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Yeah, that will do.
I would also like to apologise to the NEET I called a pie in the last thread.
It mas mean spirited of me and uncalled for.
I applied to for a trainee train driver position in adelaide. I hope cruisey will let me live in his shed if I get it(no chance).
I applied for a trainee tranny position in wagga wagga. I hope monk will let me live in his step-momdaddy's shed if I get it (no chance).
It is the fucking senile old cunts at Australia Post I hate them so fucking much. I paid to have my parcel delivered to my door but the fucking worthless boongs didn't even try to deliver it and have told me to go in to pick it up which completely defeats the point of them even having anything to do with it. I may as well have just picked them up from the shop directly.
They say I need to bring ID but I put a fake name on the parcel because I don't want those cunts knowing my name and so now I can't pick my parcel up.
I went through paypal and they are pretty good at siding with customers so hopefully I can recover my money.
When I roll up to your house I'm only wearing one shoe
Leave a couple hours later, somehow I've got two
I know a bloke who was asked by a German why Australians tend to dislike boongs and when the Australian said they are like gypsies the German understood.
The olive-posting was perpetrated by one and only one person. And in an attempt to seem less pathetic he tried to convince us there was at least another here who liked that tranny. Mission failed.
And just why is it my fault they haven't done their job by not delivering the parcel?
> irrationally angry 
Why might I be angry about getting fucked out of $200? Fucking minda.
Yeah, they could've just done their job and delivered the fucking parcel but I guess it is too much to expect a government employee to do their job.
You're just being nasty and trying to wind me up at this point. I said:
> didn't even try to deliver it 
I was here the whole day. They put the slip in the letterbox and left, didn't even ring the door bell.
Just take the card to the post office and your PayPal receipt and explain to them that you thought you were being really clever and could you pretty please have the parcel
There is a very nasty neet on here tonight. I remember he mocked me once for buying dried beans and said I was poor.
He has a distinctive typing style, method of provocation, and absolutely abysmal reading comprehension.
> "If you drive an ultra high-powered vehicle, you need to go through training to have that accredited on your licence," said Attorney-General Kyam Maher.
> An ultra high-powered vehicle has been defined as one with a power-to-weight ratio of 276 kilowatts per tonne or higher.
> Mr Maher said there were about 200 makes of vehicle covered by the law.
How schizophrenic do you have to be to put a fake name down for a delivery? Were you buying a male asshole fleshlight?
Iktfn. Internet is still running poorly and I still can't sleep. Might just get up and have a coffee. I can sleep later I suppose. Bottleo not open for another five hours.
> They say I need to bring ID but I put a fake name on the parcel
The slip of the back says the receiver can authorise a pick-up. Sign the back randomly and bring your ID to confirm you live at the address.
once i was buying a used accordion from an Italian music store and the owner handed me an old b&w pic of a sexy woman playing the accordion and encouragingly said, "she play the accordion like a dream ... now she's-a fatta than you !"
If I am ever formally diagnosed with a terminal illness those bad home dirt bike punks wont know what hit them, I tell you what.
like they had any customers left
Heard a weird sizzling sound come from my PC's PSU. This is it neets, we had a good run together but I think it is time to say goodbye.
Should I turn it off and vacuum it out something? It is pretty dusty in there.
Fuck it just died. That was prophetic.
Worked it out though. The cable at the back had wriggled its way loose and was only sort of connected. Still going to give it a vacuum though.
yes to the computer stuff
no to dressing up, lolcats
no to fantasy sportsball
yes neuromancer, gandalf, harry potter, star wars
no khan, asimov, own writing etc
no to second life
Could have sworn I had a spare keyboard lying around, but I must have thrown it out. Bugger.
Bit peeved that Weber sits around thinking about how to be twinsies with monk but didn't even respond to the post about us in matching war shirts.
> Cruisey steps out of his front door and is hit by a half-eaten pepper pie thrown from a speeding Corvette
There's got to be a scientific explanation why explosive shits always come about after showering and never before. Or perhaps I just have consistent bad luck in regards to the matter.
Still haven't made it to BWS. I've gotten my trackies off but haven't managed to get my jeans on yet. I did wash my neet stick however.
Poor. I have at least one filling I need, most of my teeth are stained with brown shit, whatever its called. 
Years of gooning meant many days where I skipped brushing
thumbnail of spiderman3_jpg
thumbnail of spiderman3_jpg
(1.13 MB, 2048x1382)
thumbnail of wag_the_dog3.jpeg
thumbnail of wag_the_dog3.jpeg
wag_the_dog3 jpeg
(59.07 KB, 630x354)
Tomorrow night on womboflix - After being bitten by a genetically-modified spider, a shy teenager gains spider-like abilities that he uses to fight injustice as a masked superhero and face a vengeful enemy, in Spiderman(2002)

Then on Sunday, Robert De Niro, Anne Heche, Dustin Hoffman, and David Koechner star in Wag the Dog(1997)
Ok, I wrote a php script that can download youtube videos and then print out the url for them, but it needs yt-dlp to do the downloading. Webby can I ask you to install yt-dlp on the womboflix server please?
Lucky, I would actually like that a lot.

One day they will make it to that magical https only 95% of pages on Google use it

I wonder when they will declare bankruptcy.

It was making a whirling sound whizzing towards its death.

I feel the bloke on the left of red shirt guy.

> Blogging about diagrams

kek, the sounds is like the Love Plug on efukt.

He wont scare Zuck, he's not even human.




How to hold them all.

One please.

Long twiddle?

Was she?

He needs it!

You should make a booking.


It's a requirement of their Visa to come over and have support. Depending on the country, especially in many parts of Asia that is a lot of money
> To receive an Australian student visa, you must prove that you have enough money to support yourself throughout your stay. 

Trust the plan.

You need more good boy points.

I like this Pepe.

> Water's embrace breaks,
> Gas whispers in humid mist,
> Stains reveal regret.

He was a good fella.

Gaping wound?

Future NK.


You should remap it to something whimsical.
no worries
depending on what your script does, it might need exec() or system() or whatever enabled in php.ini
you can check it with phpinfo(); in a script, obviously
thumbnail of dial the destiny.jpg
thumbnail of dial the destiny.jpg
dial the... jpg
(21.43 KB, 220x337)
I dont want to watch no stupid kids superhero moofie. Im going to watch the latest indianna jones and maybe a cam of that "sound of freedom" moofie everyone on Q research is going off on.
For what it's worth, I think you can SSH interactively. That should save you some time in terms of editing the code and testing it.
Mummybot was scoffing when 9 News had a segment on ADHD and trying to get it on the NDIS
She doesn't believe in it