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Huggin' and a-kissin', dancin' and a-lovin'
Wearin' next to nothing 'cause it's hot as an oven
The whole shed shimmies
Yeah the whole shed shimmies
The whole shed shimmies when everybody's movin' around
And around and around and around
>  County of Tyrol was an estate of the Holy Roman Empire established about 1140 ... From 1867, it was a Cisleithanian crown land of Austria-Hungary.
The more I learn about HRE, the more I hate it.
Germans wewaz'ing.
The last time it was of any value was within Francia. 
But Charlemagne wasnt real, so maybe never.
> The world's most powerful AI model suddenly got 'lazier' and 'dumber.'
Even AI knows waging is bullshit.
I wonder what the Army would do if everybody under his command just downed tools? They couldn't court martial an entire company.
> Joondalup Police Station
> A disgusting tattoo on the face of a neo-Nazi has revealed his descent into racism
> Desmond Liddington, 39, was pictured outside court with a tattoo above his ear which shows an AK47 alongside the word RAHOWA, meaning “racial holy war”.
> The phrase is used by extremists as a disgraceful rallying cry for the white supremacist cause.
So much for impartial journalism.
Cruisey Shart, poo poo poo poo poo poo.
Cruisey Shart, poo poo poo poo poo poo.
Cruisey Shart, poo poo poo poo poo poo.
Cruisey Shart!
Bakery coffee and sourdough loaf $10
Hungry Jacks $3.95
Coles homebrand aspirin 95cents
Moofie ticket and drink $18.50
Parking $3.07
Sdtout tally $7.9
Groceries $19.37
Total $63.74
I saw a white man herding a blind boong the other day. Made me wonder if it was cruisey.
thumbnail of Kamikaze-Taxi-1.jpg
thumbnail of Kamikaze-Taxi-1.jpg
Kamikaze-Taxi-1 jpg
(397.1 KB, 1600x900)
thumbnail of smokeybandit.jpg
thumbnail of smokeybandit.jpg
smokeybandit jpg
(31.35 KB, 540x270)
Tonight womboflix will be showing 2 more episodes of Silicon Valley.  Weekend movies will be Kamikaze Taxi (1995) and Smokey And The Bandit (1977). The newest Mission Impossible movie Dead Reckoning has also been approved by favourite reviewer so we'll be showing that the same day it gets released on bit torrent, although I'm not sure when that will be.
The 'trailer' for the Equalizer 3 was just a picture of the neega with a QR code next to it to watch the actual thing.
At the NEET Commune all the dead shall be cremated and their ashes shall be thrown into the whore pits.
NEETs that prefer to be cannibalised shall be allowed this option.
just noticed my jar of multivitamins is empty and doesn't even have a silicon absorbant thing in it anymore, hope I didn't swallow it by accident.
The Indians in my introductory CS course used to take snippets of code from the internet and spam variations of it at the automated marking system until they got the full marks. They wouldn't try to understand how it worked or what was going on.
Have you ever seen emigration rates for IIT grads? They seem to get hit pretty badly by brain drain. I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't so unpleasant here.
I think we were allowed two maybe three submissions when I did it. The system would not provide feedback either, the code was still printed out and reviewed by a staff member and returned a week or so later and students would get done for plagiarism.
The Indians and other foreigners may well by why they lowered the standards like that. Look at how financially fucked the unis were after the pandemic cut them off.
Teh trailer for Oppenheimer was slappin' ngl. Written, produced and directed by Batman-man. Releases next Thursday.
The only thing I want to see in the movie is a big fucken explosion and I can't imagine Nolan doing a better job than David Lynch already did in Twin Peaks: The Return. My other gripe about this movie I haven't seen is that the most interesting person involved in the Manhattan Project is Feynman, the movie should be called Feynman and be about him. This other bloke just dropped a quote he stole from some weird old book to sound emo. And messed up the quote.
Kenneth Bainbridge had the best quote, which he actually said in the aftermath of the Trinity Test. "Now we are all sons of bitches."
Morning. Out of bed at 3pm again. Woe. Insomnia a shit 
Got a job interview lined up for next week. 
Tax hasn't landed :( 

Not good. Last night I had some kind of sleep paralysis or something. Maybe a hallucination. It was terrifying 

