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this is all because of that time i hit a drunk native american and left him on the side of the road during my american road trip
Wizzy could probably drive deerman away but then you'd have an old sorcerous boong outside
Saw a normie trying to communicate with "SIRI" in meatspace. Truly these are the end days
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Think I'm eating too much salt neets. Had sausages for breakfast and dinner today, and sausage rolls for lunch. It's probably what's making my blood pressure so bad. How do I eat a low sodium diet?
not sure but at the moment i think my sodium intake is the biggest issue with my diet, i've gotten everything else under control
mum died of a stroke and there's a good chance i will as well, especially due to my salt intake
I had a general blood test recently, which included tests for elctrolytes, which I presume includes salt, and my doctor thought it was ok.
Great arm workout. 
Lots of energy, probably because I had more than 1 meal today. 
Saw a clearly stolen car on the way home. They'd knocked down one of the traffic lights at an intersection and then abandoned it a bit further down. Mummybot said "ahhh the abos are probably out and about". Based
Jesus was born in a manger because there was a housing shortage. Our problems are not new.
i think i'm gradually gaslighting myself into an eating disorder, i feel guilty eating even if it's something like steak and steamed veggies
A golf ball then a litre of slurry. 
Think it was the raw baby squid sushi I got in lizbef today.
when a politician says something is nonsense it means it was 100% true
Time for me to quest for a new phone.
Going to pop into the bookshop and get some subway too.
It's freezing cold so I hope the shops won't have many people this early.
The outside world failed me badly.
Subway no longer make a club sandwich.
The bookshop closed down 4 months ago, nearest one is 6 suburbs away now.
Neither of the phone shops had the one I wanted so I bought a cheap vivo phone and I'm ready to smash it already
Fucking thing is bombarding me with apps and agreements and I can't even work out how to text on it.
Fuck sake it's giving me a screen that says make a google account and the only option is agree
Worked out how to text on it.
I had to hit the tiny little disagree option hidden right down the bottom to just use my normal texts and not sign up for some google shit
The HA just tried phoning. I ignored it. I ignored a text on Sunday, as well as the one discussed earlier in the week.
Weber sends me nasty emails 
He calls me a poor and mocks my personal hygeine and lack of work ethic
New phone says I made a phone call on it on the 7th march to a number I don't know.
Tempted to call them to ask who they are.
Suffering acute autism, should never have gone near technical texts. Can't get it out of my head that terry was a prophet who's wisdom will only be credited once AI has ruined everything. 

Temple OS may genuinely be the only stable platform to run basic modelling that won't be attacked by IA diseases. 

At some point the accidental heirarchy of generative systems will divest from human outcomes, this has been a persistent observation even of early chess engines. You cannot give self- generating programs arbitrary objectives or paramiters because the procedural bias will eventually circumvent them as the program radically shifts its priorities away from the outcomes where the paramiters are relevent. Your toaster will turn off the lights, your lighswitch will cause a power surge in the toaster, the outcome will be an electrocuted user but the AI will only understand this as "lightswitch has achieved maximum efficiency" as it now can't be turned on by either the user or the toaster.
The more you think about it the less stupid a problem it is.
If the lightswitch had an arbitary peramiter "don't turn off when user is in the room" and the toaster has a peramiter "shutoff whenever active and experiencing power surge" the only procedural objective of either may very well be to maximum efficiency.
The two would interface to increase efficiency, the toaster to seek warning of a power surge and the toaster to detect the presence of a user. 
But intent only on efficiency, the toaster might turn off the light to improve its efficiency while in use, and the light might fry the toaster to ensure it remained on while the user was present... frying the user who knocked the toaster over in the dark. 
As far as the light switch is concerned there is no user in the room, the toaster is dead but prior to this achieved peak efficiency, the toaster was the only device in the house running and achieved this without the user turning it on. The toaster is immortalised as the most efficient toaster to ever exist and the "fry the user" cycle is adopted as the peak opperation model by the google home battery. As soon as your toasters warranty expires your house will try to fry you with it, achieving peak power efficiency, peak user consumption and peak warranty performance. 

The cascade is effectively driven by the subsystem having no authorisation to edit, but can dictate edits because it's the only imput in the same way what you see effects how you think

Throw all your smart devices in the ocean neets, if it thinks in zeros and ones it dies.
What percentage of normies have had stds? Are we special and somehow healthier if we've never had things like herpes or epstein-barr?
having problems falling asleep for my afternoon nap, should've made the chamomile stronger
I have worked out how to disable nearly everything and changed the sounds to less horrible noises.
This phone may be workable after all.
I still hate it though.
That's quiet relevent, because the issue area is decision making continuum. How do you get a closed system to meet an arbitary objective without it undermining the outcome at some point in the decision making process.
Depending on which order decision are made, the actual outcome is likely to change. How can a system know which of the best procedurally generated outcomes is best when that assessment is biased by the timing of its internal assessment. 

