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Went to take a shit before but could only manage a piss. An extra squirt shot out as I stood up and now my jocks and trackies are soaked with piss.
I believe I'm getting rate limited while web scraping a few hundred pages. I will attempt to slow it down before asking for help
If it's IP rate limiting, there's probably not much you can do except change IPs. Otherwise, you can maybe cycle through a list of random user-agent strings for each request.
Why not just pay for a subscription to the footy stream?
I got the impression the other night that ProjectionistNEET had paid for YouTube Red or whatever to stream some of that Cobra Kai stuff.
Probably a leb. Any neet on the east coast should be pretty suspect for that reason. All sorts of fucking God knows what creatures out that way.
stinky farts. can tell its going to be a corny, painful poo. 
my gums also keep bleeding in the shower 
might be liver failure due to gooning
If some neets truly believe mental illness isn't real then I say to them how do they explain Barnaby.
I clicked the spoiler checkbox on the second image, but it doesn't work unless you click both checkboxes and spoiler every attachment.
What should I do all night and day if I'm not sleeping? Wanking and gooning are not options
They pirate a lot the first 2 seasons, it's quite a fun show if you don't take it seriously, more comic than tv sort of thing.
The first few episodes are fucking awful though, I would have given up except for a reccomendation but it improves a lot very fast.
I fell asleep watching tv and then went to bed and then got out of bed about an hour later and drank the 2/5ths of a bottle left and want more.
I am running out of steam on the allnighter. Got goosebumps and I've only been up for 12 hours. 
You gooners have got me feeling like gooning the day away
Cat woke me up three times tonight, then tripped me over begging for food, then bit me, then started howling at furniture.
The troons cats woke him up too, because for some reason he isn't comfortable leaving them in this room with me during the night, despite locking them in here previously. 
Strange unit that cunt
I didnt end up needing a new graphics card in low profile form factor, i just needed the driver. 
I have a spare low profile card but a tiny thing tore off, its the size of an ant, i think its a resistor, ummmmmm........
double cheesy b meal with additional large fries for breaky
chips are cold 
drive thru girls werent cute
I don't remember anyone linking the most recent edition of Janas creative writing.

> I had another friend go on a date with an 'entrepreneur' #redflag. 
> She thought it meant he had multiple businesses and was perhaps a savvy tech genius. Nope, it was just code word for lazy and jobless. That's why I think we need to put more weight in asking future love prospects what they do for a living.
my cat is nothing like that 
he's a fucking demon 
for 2 full hours each day, he goes full schizo 
runs around the house, bumps into everything, and attacks anyone/anything
mind you, those 2 hours are never in a row 
if I go in the balcony (it's an open one) he follows me, and picks up bugs 
then he carries the fucking bugs in my shoes 
he often doesn't even kill them, he just handicaps them until they can't move properly anymore 
then he gets bored he lets them die in pure agony 
now and then I go to sleep 
he meows at the door while I'm asleep 
he's not hungry
he doesn't even want to be petted 
as soon as I open the goddamn door he runs as fast as he can from me
then I go back to sleep, only for this shit to happen again and again 
you can't even pet him, unless he's asleep, or almost asleep
Tabitha was sucking my dick while Cheesey was recording those cringey incel monologues in his car once
Rescheduled yesterday's phone call to this morning. 
Slept in. 
Woke up to it ringing and the CEO of another company was trying to arrange a meeting but I couldn't hear myself speak properly and tried to turn on the charm but it was too late so all that happened is half way through spluttering about my poor scheduling I started talking like a calm George Clooney. 
I think she said she'd email me. 
Too early for this shit.
Had another call from another coordinator telling me that I'm signing up a client and a worker. 
This one knows I'm a mong so it's okay. 
I hung out with her trucky husband while he had a sesh a few years ago.
my cat's real name is ted 
despite of that, I always call him nigga or satană (satan) because he annoys me 
anyway, I was listening to this for the first time in fucking months https://youtube.com/watch?v=z7rxl5KsPjs
he was sleeping 
as soon as I pressed play, he woke up 
not only that, but as I was listening he stared at me for the whole time  
I start to think my cat is actually satan help
does holy water work? 
I might get some if I go to church 
haven't been to one in years, but I guess preachers are willing to give holy water for special cases
please help me 
the internet is dead 
search engines don't waork 
I can't find af ucking picture of wat a protectives hield shoukd look like
post a picture 
or 8432 pages pdf
I don;';t fuckng care 
just helo me 
tje cat is gpomg tp koll me
Solomonic seals. 
