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> Do people still do that in 2023?
There are book launches where the writer gives a talk. There are night lectures occasionally.
You kinda have to be actively involved in something to know about the happenings though.

Nigga I made the screenshot
I went to a talk by John Birmingham at my local library about 5 years ago and I like some of his books.
It was quite good, he talked about his writing process and answered a bunch of questions.
Signed a book for me too.
The protagonist's day to day life is so appaling that he becomes the embodiment of the creeping horror of cuthulu. His demise at the end of the second book is full on.
I went to a lecture where some kook tried to claim that integer factorisation wasn't NP-hard. I said nothing at the time, but clearly he was wrong.
I wish there was a service to exchange chocolates you don't eat with other people. Motherbat gave me a block of plain dark chocolate.
I wish we had all the boys in the executive neet van and were pulling into that kfc with that 10/10 drive thru qt and impressing her by ordering one christmas in july feast each.
Got everything needed for tacos except the motivation to make them. A bit annoyed there was only light sour cream available and there was a nasty young lady walking barefoot. Definitely less anxiety-ridden going late evening.
3/4 of a vodka bottle smuggled into the lair. Half of it in a maccas coke and another in a water bottle. 
Time to make the woe  disappear temporarily
Cat isn't looking after itself, cat looks homeless. Tried to brush cat and it bit me. Scratch on face has not healed but doesn't seem infected
Yes its true. I can't stand it any more. Its the same as when I was 15 hiding in my bedroom away from my angry single mother 
Just the sound of the door opening makes me sigh in defeat knowing its 5 hours until I'm 'alone' again while they're sleeping
It might be my fault Monk is drinking again I cut down my choof consumption.
The wagon was unbalanced.
I am obliged to look after cat. Cat had nowhere else to go and should be thankful. Instead cat throws up on the floor, scratches my face when I'm sleeping and howls at nothing.
"He scolded the cannibals for their lack of appetite. And he gave advice on how to eat people"
Been sitting with my left foot under my right knee for months now. My left assbone is starting to tingle when I'm in the car

Just a quey 

International Cruisey was balancing things well for us but he became less vocal about it and thus the gap had to be filled
"When an adolescent boy sees his mother behaving sexually, it's very, very destabilising."
"I briefly worked at a home for disabled people, if they started masturbating in a public area the protocol was to put a blanket over them..."
Woke up again today
With no missions and zero strength
I don't know how to play
And I don't want to anyway
Need to delete this game
And go back to another save
On the bottle of wine under my bed

I'm just a lost boy
Another dog in the dog pound 
A lost cause dole bludger, watching on from the sidelines
Definitely gonna regret it tomorrow

Wank ruined
For neets who play boomer shooters - do you have a favourite map level of the 90s doom game?
I can't really remember the levels that well. Doom didn't really have that much replayability for me. Revisited it once or twice with some simpsons and star trek mods.
Ball hurts less. Had a bath and a shave. was tidying up when the real estate lady comes around for a scheduled inspection. looks like I am good here for the forseeable future. Going to do some carpentry and have a think.

The more they tell me not to go, the more I want to.
They tried to farm cattle on Amsterdam Island, but gave up after 9 monhs and left 5 cows there, which bred in numbers to over 1000.
They were feral and grew back horns and their patterns was similar to aurochs.
They culled the lot of them about 15 years ago.
We should write an ausneets version of the whale, about a neet who dies trying to eat 14 pidsers and a bucket of kfc
I'm just upset because I'm going nowhere with my life and I know the time is slipping away. Going to just get gooned until the feeling goes away rather than trying to improve my life. It all comes down to time preference in the end.
thumbnail of mustard.jpg
thumbnail of mustard.jpg
mustard jpg
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I never eat restaurant food. The amount of muds in catering basically guarantees that some brown person will touch your food. 
> Tuberculosis

> culturally poor hygiene standards

> most of them are basically slaves, do you want some slave to make your food?

I like jalapenos I have a big jar in my refrigerator and I had them in my lasgnae just now.  I put a bit of mayonaise on my beans and sauerkraut. Sometimes I put hot bbq sauce on my chippos but just a bit.
>  The amount of muds in catering basically guarantees that some brown person will touch your food. 
You know they also work in the food factories where they do canning, bottling, or put frozen foods together?
> Passengers onboard a major airline were left outraged after they were randomly served KFC, instead of the airline’s actual meals.
There's no pleasing some people.
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thumbnail of faggots.jpg
faggots jpg
(75.76 KB, 747x690)
all you can do is minimise the risk. wholefood made in aus is pretty safe from brown hands, i think. I never get food from china. but when it comes to directly seeing the chain of handling, If you can see a mud in the kitchen of the restaurant then why would you sit down to dine? 

I think people who eat takeaway and uber eats are retarded. even food choices from the supermarket are full of obvious shit you just dont eat. 
I had a 1488 mate who bought ching chong bacon and when I asked him why he just said it was cheap. He started cooking it and I am overcome with coughing just like it was CS gas. He eats that evil toxic swine flesh and he stinks for hours. Vile. its pretty rare to find someone who has situational awareness when it comes to what they eat. 

(You) neets drink, smoke, drug, gamble, wank, play video games. All the ways you can do to rot inside, you love it. eating shit is going to be the last thing you stop doing. I dont think i could bear to be in an enclosed space with you.
It's so kind of you to enlighten us as to how we should be living.
Don't you think you would be happier posting somewhere that shares your views?
Another day of having someone come here to tell us about how much better they are then us.
In the last three days I've seen five women walking around braless. They have their nipples poking through and their breasts bouncing about. Very strange development.
I miss the Possum era, before the era of darkness began. If only we knew how good we had it.
These boongs could count up to nine.
i have alerted the horde, they shall be upon us in but a moments time. brace your bumholes
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thumbnail of northern.jpg
northern jpg
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Ok neets, tonight on womboflix we'll be watching Northern Exposure  an American Northern comedy-drama television series about the eccentric residents of a fictional small town in Alaska. I've never seen it myself, but it's been listed as one of the greatest tv series ever made, and if not, we can always watch some youtube.
7pm AEST
I defeated the fungus in my body. I'm now allowed to eat sugar, after a month.
But is it worth to return to the dominion of the sweet drug?
Watching a schitzo scream at an earthmover. 
There's nobody in the earth mover, the earthmover isn't turned on, the earthmover appears to be parked.
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thumbnail of a0db2fb70e10c8f323a35d392082ecc2-imagejpeg.jpg
a0db2fb70e10c8f323a... jpg
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Im just so frustrated NEETs. The construction over the road is so loud I cant study for my maths exam. I want to say something to the foreman but I'm too anxious from lack of sleep from the stress. I finally snapped today and I went out and yelled at the excavator, even tho nobody was there on the site. I probably look like a autistic retard and there was this weirdo who stopped his car to stare but I dont care. I feel a bit better now. Soon, with enough practice I'll be able to express my anger to the union wagie chuds when they are actually there.. 
t. fed up neet.
But I really, really, really want a snickers.
Mycosis. Yes, everything according to the doctor's advice. It took me three months to get it out of my system. Giving up sugar was the only thing that helped.
Possum once told me to stay off the garlic bread. Said everyone but him had to, doctor's orders.
It will be interesting to see if those trigger an audit for me. Last financial year I was only onsite 22 times, most if which was for 3 hours.
Yeah, I got those 22 entries from the customer billing system, along with a list of sick days and annual leave days from emails/payslips. I just know how much it must pain the ATO to have to hand back $25.875 a week in WFH allowance.