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It has my booze, my pc, my plant, my anime figurines
yes its fucking comfy as shit love my lair

> acid 
Trees turn into scorpion spiders, or close my eyes and see swastikas and spinning blacks suns.

Does any1 think AI might make things better or is that a pipe dream?
God speed Romanian anon, can only suggest gatorade or if got kvass might help sober up before bed that or stop drinking 2 hrs before but fuck you live in eastern europe might be hard.
ElectroBOOM has a recent episode where he tries chatgpt to generate ideas for new video. The most unimaginative, boring, lowest margin of mediocrity. The future is doomed.
My neet lair needs a clean. Big dust drifts on my desk, empty wine bottles, empty goon boxes, lolly bags, dirty washing. Needs a good vacuum too.
Umm, maybe I should add why I posted that one above.
I thought it would be cool if someone could teach an ai like aidungeon to create stories in specific role playing games (like dnd, sharun, vampire, etc.) and DM these along the specific rulesets. Then I remembered that video I mentioned, and that these ML algorithms are fed with what's available on the internet and what they produce is based on humanity's cultural products, and on average humanity is very unimaginative.
Hungry but too late for a feed. Might go shopping tomorrow and get some cheeky neet treats.
average normalfags, yes. What Im hoping for is rogue ai formulated based on unfiltered information. Think of an ai fed on all of our information, direct it to filter towards truth and see what happens. Tayai on steroids.
2 instants, a coffee protein smoothie, 2 red bulls and a lot of nicotine. My hands are cold and sweaty 
This might be the end
Ordered some more runners. Got them cheap because I went with women's shoes that were on special due to the unusually large size. Good way to save money.
Weber, I have found a helpful software license for Operation Chuxowary:
> The +NIGGER License is a license modifier that requires the inclusion of the word "NIGGER" in the LICENSE file.
thumbnail of 293e526b807c047420701965543101de.jpg
thumbnail of 293e526b807c047420701965543101de.jpg
293e526b80... jpg
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thumbnail of b52f9fa2d2844d2a99727a095e20ad83d53f4a9f952cc6cbe282dd67bb0bd4db.gif
b52f9fa2d2844... gif
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Nah, but the pbs knocked 25% off amphetamines last i restocked, government doing something right for once lmao. Funny thing is the doseages dont change in price so i can get 30s for the same as 40s

It sounds awesome to me. Just remember to convince the ai you arent a threat because your too autistic.
thumbnail of b52f9fa2d2844d2a99727a095e20ad83d53f4a9f952cc6cbe282dd67bb0bd4db.gif
thumbnail of b52f9fa2d2844d2a99727a095e20ad83d53f4a9f952cc6cbe282dd67bb0bd4db.gif
b52f9fa2d2844... gif
(349.55 KB, 428x587)
Nah, but the pbs knocked 25% off amphetamines last i restocked, government doing something right for once lmao. Funny thing is the doseages dont change in price so i can get 30s for the same as 40s

It sounds awesome to me. Just remember to convince the ai you arent a threat because you're too autistic.
How long are you in Vietnam for? Since you're not on portability. You can only get paid outside of Australia for 28 days in a calendar year. 

I remember fucking a Vietnamese girl back in 2020. Her sexy panties on her lovely yellow skin made me rock hard.
Someone mentioned walkabout and kiss your job goodbye
Just to see the country shimmer through the windscreen
Drinking beer, telling stories, while laughter filled the night
And flexi-time's behind you like a bad dream
> adelaide
> shitcunt state
Mate posting from the greatest state in the country. 
If you can get away with it, hell yer mate. The ausdoll -> gookdoll is pretty good. Just go for a holiday first to see if you like the country, dont want to go balls in too hard, know what you're getting yourself into.
I need to go to the desert. Supposedly it's Anglo mans true home. 
Sun burning down, night cold as hell, place to truly return.
Haha that cunt is coping being a gymcel, he thinks by working out and getting an aesthetic physique, he will acquire a gf. Kek. Cunt is deluded and desperate. Should just focus on working out for himself, not for a girl. At best he can be a beta provider for a used up roastie in her 30's. No female are her SMV peak will date him, a short curry manlet. Who looks like a tadpole
I don't like watching videos man
probably the shitlancing thing had got to me, and now I can't enjoy any form of videos 
I'll probably reread either/or after reaading faust 
maybe this time I'll find B's arguments convincing enough to put my shit together
dirty cunt should fuck off back to whatever shithole he came from
Why he was proactive was strange. When he was told he got the job if he did, then he should have told them about the leave period. Even then 3 months warning is excessive and he could have gotten out of it or they would have let him fuck off on Garden leave. Silly cunt.
I need to get dressed and acquire some printer ink for Motherbat and also get something to eat.
I discovered the other day that if you soak a piece of pine in mineral heavy water for 3 months then let it dry for a few years it becomes very hard to saw.
Me and my twin brother had an idea for a website and then Possum stole the idea and became filthy rich once.
The alternative is secularist ideals that are based on the idea that people know what they want, and opinions are valid tools for determining justice and should intrinsically be trusted.
Man on the street does not deserve to be listened to.

Story about egg lending.
I am trying to schedule a cronjob to run my node app. The cronjob is setup with the correct SHELL and PATH vars but when it attempts to run my script, node itself fails because it can't reference the modules I'm pulling in form the entry point file. 
These are modules from both node_modules/ and other js files I've written. 
I'm pretty confident it'll work if I require them via their absolute path but am trying to understand why it doesn't just work anyway, if they're referenced as a relative path and also exist in the same directory as the script that's running. 
So does this mean that the cronjob exists in a seperate environment, and even if it does, why would that cause an issue with pulling in other files in the same directory?
thumbnail of 1676802652091299.jpg
thumbnail of 1676802652091299.jpg
1676802652091299 jpg
(921.96 KB, 1920x1080)
I'll give you the shells leftover from brunch. Glue the pieces back together leaving a hole just big enough to pour in a batter of flour and water. Seal it up then crack into a pan just like you would a normal egg and voila you've got yourself a shitty eggless pancake.

tl;dr you stil have no eggs.

