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The Karate Kid 2 (1986) will be playing in 1 hour on womboflix. 20 minutes before that we will be streaming some karate kid related videos and music. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
It is IGA
Ptrobably something related to the Annie are you okay meme that noone understood.
It's me. A low quality NEET certainly, but not IGA, who, IIRC, was also the one BO said was responsible for the CP spam at one point.
The sentence made perfect grammatical sense. All commas were used correctly, although might be considered old fashioned by today's standards.
Love. Atmosphere. Sit down to eat. Footy on the big screen. Pale on tap. Chinaman in the distance.
Alternatively, KFC will get your order wrong and make you wait in a line of idleing cars in an enclosed space, then tell you to keep moving and make you eat with your hands or bamboo.
I know. Why would you want to fix something that isnt broken?
If you dont like the footy on low volume in the corner, that's probably something noone can fix.
> If you dont like the footy on low volume in the corner, that's probably something noone can fix.
The bad home areas have turned their once-separated front bar and dining rooms into a shared room with the football or UFC blaring and pool tables and bullshit, next to a room full of fucking bing bong machines emitting a neon glow and a bunch of degenerate gamblers
Neets outside my back door there is a sort of shelter, I can't remember what you call them. It is just a roof, like a carport, but it is open on three sides (the house is the fourth side).
The rain blows in from the sides and makes it unreliable as shelter. I have a table under it but everything on it gets wet when it rains and there is wind.
What would be a cheap and easy way to enclose it so it stays dry year round? I need to block off at least two of the three open sides I think. I have no construction skills or ability to transport anything that won't fit in a car boot or back seat.
Just cut to shape.
Or if you wanted to get a bit more serious.
Bean neet was right all along.
Tab closed. Had a feeling it was gonna be saints 40+. It was paying like $6.50. 
Woed. No energy.
i do kind of miss his retarded takes on things, i'd like to know what he thinks of current world events. if only he could have restrained himself
Back from Hungry Jacks. Got a whopper and a medium chips. Chips were far too salty, very low in volume too.
Whopper was okay but very poor value. Not terrible but bad experience. I won't be going back.
Tab re-opened. Good to see tiges in front. Angry from sucking at CS. 
Might funnel my rage into gym later.
I'm your go-go dancer, midnight answer
Jukebox sweetheart, queen of the night
Vegas baby, if you pay me
Anything you like, anything you like
Go-go dancer, midnight answer
Jukebox sweetheart, Queen of the night
Vegas baby, if you pay me
Anything you like
Go-go-g-go-go dancer tonight
Outing her on a Twitch stream with screen recording going might be the funniest course of action
If I don't have a girlfriend by the time I'm 30 I'm gonna travel around south east asia impregnating as many jungle sluts as I can
The simps still haven't accepted that "she" is a man. Its just a weird unisex name lol the cope.
I fucked the niponese girl and the milf in karate kid 2 at the same time
one sat on my face and one sat on my peen0r
He forced Possum to choose something from the specials board and then tried to combine that with a voucher. Everybody was embarrassed.
I saw a car today with a sticker that said "tell your cat I said pspsps".
Woman or a homo.
He'll mention some pub 50 minutes drive away, negating the ability to have a drink and drive home legally.
Why SEA? You could do better. Go to Mongolia, eat nothing but meat and cheese for three months, get into sumo wrestling and carry goats across the steppes
The whole point of the pub was that it was just around the corner, back when liquor wasn't taxed to shit and the only entertainment for women was sewing and lifting their skirts
> The one on midway has a good salad bar
Can't go back there after a poker night gone wrong in my mid-twenties. Do NOT want to talk about it.
Karawara isnt that great
Angle Vale has $15 lunches but no salad bar
Theres a couple in gawler I frequent
The salisbury one is meh
Salisbury footy club pub
The one on bridge road near the footy oval is good too
That's the whole point, you'd lose weight and gain muscle. 
I only say sumo because you would gain the respect of the mongols and could invade China with them on the weekend
The one that is in stumbling distance installed a fucking playground in the dining room and then cancelled meals altogether.
Same place probably pulls in $1m per fortnight on pokes.
I cannot --in good conscience-- go to a pub more than 5 minutes away and have an alcoholic drink. Because one becomes two becomes three and then there's a real risk of blowing over when the inevitable RBT stop happens.
I cannot --in good conscience-- go to a pub more than 5 minutes away and have an alcoholic drink. Because one becomes two becomes three and then there's a real risk of blowing over when the inevitable RBT stop happens.
Every time the cops tried to stop nuro for not wearing a helmet he'd just whizz away. He was simply too high speed for them.
You should learn to do the same.
One of the reasons for wanting a GF is having somebody to drive home from dinner. Can't drive the rest of the time because they're shit at it and have no spatial ability.
Two pints is my limit
I only go to have a feed, then leave.
I might spend 15min on the pokes, but I dont spend all day
Usually in and out in less than an hour
Two pints is my limit
I only go to have a feed, then leave.