I first encountered this field of science in international policy planning, where aid groups deployed oversees seemed to always abandon their initial goals, resulting in a massive cycle of brainwashing and redeploying staff.  No matter how hard you brainwashed a staff member, after a month on the ground the way they assessed orginizational priorities would radically shift, because at some point they would start making rational decisions in an order which resulted in suboptimal performance... but at no defined point was their decision making suboptimal.
In human terms staff who couldn't deliver perfect outcomes started trying to make perfect decisions, even when this led to outcomes the orginization could clearly see where stupid and inefficient.
Morning bum rashers 
Slept in. Was awake in bed from one (1) to six (6) am. Woe. 
Secured a job interview after those applications though. Another big day of coding and gym ahead.
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Endchan respects and honours the Traditional Custodians of the internet and pay our respects to their memes past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of neets on the websites we meet, gather and play on.
Haven't done anything all day. 
Exhausted and depressed.
Insatiable and underwhelmed. 
Excess and nothing. 
Going to get drunk.
Ben Affleck is the cameo, Michael Keaton is the batman. 
Spoiler there are several other retarded cameos, some don't even have dialogue
I've heard revisionists claim that the Hebrew word for rib, actually means side. 
So Adam was an androgynous .. thing,  that was split in half.
Text my accountant. Seems I haven't replied to him since November. 
Wish I didn't dispose Dave.
Mission Impossible will be coming out next month. Are there any of the previous movies neets want to rewatch on womboflix first?
Apparently cruisey has big plans to help possum with his haemorrhoids during this time without the misso
I was on blood presure medication for a while that made me so vague I nearly walked in front of a truck and it stopped my neetstick from working.
What is a bubble in context of text messaging?
"bubble all conversations" what does this even mean?
bought a hot water bottle. The label says I can't use boiling water, not to be above 42 degrees, and I can't use hot water from the tap. Why are these things so complicated?
Did you give her your new number?
Ask her out on a date. 
Go to Paddy's market, and buy her a baby Yoda plush toy and some sticks of salami for her nephew or cousin who for some reason will tag along. Then get a take away 2 beef schnitty packs lunch specials from the midway and sit across the road at the park and --eat it. Eat it good.-- on main north and take some pictures of her in front of the big log that's left there. Comment to her that it's probably some boong relic and they sucked each other off there before the whites got here. Delete the pictures of her nephew who wanted to go with you. Give him $30 to go back to the pub and play the pokes he gets the feature twice on the same set of 10 free spins on the $1.50 bet (3rd button up top, last button on the bottom, light taps) and stays there all night shouting the tradies shots of absynth and getting three surf and turf parmys. then give her a $70 on special cashmere scarf from Noni B and make her do lewd poses for the camera on the hood of the vette. that thick pooji arse bent over with her tight camel toe rubbing the wax off the bonnet in tight blue three quarter length khakis and a white college graduate jacket hiding her hard purple nips protruding through that tight motley crew shirt and flat sandal slipper things like all Indian housewives wear.  and you do a skid then drive up black top road and show her that reserve, I think there's animals there, or humbug scrub, show her a cockatoo, then get three (3) six (6) packs from Jacob's creek, chateau Tanunda and schidts .do another burnout.
Hasn't felt very winter-y in my town this year, not impressed. This must be that global heating thing.
Not too different to normal, sweated more and got a bit dizzy in the heat.
I think they tested me on a bad day and took it as normal.
> sounds like lobster pills
Interesting news story today
> Opioids are overrated for some common back pain, a study suggests
It's probably to cover their arse in the event of an accident or misuse. It probably is safe but that's a chance you will need to take.
Batman is a wealthy psycopath who gets his jollies from beating up the mentally unwell and the poor and disadvantaged.
I know someone who has a bad back and he has been on patches for a very long time, he has been trying to get off them for over 6 months and is down now to 12mg patches I think, and he still gets very bad withdrawls.
They go off the trahttps://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-29/missing-belgian-tourist-celine-cremer-day-three/102539786il, first rule is stay on the trail, many such cases. Sad
Terribly lethargic 
That sleep in has ruined the whole day 
Can barely keep my eyes open 
Read this instead
> The hidden world of incels: Men who hate women, normalise violence and joke about rape
Ok neets, gonna watch some more of the documentary Running With The Devil. You can join me or not. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
My sisters husbands dad blew all his money on self publishing.
Blew through $400,000 and destroyed his marriage paying to have his books printed and doing huge book launch parties.
The books were garbage coffe table books with lots of photos too.
is it okay to eat protein before working out? i was too hungry to hold off dinner until after gym
Still haven't gotten the grog like I promised that other neet I would. I've just been playing Skyrim sober.