It's non-bin day so zhe is filling up the green bin with yard clippings, like a good troon slave should 

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At my old old job I started with a poojeet who had a masters in IT but I had to teach him how to import bookmarks into chrome
> sleep paralysis or something
I've never had that from lobster pills, although they do give me agoraphobia where I find I can't leave the house.
> Tax hasn't landed :(
Did you see the news articles this morning about how the ATO is basically fucking everybody with returns? Even Motherbat texted something about it.
Want to get off the lobster pills, I've become a brain dead zombie again. But I can't, too much anxiety
I hope streaming on ausneets some day becomes popular enough that we get more neets streaming, and maybe we'll have videos running during the day as well as the evening.
Ausneets needs more users. Maybe low key advertising in dailymail's  >>/727170/ comment section could help. Tho I think ausneets would need more relevant replies to dailymail posts.
One of the comments on that video:
> Idk if this info helps, but Anthony was Married and I believe that person is trans.
I always assumed he was an incel
Looking at semi-rural properties in north Queensland again 
I just wanna wank from home and then watch the sunset over those green mountains while choofing
That show is good.
Which means there is also other shows I haven't watched yet that are good.
This is good.
Failed all the quiz questions at the SQL interview. Could not remember the names of window functions based on their descriptions. Later, sat down at the computer, opened ide and immediately remembered. I'll never get a job.
The problem is not that I don't know SQL. The problem is that I only know it at my computer. I have no problem doing any level of tasks sitting at home. But in an interview I just can't remember anything, I get nervous and sweaty.
Some of the questions were descriptions of functions and you had to name them from memory. For example, "which window function returns the previous value".
never mind, I didn't realise sum, avg etc were called window functions.
thought you were talking about win32 api like hwnd = CreateWindowEx(
        "The title of my window",
        NULL, NULL, hInstance, NULL);
Just ask ChatGPT to write the code. Chances are it's ingested enough pajeet code. Probably fucks up string manipulation but the rest should be fine.
NEET brain attack. I had that happen at an interview for a welding job years back.
The interviewer was this strange asian guy who kept staring at me and he stood really close to me shile I was doing my demonstration welds and I completely fucked them up.
And it was stuff I've done hundreds of times before.
That's the problem, because of ChatGPT, they now call you in for interviews and ask you questions looking you in the eye and you have to answer everything from memory. I can't get a job at all because of that. This is the third place I've been with this problem.
A good basic entry level computer science class of database should teach you enough. We had a teacher who would let the cheaters pass all the way to the final exam then fail them because they used unnecessary joins. Because they often paid someone to make a unique answer but the marker was expecting a standard and basic query. That was during COVID when exams weren't face-to-face or monitored virtually.
What kind of class do you have there that not only teach sql, but also how not to sweat and stay focused in interviews. Not to mention memory training.
It taught how a database works, how to make a query, how to make and design a database as diagram and translate it into code, joins, and how to use aggregate queries. All by doing.
I went to an interview at Transurban once for a linux related job and they asked me to write a bash script on the whiteboard, which I had forgotten how to do, so they told me to do it in python and I forgot how to read and write files in python so ended up writing a bunch of pseudo code. 
I did not get the job
But I'm not bad at most of these topics. I have experience with databases for 6 years. I just can't recall anything from memory under pressure. I don't understand why you need to remember function names at all when most IDEs have autocomplete...
> how not to sweat and stay focused in interviews.
Do more interviews. Daily one or two. It's just training. Also you could score a job by accident.
> memory training.
Tell 'em if they want to listen handbook knowledge they should get a job as a teacher and listen retard students burping back the texts.
Ask for an accommodation in the assessment next time. If a company can't be fucked supporting you, then it's a good sign not to work for them.
Some bitch changing out of her bikini in public had the nerve to film me looking like I was the creep.
I always had clean undies while on mission in Afghanistan. Dunno what you basement dwelling chuddies are talking about
That missle with the knifes made a debut recently
You see it so many times men and women back from a swim in the carpark awkwardly looking around when they could simply change in the nearby toilet block without a worry but they are exhibitionist whores that only get upset if an uggo is watching fuck i hate them so much.
Dead Reckoning is much better than the last Bond film. I hope they release part 2 this year.
I can’t remember the last time Big Fella told us what he was having for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner (Night Lunch).