I might spend 15min on the pokes, but I dont spend all day
Usually in and out in less than an hour
I once drove from the cross keys down the creek along Montaque to evade potential police
Seriously, with the amount of revenue they are making from them they could almost afford to put on a Michelin chef and give the meals away for free.
Go to a pokie room before lunch.
Tell me theyre all depressed losers and sad
Most are from retirement villages and brag to each other about wins
Focussing on positives, you should try it.
It's basically a reverse centerlink, and pokies liscences are fully corrupt. One pokies venue can't even compete against another.
Those are exactly the people I'm taking about, they should be outside playing boche or knitting or making jam or somthing. Old people are useless now.
The Corvette Club went to the Modbury Boche Club last month and the old wog women cooked all their food and the old wog men shouted at everybody under the guise of tutelage.
These are those 'sad, degenerate' gamblers.
Worked for 40 years and now spending their dollars how they want.
Sometimes I let them order, 25% off with a seniors card.
When I saw Jordan squeal like a fruit on Imadeathing's youtube, I knew he probably deserved it.
And/or knows who did it but likes the channel 9 coverage
Feel like some pecks, the pink one, ontoast with salt and pepper.
I dont have any though and the times i have got it, ive used it once then it goes off.
My nan used to leave it in the fridge for years
Never had to deal with snark in one.
Just people wishing each other good luck and skiting about their or someone they knows last big win.
It might be a better place for the oldies to be than sitting home alone watching the telly.
The problem is when they put too much money in. Life savings gone.
Yes, but theyre easy to spot and usually dont stick around.
Certain pubs attract different crowds but none put up with scabs or aggression. 
It is a business.
They are both too sweet. I used to enjoy them though when they first got big several years ago. Before that the thinner yoghurt was all you could get. Thickening it and adding way more sugar attracted new customers.
That is because we have signed those EU laws so we can't call it Greek yoghurt as mindas might think it is actually from Greece.
I might have a look at it, but I am not really into yoghurt any more.
I used to get a 1 kilo yoplait tub and drink it right out the tub. No spoon. I liked the mango one. And the black cherry. And the vanilla. And the peach.
I get irritated with myself when stuff goes off.
I used to get the big tubs of yoghurt but they'd go off.
The smaller ones are more expensive by kg, but even then often go off.
> I get irritated with myself when stuff goes off.
I know what you mean. Hundreds of dollars of fresh food wasted. Even good meat. Too lazy to cook it or even to put it in the freezer.
I'd eat a kg a day so they never went off for me. I had to stop buying them because I was getting fat and I lacked the self control to just eat less.
With yhe level of social supports around, you'd think someone would jump on that niche.
Fuck funding depression and whatnot, get me a case manager to schedule my bills and shopping.
I noticed afterwards that you hadn't used a capital, punctuation, or grammer. 
Depressed, self absorbed alcoholism.
I think he gets it reasonably well.

Keep getting connection failed, maintenance, and mongo errors.
My phone ONLY recommends JLI videos now.


Good advice, not just for relationships.
If you chose to focus on the badhomes..
Focussing on the lawnpowered motor cycle bum at the pokies will mean you'll become more attuned to seeing them again.
The first noticeing is a choice.
Choose to notice the smile as the bats win, not the jealous stare when you win.
I'm not going to focus on this one.
> [x]
Thanks for the well bantered. 
I could be walking down the road with a bit shit stain down the back of my leg.
If I was unaware of the people behind me, what difference would it make?
Theres a story, that I cant remember well.
Bloke asks for princesses hand, king has a test where the suiters need to stand in a freezing lake all night.
I think he ends up doing it three nights in a row.
King asks him how he does it, he said that he looked at the palace and could see the smoke from the chimney and that kept him warm.
Focussing on the positive, not the cold.
In the right mindset to go listen to a Rabbi discuss perspective and its power on reality.
My old warmups are my new lifts for reps. I can work with that. Excited for fast progress again.
12 minutes on the treadmill too. 
Race war preparation fight camp is on!
I dont think so.
Or its as likely as the 'george washington was a mason' or the banks are run by them is a misdirection too.
If the club of rome or rosicrucians were the actual evil overlord marvel bad man charactitures, they wouldnt let on that mason bashing is the wrongly perceived villian.
I and Monk had a system where I'd move cars to Mildura, then he'd take them to Wagga where he'd remove the trim to get the copious amounts of illicit substances until he asked for tik for two carloads in one month and I had to cut his pinky finger off to remind him that I'll need what's due once.
Had two small choofs, choked on the first.
Its very cold. Having a quick stando.
Discovered horse chiropractic videos.
Gutsy trade.
Wish I was in bactria, with a iranian gf I stole on the way through, getting treated with reverent awe like a shaman mystic, giving steppe nomad's horses neck cracks, while drinking fermented milk and magic mushrooms, in a tent with hashish offerings put on the sacrificial hot plate in the 800s, rejecting all forms of sedentary agriculturalism.
They are trying more crap
> Free-trade talks between Australia, EU stall over prosecco, parmesan, mozzarella, feta naming rights