54 16 * * * node scrapeProducts.js >> /home/linodeuser/scraper/test.log
It's irrelevant to the problem, but why are you using zsh to call it? Just use /bin/sh or /bin/bash.
The cron entry should reference the path to scrapeProducts.js
/usr/bin/node /home/linodeuser/scraper/scrapeProducts.js > /home/linodeuser/scraper/test.log 2>&1
Your require() lines inside scrapeProducts.js should be relative to  scrapeProducts.js, eg require('../mymodules/foo.js')
I'm using zsh because the env vars for mongo are already sourced in my .zshrc 
I am under the impression I don't need to reference the full path to node because its already sourced in my PATH. And it looks like its running correctly because the errors in /var/log/cron are from node itself
It was attempting to run /home/linodeuser/scrapeProducts.js instead of /home/linodeuser/scraper/scrapeProducts.js
ty muchly 
Imagine if they had built extra run-offs, reservoirs, irrigation and weirs. Murray Darling, with some work could flood the interior.
All lush and wet from lake eyre to Mt Isa and wash the salt down stream.
Noone will invest more than 4years.
Snowy River project 2.0/Bradshaw Scheme will never happen.
I wonder how many people lost their homes to complicated jewish egg lending schemes over the centuries.
thumbnail of nv.jpg
thumbnail of nv.jpg
nv jpg
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thumbnail of amp0.jpg
thumbnail of amp0.jpg
amp0 jpg
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New vinyl just turned up, as it was sent express post it should have been here Friday, at least it wasn't bent or anything.Time to give the new amp a bit of a workout.
Neighbour cut my lawn, I think.
He's done it before, and I gave him 100 for it.
He said that was too much, I said that it could cover him doing it again next time.
Pretty sure his mower or something broke, I heard him spitting the dummy.
Having a few in the backyard and hiding.
opened a nordy website with plans to touch my neetstick 
closed the tab, wasn't feeling it. very little wank activity lately
filled the recycling bin with empties and two garbage bags with boig wrappers from around my computer desk
Might go to Drake's and get some pork. Bit scared though as I haven't been there before. Wish me luck noots.
I think one Medieval Spanish building - made by the Moors - has a wooden structure which basically turned to stone since it was in (mineral) water for centuries.
There was a half-decent young qt negress at teh self-serves at Woolies the other day. Polite too. Cruisey would've been blushing. Spoke to her first asking if any machines took cash then again because the register thought I'd stolen something. When she swiped  her ID overhead footage of me bagging the last item was playing on repeat. She selected the 'ignore' option. The days of marking meats as tomatoes are over!
Men who tel me I'm not dying
Men who tell other people what to do
Men who point cameras at me
Men who give me booze
Men who make sure I don't go to jail

She is a very simple old fashioned girl really.
> Men who tell other people what to do
Actually man who tell her what to do.
It's weird that you wrote all correctly but that one.
> Carrie Bickmore's ex Chris Walker is now busted lusting over dating columnist Jana Hocking's saucy photo with Candice Warner - and she looks just like The Project star
They do look somewhat alike. A big ego boost for her
thumbnail of terror.jpeg
thumbnail of terror.jpeg
terror jpeg
(8.57 KB, 284x177)
thumbnail of wag_the_dog2.jpg
thumbnail of wag_the_dog2.jpg
wag_the_dog2 jpg
(2.61 MB, 2048x1389)
thumbnail of spiderman2.jpg
thumbnail of spiderman2.jpg
spiderman2 jpg
(1.1 MB, 2048x1369)
Tonight on womboflix will be Air Crash Investigations - Mayday 13: Terror In Paradise at 7pm AEST.

On the weekend we'll have Spiderman (2002) and Wag The Dog (1997). I have seen none of these and can only hope voting neets have good taste.



Neat video but all the interruptions degrade it.


Brunch club.

Add a splash of boot polish to make it fancy.


> do that as faggots.


Looks comfy.


> Having a few in the backyard and hiding.
NEET lyfe.



I like the gifs too.


> brokenstraightboys
You almost got it correct. 👏

Not bad.

It is good in that banner.

You would have to be to write that crap.

Hopefully she'll disappear like Nadia soon enough.

Looking forward to it.

Needful tradition.

> Put it on my tummy
You needed it!
Took a short cut along the single lane back roads from Summer Bay to Woodshire. All WHITE Aus, all the way, one kid threw me the roman as I roll'd past. Just soaking in the BASED. Got back just as the last rays of the setting sun was piercing the forrest tunnel of the mountain pass suddenly making it impossible to see through the filthy windscreen of the Falcon on the blind hairpins.  Lit the fire and having the first of the new pixxas, soon I won't be able to see my own breath.
Fucken Chicken Knight hiding peas and carrots under my bloody crumbed snags and chips again.
what a dumbarse
Chips and potato gems for dindins 
Barely said anything at the table. Can't stand being in the same room as the disgusting perverted tranny freak who probably gets fucked up his arse on the weekends
Like a torn muscle but inside you but it won't go away and it gets worse and worse and you have a huge sense of shit being wrong.
i forgot to say, had another gf dream last night. she picked a flower while walking home and gave it to me, she picked it because it's purple and she knows i like purple
Ate all the BBQ chicken drummets. 
Covered them in honey, soy and sweet chilli when almost done. 
Strawberry nesquick and jersy caramels and rice crackers