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Once he has the footy stream working, I believe Cruisedog has some mong forms he'd like automated.
You need to keep the mongs on the tit for as long as possible to keep that sweet sweet NDIS money rolling in. If you sign them up and then put them in the woodchipper, you're only getting one payment out of them.
The Mia Khalifa song (hit or miss) came out five years ago. Jesus Christ, where does the time go?
Maybe be should expand into the funeral industry. One Mong payment then a bulk funeral payment when they get wood chipped. Monk could double the funeral payment at the Cas.
Cruisey murdered some mongs and stuffed their bodies in barrels to steal their NDIS payments once.
Got found out when he hired Monk to write some code to impersonate them and the Government went "hang on... nobody is this retarded"
I am stumped thus far. I can get a UTF-8 string response from some kind of key server. I can see the site constnatly getting a typescript file and then a bunch of .m3u8 files as video chunks but when I set my Referer and Origin headers like they do to try and get them myself I get at best a html response showing "Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Subscription Edition" so I assume its logged in to that on their end. Poorly worded. Need wombosec support.
My goal is to make it until Thursday morning without wanking, I need to try to get some more self control in my life.
Failed to get anything done today. 
Went to the mong area and spent ages taking to the other mongs. We agreed that bepsi was better then coke. Coke used to be better but got worse.
Got some milk from the shed. Very painful to walk out there. Hmmm.
Might try a band-aid over it tomorrow to reduce the friction.
With mummybot he would, although my aunts would probably get round to it first. He wouldn't if he was the one sick which is what I suspect is the case.
Going to put a band-aid over the blister and attempt a run. I went for a run last night and it was fine. I reckon it is just the boots that are causing the issue.
I have another pair but I need new laces for them as the previous ones broke. Haven't gotten around to that. Such a lazy boong am I.
In bed. Too cold for my neetcave. Forecast says it'll be -1 at 7am. 
Unacceptable given we have a spare thats being used for the troons cats. 
Gonna move the bed out of it and move my desk in.
I rode the motorbike race game at time zone and it shook loose a bunch of stuff in my insides and my bussy is all mashed up like a ham sandwich
might retire to the couchbed for a few hours
got most of what I wanted to sort out done tonight
Want to pick up Davo in the Corvette and drive backwards through various fast food establishments' drive-throughs, forcing him to chat up the serving girls at each window.
> non-transactional
What? She wasn't a prostie if that is what you're asking. I was at uni, well dressed and my hair looked good. A girl smiled at me and followed me with her eyes as I walked past. I liked her outfit and hair although her make-up was a touch too heavy for my tastes.
I saw her again a bit later as we bumped into each other (figuratively) and I started talking to her. Her pajeeta friend smiled and walked away. I asked her about what she was studying and found out she was actually in highschool which lead to questions about her age which was 15.
what do you guys do when you get bored and drunk?
fight the kangaroos?
chase the scorpions? 
pet alligators? 
hit and run boongs with boomerangs? 
try to get giant spiders drunk on goon? 
up until now I haven't realized that I don't know much about australia
Still can’t sleep at 6am. More imaginary conversation. Tonight I’m on Q&A, both as a panelist and someone asking the questions. Talking about nationalising the north-west shelf and building social housing blocks.
Stupid car park thing wouldn’t spit out a ticket and I had to use the intercom while cars were getting angry behind me.
I went to go fill up my water bottle and we happened to have our paths intersect.
I told her "Hey, I like your outfit" and she seemed happy and we started talking. I was carrying a book with an impressive title which probably helped. I think gf2023 may yet be achievable if I can avoid any big breakdowns, benders and suicidal phases.
To larp as a uni student I suppose. I remember doing the same thing when I was in highschool.
No, I have turbo-autism.
had a life-changing occurrence today neets
my mom's life insurance check came today and it's about equal to $88k AUD
idk if that's actually a lot in AUD but it's enough for me to put down a down payment on a house when I only had about $1700 yesterday
SpreadsheetNEET should start keeping track of neet records like most coffees, wanks, standards etc.
We can have our own special Olympics and bet on it.
The Olympic games are a representation of Prometheus giving fire to humanity, which was against the Olympians.
Never underestimate how much is subverted.
Mum come pick me up they’re calling me a small fat. They’re saying I spoke over an infinifat.
Cut down a tree today, didn't take me nearly as long as last time. Secret was to make the cuts relative to my height not the height I wanted the stump.
I'm sorry to hear of your mother's passing NEET. It's ok to have mixed feelings about this kind of fortune. 

