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It is difficult to buy the goon without arousing suspicion though. I already rotate my purchases across three different bottleos because I don't want the staff knowing how much I drink.
That was a dilemma for me too. And I would typically always only buy what I was going to drink, so I couldn't get a trolley at Dans or something. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and embrace the boong
woe and insomnia and anxiety again. I want some goon or lobster pills, but I can't even keep warm. I have only despair
Cunts fucked. He lost his virginity to a hooker. At least I lost my virginity to an Asian student. Around the same time as decline lost his coincidentally in 2017. I'm better looking and white, although short for an Anglo-Celtic male. He's an ethnic curry manlet. Although I'm autistic with ADHD/OCD.
She was from Vietnam. Met her on tinder. Only girls on tinder who matched me where Asian.
At her apartment in the CBD. She lived with another Vietnamese girl at the time. I've fucked pretty much  a dozen Asian girls from various SEA and East Asian countries by now. In the beginning, I was shit at sex and would cum so easily. Now, it takes longer. Can still cum inside a condom, given the girl is tight. The current Korean girl that I'm fucking was, i believe was a virgin. Blood came out of her vagina while penetrating her. She wasn't on her period, as she's reluctant to have sex when she's menstruating. I fucked a Japanese girl while she was on her period and blood went everywhere on the hotel bed kek. What a life. A socially isolated DSP recipient whos only social and physical intimacy is with foreign Asian women. The rare time I did have sex with an Chinese/Korean-Australian. She left me after fucking her at a hotel that she paid half for. My autism and weird routine is what throw her off.
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thumbnail of fantomas2.jpg
fantomas2 jpg
(368.5 KB, 1000x1500)
Hey, fellas. Reminder movie today at 7pm AEST.
Fantomas vs Scotland Yard.
On Endcorner (not Womboflix).
> Imagine the harrumphing
You niggerfaggots, that song somehow started playing while my phone was in my pocket and someone heard it.
They never buy petrol either. Just there to take advantage of the chain’s largesse and harass paying customers.
Fucking hell, the sackler family, that Steinberg guy who discovered lobster pills, Edmund Speyer who discovered oxycodone...all jews
yeah, there are a bunch of right wing commentators on twitter (eg, Steve Sailer) I don't want to follow from my account because I don't want twitter knowing about my political views but I do like to read. Now I can't.
thumbnail of machine gun frogge.jpeg
thumbnail of machine gun frogge.jpeg
machine gun frogge jpeg
(233.53 KB, 880x919)
I woke up hungover and tried to shorten my nails by a little because they got too long
ended up chopping two thirds of thumb nail
now I play like shit and my flesh hits the strings (it hurts)
He has probably done it hoping there will be a jump in user accounts created to offset the people departing in droves. Big brain genius electric self-driving rocket man.
Chinks unloading a van at MSY are complaining. “Who the fuck orders a 49 inch monitor? Jesus!”
You are loved only if you love the sacrificed Lamb of God and what He did for you. Look at how little I am. Praise God for the Lamb of God
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img png
(133.79 KB, 441x411)
Dan Dan 
the medicine man
grabbed the iron bar
and away he ran