Do not post them here. 
Monk posting facial emojis, repetitively, is why his father figure is going to cut his dick off.  
You won't see the effects or the cost until you've squandered the reward.
Romanian, how did you find this board? How did a fellow gooner stumble into our secluded goon garden? 
I wonder how many foreigners browse this board but never post because its not for them
Also, they disrupt balance. 
Invoking a seal to give you vigour might result in a shorter life, one for confidence may manifest as ego and isolation, sexual prowess may result in infertility. 
It all balances out and often snaps back to an equilibrium violently.
A more appropriate thing would be getting the cat to calm down might result in it avoiding and losing interest in you. 
You get what you want.
> Romanian, how did you find this board?
I have no home, is etter than most places on tje imnnternet
> How did a fellow gooner stumble into our secluded goon garden?
2020 some fag on /r9k. mentioned tjis place
I blocked most sites I usually og to because they hav e too mnay cia niigers 
now I'm here 
> I wonder how many foreigners browse this board but never post because its not for them
plen ty I suppose
Thinking about getting some good cheese. 
Maybe a seasoned Jarlsberg and block of cheddar.
Just did. Ran out of paper so wet yesterday's undies and used it as a rag. 
Needed another shit as soon as I stood up so used a sock. 
Holeproof explorers are not as soft as they seem.
I saw a muslim with the full robes with a leather jacket over it the other day.
He looked strange.
In the community, at a reputable health service centre.
Need another shit.
All those zingers yesterday have my guts in turmoil.
Mummybot came into my lair while I was on torlet and saw the neetboard and a bunch of tabs open about sex positions
If they did a remake of bmx bandits the kids would get bashed and have their bikes stolen by "youths" in the first 10 minutes.
the youth that jumped my fence yesterday seemed genuinely terrified of dogs
i wonder if they all are
I spent the morning in a room with a big open safe containing gold bars and boxes marked 'diamonds', 'sapphires', 'emeralds', etc.
I wonder if supervillain henchmaning pays well.
They do get beat up a lot but apart from that they seem to sit round in lairs all the time.
Weber should just become a cyber criminal. Rent out a couple apartments in a mid tier Laotian city and cycle between them. Selling CVV dumps and buying natural gas futures. Sending us pics of the little jungle bunnies he stumbled upon, getting six packs of Beerlao delivered by one of his trusted henchmen, ceiling fan squeaking as the sounds of motorbike traffic and the smell of fried noodles drifts in through the open 2nd story window. Bum gun replaces the chux, motherbat gets mysterious packages full of US dollars every now and then. Bill tells a tall tale about how his brother in law slipped into the underworld.
A neet was once employed as a henchman. Mad villains tend to have very short attention spans and forget they've even hired you, you sit around all day doing nothing, then one day they storm in and send everyone on a bizarre and poorly concieved adventure. The hero beats you up in a halfhearted fashion because they don't want the villain to get better henchmen, so you ask go back to the lair to watch TV while the villain runs away sooking and isn't seen for a month. 
You've got to feed the cat and water pot plants.
thumbnail of moofies pepe.jpg
thumbnail of moofies pepe.jpg
moofies pepe jpg
(95.69 KB, 910x1024)
Went to teh servo and got some gummy life savers and three chokito bars (expiry 9/2020) for tonights moofie. What time is the premiere Air Crash Investigations?
The pay is bad but because you're just on call most henchmen do freelance call centre work, iron laundry or train animals as a side hustle. As long as it looks reasonably dastardly when the boss storms through the door. 
You've got to wear the same uniform even if it makes no sense, but it's tax deductible.
Made refried beans, about twice as much as I really want to eat. Vile farts in my future
Half a kilo of refried BEANS in bourittos. Going to eat another half kilo in bourito bowl plus a black BEAN salad. Then tomorrow morning another half a kilo in quesaladas.

There's a bank around the corner that has a huge revolving door, by the time they realize it will be too late
thumbnail of fantomas2.jpg
thumbnail of fantomas2.jpg
fantomas2 jpg
(368.5 KB, 1000x1500)
Hey fellas.
Gonna stream Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard on Saturday at 7pm AEST. I belive this is the 
second episode of the Fantomas trilogy, we watched the first one already.
It will be on Endcorner, not Womboflix:
As soon as I woke up I reached for my goon glass and was struck by an attack of introspection and self-awareness that I am currently attempting to drown.