Take my advice, sit on the money a few months and think things through, you survived being broke this long so there's no rush. Buying a house might be wise, but it's worth considering if you want to move towns.
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Not sure how this is going to turn out, on the left is a sachet of instant miso soup, when it's almost ready I will add the ramen noodles and bean sprouts.
NEETs do you know where I can buy chicken thighs with bone in and skin still on? Preferably for a cheap price.
The supermarkets don't seem to have them in the fridge or at the deli counter. The closest you can get is Marylands.
The new socks I bought are too loose. After a while the part that started out on the bottom has twisted around to be on the top. I spent a bit of money on these because I wanted them to be warm for the winter and to last longer than the cheap ones which get holes in the heel very quickly.
Maybe I should buy a pair of slippers instead of wearing socks around the house.
Possum abruptly moved to Italy and joined a left-wing humanitarian organisation to help ferry Libyan migrant boats to EU shoes during the height of the Syrian civil war once
The thing on my foot isn't even a blister, just a raw patch from all the rubbing. Putting a band-aid on has helped greatly with the pain. I can still feel it when I walk but it is only uncomfortable, not painful.
Thinking about that time nuro said it had been more than a decade since a woman smiled at him. I used to hate him but I actually just feel sorry for him these days.
Wish I had a Jap gf. I'd be worried about the children though. I'd be okay with hapa daughters but I wouldn't want hapa sons.
Somehow spent $150 on food this week, didn't even get meat, shit is fucked, budget falling apart.
looks so nice 
and it seems like you have a tube preamp too 
how much of a difference do you hear between listening to mp3 and listening to that?
what are you listening to?
thumbnail of cobra_kai_johnny_drinking.jpg
thumbnail of cobra_kai_johnny_drinking.jpg
cobra_kai_johnny_drin... jpg
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bmx_bandits2 jpeg
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Tomorrow night on womboflix...
'Cobra Kai'' - thirty-four years after being defeated by Daniel LaRusso in the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny Lawrence, now in his 50s, suffers from alcoholism and depression. He works as a part-time handyman, and lives in an apartment in Reseda, Los Angeles, having fallen far from the wealthy lifestyle in Encino that he had been accustomed to growing up.

On Saturday we are showing the japanese movie Angel Dust(1994), which is vaguely similar to Silence Of The Lambs - a dark film about a young female forensic psychiatrist chasing down a serial killer while struggling with her own demons.

Then on Sunday Nicole Kidman stars in BMX Bandits (1983). I dunno what it's about, but think it might have some bmx's in it.
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> 700k purchase price
if it still looks like this 
I'm calling bullshit 
that place is in the fucking suburbs of the city I live in 
these two mansions that I attached don't cost more than 5 mil combined (and they are more or less in the same area)
now, to believe that he actually spent 32 mil just on renovations it's fucking retarded given the prices in this shithole
> now, to believe that he actually spent 32 mil just on renovations
Because he's a foreigner they would have doubled or tripled their prices.
 >>/717154/ Romania is quiet expensive right? You're one of those countries where the wages are poor but the euromarket inflated thet s price of yoursi t goodsat les t
Romania is quiet expensive right?
You're one of those countries where the wages are poor but the euromarket inflated the price of your utilities and food and shit aren't you?
he's just boasting
> have doubled or tripled their prices
you can be sure they did that, but they couldn't have charged him more than 2-5 mil 
with 10 they could've rebuilt that shit at least twice from scratch (even with the inflated prices)
 >>/717154/ Romania is quiet expensive right? You're one of those countries where the wages are poor but the euromarket inflated thet s price of yoursi t goodsat les t
 >>/717168/ yes and no if you're working a dead end job, you're earning a little over 600 usd just enough to pay the rent, food, and cigs, plus put aside 50-100 usd if you're paid with a first world country wage, you have life on
yes and no 
if you're working a dead end job, you're earning a little over 600 usd
just enough to pay the rent, food, and cigs, plus put aside 50-100 usd
if you're paid with a first world country wage, you have life on easy mode 
with 1k per month, you can rent a 3 rooms apartment all by yourself, and you can live out of delivery and whatnot
Go to Officeworks. Find a style of chair you like and then find it online then get Officeworks to price match if it's the same.
20 minutes and I get to spend the rest of the night dealing with cheesegrater fuckheads
no food or drink all day
just having a glass of wine now
they hired their own shit pajeet to do day to day stuff and stopped giving me work
that piece of shit is nowhere to be seen when monthly patching comes along and somehow I end up having to do everything
i spent all day with another bunch of fuckwits today and didn't get home until 6.15, so i can't wait to get up again after 5 hours sleep and do it all over again
I don't document anything for anybody.
If they force the issue they'll get a .docx with 'suck my cock' in it and nothing else
Where shall we establish the neet commune?
Australia? Romania? Somewhere else? Thailand?
that sub incident is a whole lot funnier when you find out allboard were mega rich cunts who paid $200k each to be there
Time to watch some new Black Mirror episodes in bed. 