Craig got beat
became a NEET
and now he deals meth
down the end of my street
> fuck that's a lot
Should be sufficient to have the current Federal Government dissolved, given they campaigned for election on reducing the price not letting the regulator raise it.
I am going outside to tend my cucumbers and pretend the chortler doesn't exist for a while.
Beyond the usual childhood vaccines and covid, do neets favour getting vaccinations for other diseases they might get? I remember asking my doctor to give me a vaccine for meningitis when I went to uni, only to realise later that it's a disease you get from kissing and I was in little danger of it.
The outside world fucked me again.
Was doing my shopping and the rotting flesh beggar came into the shops and stood in the queue behind me.
And there was a retarded old woman with a mountain of shopping asking about the prices of each item in front of me.
That stench was so fucking foul I nearly dumped my shopping and ran, I cannot believe he can smell that bad and still be alive.
is this a real thing? 
got the vaccine by mistake more or less 
since then I abused caffeine and alcohol daily and had a junkie period 
I'm seriously worried
there's this one writer from my country named cioran (one of the few worthwhile romanian writers)
you might know him for on the heights of despair
anyway, at some point he becomes full blown misogynist  
he starts the chapter by saying something like 
> women are animals incapable of spirit and culture 
they fucking removed the whole chapter from the english translation
International Cruisey stock took a sudden rise today amongst the women hating NEETs.
Local Cruisey has dropped several points but there is still hope of recovery before close of business if he likes my poem.
mine has an i3 and no graphics card
a have a pc though, the laptop is just for looking up words, tabs, and shitposting  
what are you working?
There is genetic screening, but it usually requires a good reason and I'm not sure it covers cancer. They tend to just go on family history for that sort of thing.
They can screen your blood for prostate cancer, scan your bobs for breast cancer, and look in your shids for bowel cancer.
such a pity the shithead who translated the book completely omitted the chapter 
the funny part is that it's not just schizo rambling from a butthurt guy who couldn't get any pussy (they guy literally had a sugar mommy) 
it fucking makes sense (if you want to, I can translate it, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about)
The publishers might have been the ones to remove the chapter rather than translator.
Translations of Mein Kampf here come with publisher's notes (lies) for each chapter. Often the publishers notes are longer than the chapter itself. THat's if you can even find a book shop willing to still put it on the shelf.
Identify the odour

Human origin
•homeless coon
•Indian national
•gooner NEET✓
fucking hell
I wanted to read mein kampf for the keks at some point 
actually nvm 
romanians don't care about nazism 
I can probably find an accurate translation in romanian
6 pieces of hot and spicy and 2 large chips and 4 bottles of champagne have been acquired.
All the gooners can now claim everything they spend at Dan's on account they work from home.
thumbnail of fantomas.jpg
thumbnail of fantomas.jpg
fantomas jpg
(60.9 KB, 1000x668)
2 hours and 15 mins till the stream, fellas!
Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard at 7pm AEST

Probably will stream something before that perhaps for an hour. But yt blocked ct so it's gucked.
Is there anything good on Dailymotion?
I have to decide whether I drive to a function tonight and have zero drinks and be really socially awkward
Get an Uber and drink a bottle of wine and be less socially awkward
The Uber is probably $50-60 each way.
Drink three (3) bottles of wine then drive there and be incredibly socially awkward but have a great time till you wake up in a jail cell and remember it all
> Three drinks over 2 hours and a feed, you can drive home.
It's always a gamble with getting breatho-ed. Would prefer to avoid it one way or another.
I've discussed this with Possum in private, several times. 
I'm very happy for you if being sober is your end goal.
You have achieved.
What are alternatives?
Odysee, rumble, and that third one i dont remember now? Most stuff is american politics and tinfoil hat stuff, but there might be some better channels hidden, no?
Well just scrolling through odysee's home page I see ElectroBOOM, Shadiversity, and Historylegends, so there could be channels there that worthy to watch.
is this moofie going to be in russian? the last one was in russian and it kinda sucked, not that we watched it for the plot but it did kinda leave some questions. Can you put the subs on this time. thanks
I think Nuro learned some Russian that time we swapped him for those 6 fat russian women.
Pity he's dead though.
He had to learn before he had to sneak on a Russian nuclear submarine to disable it because a rogue tanky wanted to launch icbms on a twinkies factory once.
Okay. I found something to stream before movie.
Oldest God in WRITTEN History STILL IMPACTS TODAY by Gnostic Informant
50 mins long, so gonna put that on in ~15 mins.
It's on Odysee, and kinda like Esoterica. They have a conversation/podcast thingy with the Magic Jew too.
I thought I was going to watch erotica on womboflix once but it was just some old jew talking about egypt
Okay, starting this thing with the Oldest God that impacts today.

Oh, come on, there will be bagpipes!