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There is no link in the previous thread and now there are two #714 threads. Utter chaos.
It is more economical to buy a big one that we share.
I am amazed how many gimicky flavours they have every time I walk past them now. I don't know why they bother when they almost always seem to flop.
The black liquid incident was when I first moved out.
Bought a big bag of potatoes, cooked a few and then forgot they were in the cupboard.
Coles finest British vintage red Leicester, cherry tomato and pickled onion medley, with a dollop of Greek yoghurt.
Smiths were also making gimicky shit the other week like Red Rooster chips or Hungry Jacks Whopper chips or something. I can't remember exactly.
> Oh. That's an interesting take.
> Hmm. 
I'm only speculating, but they're already interfering with tree planting and the like.

> Heh. I love this shit. 
I like that they gave an unknown stranger a proper burial and maintained his head stone for 115 years.
I think the idea is to shock people to get them talking (like we are) so then people want to try them just so they have something to say.
Still haven't finished the harry potter films. I keep getting stuck in the awful ones near the end.
Snape didn't kill Dumbledore, Harry did when he miscegenated with that Cho Chang harlot.
Near extortion. 
Give us donations we don't need or we'll be forced to take the gov funds and submit to greeny short sighted retard ideas. 

Is that grave from the Australian /Kalgoorlie goldfields?
And yet we have dead kids in this country with no gravestone because parents(ie.single mom) couldn't afford the neccessary FEES.
> Victor's fingers snaked under her panties to stroke Hermione's pussy.
Possum said something very wise that would fit this situation perfectly once unfortunately it was in the other thread and got deleted.
It would appear Sisterbot told Motherbat that I hadn't had Bill around for a month or so.
My sister probably cares because that's $1300 cash they're not getting every 4th visit.
Motherbat probably thinks I've given up on fixing the place and am just living in a disaster zone and she'd be right
There isn't a usable bedroom. The laundry, toilet and bathroom are covered in a layer of thick white dust from when dickhead went boonta with a sander on plaster and didn't cover anything up. The kitchen has cupboard doors and fly screens and doors from other rooms stacked up against the sink and kitchen table making it largely unusable.
I'm overwhelmed with the mess and lack of space.
The front and back yards are unusable because of the uncut lawn and weeds that are a couple of feet high. Lawn guys don't want to know, even if they can be bothered returning a call.
If it's become too much put everything on hold for the moment and just concentrate on getting your bedroom to a state where you can use it, and go slowly from there.
Think I just blended a frozen cherry pit in my smoothie, looking up the dangers of cherry pits
Been wondering if any local 2nd-hand book shops have vintage Playboy(Hustler/Penthouse etc) mags. Would be nice to have a stack of them for nostalgia sake or an old-skool wank.
Going to try to go to the gym tomorrow. I'm making it the only good thing I need to do that day.
Wondering about food that was in the movie, such as the diablo sandwich and hush puppies
Wondering if the autism tray is being used in secret and he doesn't want to post it here.
> download
A pdf won't cut it, I need teh real deal. 
> for sale online
'Condition: Pre-owned, most pages unfused, may contain traces of STD's, buy at own risk'
FRM's dog has started sitting by the window and observing the happenings in the house through the lace curtain. I don't know if she likes the feeling of the curtain, the smell, or the way it obscures her sight. I expect the novelty will wear off in a day or two.
Thread is almost half over already. And Imissfather needs to edit in the link to the NEW in the OLD.
> The Australian shizik is already in the NEET shit with his Jews, there the people are already dissatisfied

The BO got tired of pretending to be the new BO and has reverted back to his old BO persona.