Go 2 more. 

Wagon rumble. 

Eat some food you cretin. 

I don't even get the point of it. They see the titanic through their little hole, and thats it? I wouldn't even do it if it was free. Where are you meant to shit if you're there for a couple days? 
It totally sunk and imploded and splattered them all over the la di da carbon fibre.
This post got reported by nuro:
> are you going to let this toad slag me off? this is why i dont post here its because you made it a safe space for IGAY you sux nuro thinks you sux too
Literal schizophrenia.
Imagine being literally retarded and unable to do basic social interactions and thinking it is fine to just randomly insult a good NEET like Tiffin for no reason. He was right to be upset. Some real low quality NEETs here unfortunately.
I've got some dumbbells in my room. I want to use them to just do a few sets throughout the day. What lifts and what set/rep scheme should I follow?
member when arnie fucked his mexican house keeper who was like 50 and looked like an ugly old dog and knocked her up
member when arnie fucked his mexican house keeper who was like 50 and looked like an ugly old dog and knocked her up
I never understood why American children on TV used to own cars, until I was told that "college" was their university not their high school, and that these "children" were actually 20.
When they use roids that heavily it permanently wrecks their ability to naturally produce testosterone. they have to be on test for the rest of their life.

And he was obviously always on steroids for his whole career. The older he got the more he needed to look the way he did.
Do any of you make "checkpoints" for your life? Basically points in my life I aim to reach, such as "just make it through this day", or "make it to the end of the year" or "make it through [insert certain period of time]". Be it uni or something else. One classic one being waiting until certain relatives die. I really need to stop posting this shit here but I have nowhere else to talk about it.
I wish I lived alone. I just need a small room, kitchen, shower/toilet and area for a washing machine.
shaking with cold and fear, want to go back to the hospital emergency, at least there were people there and they showed me some care
living with other people would just make my anxiety worse, but I do need friends again that I could talk to from time to time
Are there many opportunities you know of around your area to meet people? I'm kind of in a bind since I want to start interacting with people around my age, but I'm at the age where most people are starting to get their shit together but I also don't want to meet new people since I want to leave my town in the next 12 months.
> although the biggest problem is me
The fact that you're willing to admit that is a good sign, I see that as taking at least some responsibility.
reading that boogie's wife divorced him because of his anxiety issues, she could put up with him weighing 500lbs but not being anxious
gooning a little before sleep
haven't done much today, but my fingers hurt which means I practiced enough
Some Black Sabbath for NEETS
> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0qanF-91aJo&pp=ygUWYmxhY2sgU2FiYmF0aCBwYXJhbm9pZA%3D%3D
are frozen berries safe neets? Seppos are telling me about a hepatitis outbreak in their frozen strawberries
I might spark another conflict in Kashmir that will spiral out of control and cause WWIII.
I had a dream that a pretty woman was leaning up against me, talked to me a bunch then nibbled on my earlobe. Then I woke up.
Got some Helen breast and noodles. Going to fry it all up with some peas and red kidney beans.
How many neets have anxiety disorders? It seems like depression is more common on these sorts of boards.
I can't believe I let those women psychiatrists diagnose me with all this shit. I played right into their hands. Cunts. Never again.
I ended up only using the pumpkin, fennel, onion and garlic.
Roasted them with salt pepper and a hefty wad of tarragon for about an hour then put butter on them.
Then blended them together. 
I boiled the broccoli but decided against putting it in.
> drank 70 standos
I've never had to go to a woman and I've seen 7. I had a female Counsellor, but she was also a massage and aromatherapy person.  
Did you tell them?
She gets off on it. They all do. They think they're overlords of the human psyche but can't explain how one anti-depressant works over another. Evil enablers. They just continually affirm your problems and act as the only solution. Repeat customers. Myths about chemical imbalance to have you hooked for life. 
Psychiatrist genocide best day of my life