a movie where Michael Caine shoots lots and lots of black guys. I hope none of you neets will be offended.
Sack acquired, just before mummybot gets home from work. Also got a double cheesy b meal from dolans
Can regular goon sacks and double cheeseburgers be incorporated into a fight camp lifestyle?
Hope he chokes on his cheeseburger and his tranny mum has to give him mouth to mouth and notices his death erection and then sucks him off and snowballs the cum with his actual mum
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thumbnail of alien_pepe.jpg
alien_pepe jpg
(10.14 KB, 225x225)
are any neets lame enough to be interested in ufo crap and have been reading about this whistleblower stuff of the past few days?
It's all a load of Project Bluebeam bullshit. If they actually have captured an intact craft capable of interstellar flight, then they have no way of understanding it. It would be like cavemen looking at printed circuit boards and trying to figure it out.
Nothing recent but the US has been working (submitted to) with them since the 50s.
Theyre complicit with the abductions and adrenochrome farming. 
All technology since them has been ET.
They've reverse engineered part of it. Cern is as far as they've got.
Noone wants you to look into the propeties of ionised mercury.
Liquid torque.
Get in here neets, John Michael Godier is garn give us the truth behind the UAP phenomena https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
The sauce had a slightly rubbery flavour if that makes sense. The powdered seasoning is unremarkable. The noodles themselves are fine but not really any better than just Maggi ones. I'll be going back to Maggi noodles.
if they had a whole ship, why didn't they just put their stack hats on and get inside and start pushing buttons
lol i hope they all drown
so some american intelligence officer has filed a document saying they have alien materials and that's it?
Got trapped on the express train of substance abuse, extreme social isolation, unemployment and internet addiction by mistake. Going to miss out on my life. Woe.
actually it was the 21st, I went to somebody's office on the 22nd thinking the shower the previous morning was enough
I seriously doubt they would bust out the CCTV footage because some sooky spastic complained about not being offered his receipt.
At least he didn't get into a fight.
Gonna keep replying to their shit until they either sack him, give me free stuff, or ban me
That's alright, the local manager is across it now, so I can always go and ask to have a face to face with him and the paedo terrorist
also the other guy at work got his ndis worker check turned around in 3 days, so I'm definitely on a watch list with those three weeks and that shit about the ACIC
are neets into skincare? After watching all these girls put stuff on their skin in the morning, I'm wondering if I can get better, younger looking skin
I keep wondering if all the shit these girls put on their skin and eyes is safe, especially as they don't test it on animals
> especially as they don't test it on animals
you literally missed the 80s where all they did was complain about rabbits having full sets of face makeup and being locked in cages
Maybe. I always use it when I am going outside. Even on overcast days. FRM says it is good practice and she is really into that stuff.
Also women put all this shit on their skin and then look like they're in their late 50s by they're 26
Ah G'day Bill, how they treatin’ you, come an' have yourself a goon,
We all feel better when you're around so drag yourself up here,
You're never on the bite and you're never a skite,
you're as dinkum as can be,
You're a good mate Bill, and I'm tellin' you, you can have this one on me.
/ausneets/ needs more men like Bill to lift us up once more,
An' our comradeship an' will to win has crumbled on the floor,
Our 'Fair Go, mate' s gone out the gate, we no longer seem to care,
Should the likes of Bill ever meet with you I reckon you will declare.
And you’ll say "G'day Bill, how they treatin’ you, come an' have yourself a goon,
We all feel better when you're around so drag yourself up here,
You're never on the bite and you're never a skite,
you're as dinkum as can be,
You're a good mate Bill, and I'm tellin' you, you can have this one on me;
Ah, You're a good mate Bill, and I'm tellin' you, you can have this one on me."
I really want to write a novel or something but my mind is completely blank in terms of a premise or anything.
Watched the new Nicolas Cage film. 
Not bad for schtick.
Strange that he's classed as a good actor, it's like he's accepted that he's good at shit, and the audience now just see that as genuinely good. 
He's always been a b grade Netflix tier actor, the films that are decent that he's in are due to good screenwriting and effects. 
Well produced shit they can churn out without thinking too hard.
Watching I think you should leave. 
More of the same. High production value but just absolute shit. 
As long as the contrast is high and the camera work and visuals are okay then we eat up that crap while smiling.
Can't sleep because of my back. 
Legs went weak a few times throughout the day. 
Didn't fall over but had to hold the wall.