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When it actually gets released on bit torrent. We're going to screen the following movies the day they're released: Mission Impossible; The Sound of Freedom; and Oppenheimer. If any neets can alert me as soon as they see a good torrent for those, I'd appreciate it.
Severely woed. Suicidal thoughts again. Not sure if I should get some goon or attempt to suffer through it.
That's no good, I hope you pull through it soon, >tfw is not much fun.
Trying to find things to occupy myself tbh, it gets difficult especially when the weathers like this.
> replying to the shit eater
With a client who just told me a story about how when he was a kid, him and his brother used to share baths. His brother did a shit in it and got scared that the parents would find out, so client convinced him to hide it, in his belly.
In that case, I don't really have one. I cook with Frank's Red Hot sauce occasionally, but that's not the same as the asian style chilli sauces you are probably talking about.
You seem like someone with no friends who annoys people just to get a response because nobody will talk to him otherwise.
And you have shit on your chin.
> Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is a mental health condition marked by intense, unstable emotions and a distorted self-image. The word “histrionic” means “dramatic or theatrical.”
> For people with histrionic personality disorder, their self-esteem depends on the approval of others and doesn’t come from a true feeling of self-worth. They have an overwhelming desire to be noticed and often behave dramatically or inappropriately to get attention.
Still feel awful. Started crying over some really minor and silly. Going to just try to relax a bit and do some reading. I'll go to the gym later. Hopefully I will feel better after that.
I hope the other NEET that I am is nice to me, I tend to be mean to be so I hope the other me isn't.
Hope you start feeling better soon, it sucks when emotions get the better of us like that. Have you drunk enough water and other basic stuff like that?
Remember neets, womboflix is relying on YOU to alert us when torrents of mission impossible are available. And don't post little mermaid links and claim it's mission impossible, we'll notice. Probably.
Yeah, cheers neet.
This just comes and goes. I haven't been lifting lately and I've found that to be very good at helping me with my emotions. I just need to get back into the swing of it and I'll be right.
In Dune, Lady Jessica says: "In politics, the tripod is the most unstable of all structures."
Maybe we need to conscript one of the other neets into also being a lolcow. Imagine the tantrums then.
> Boy, 5, high on COCAINE fatally shoots his 16-month-old brother who was high on marijuana inside Indiana home: Parents are charged with neglect
Fuck me, too sad to even edit my posts properly. I keep rewriting the same sentence again and again to better express the same thought but I don't make any progress on it and just make a mess of the whole fucking thing.
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> votes twice for jew culture moofie he has no interest in really

You're a marxist pushing jew degeneracy on retard cattle for your perverse amusement, cruisey.
It really grinds my gears when I purchase something online and select express postage and the cunts don't put it in the mail that day or the next morning.
Unless its absolutely urgent, I go for the cheapest post. I will also try to find somewhere nearby with the item to pick it up.
Ok I've thought of something - museums. I just don't want any holocaust or celebrate diversity museums.
...jewish museum, chinese museum, hellenic museum, italiano museum...is there a single fucking museum dedicated to celebrating the achievements of anglo-saxons?
> The third raid on Townsville occurred in the early hours of 29 July when a single flying boat again attacked the city, dropping seven bombs into the sea and an eighth which fell on an agricultural research station at Oonoonba, damaging a coconut plantation
The scottish are oddly split. They've had a lot of genius inventors and businessmen, but most the place seems to be filled with low iq drunks and druggies. Even in the 18th and 19th century people noted how impoverished it was compared to england.
> They've had a lot of genius inventors and businessmen
They're just Anglos that happen to be in Scotland, just like any and all productive Irish are also just Anglos.
I've often suspected the bad scots were all celts from the highlands while the good scots were actually ethnic anglos with funny accents.
There is no security guard on the Gawler central train right now. They really ought to have one. Some menacing cunt keeps pacing the length of it and threatening people. Bad home. 
There were wet wipes covered in shit at the Broadmeadows railway station. Fucking horrible area.
Ran out of goon so I had some blue blocks I found in the train dunny. Feeling pretty good RN NGL. Looks like I'm the top dog on this ride tonight kek. Going to find some ladies to talk to or failing that, some wimp to roll for cigarette money and his bussy.
Reminiscing about the time he shaved his balls for his date that he abruptly stopped talking about.
when I was a kid all I wanted was to be a tractorist 
happens now and then 
nothing makes any sense no matter how many times you re arrange the words of how many times you reformulate
> In Greek mythology, Charon or Kharon is a psychopomp, the ferryman of Hades, the Greek underworld. He carries the souls of those who have been given funeral rites across the rivers Acheron and Styx, which separate the worlds of the living and the dead.
> They've had a lot of genius inventors and businessmen, but most the place seems to be filled with low iq drunks and druggies.
with higher heights you get deeper depths; nothing new under the sun
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thumbnail of Screenshot_2023-07-28-17-46-15-82.png
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(2.78 MB, 1080x2160)
Didn't know the dominoes or cards were in the case. There's also two leather cups. $15 from the specials board. 
The dominoes have metal studs in the middle.
There was a Hungarian on Krautchan who sometimes impersonated other Hungarians. It was fun, made everyone confused, and actually muddied the water, was harder to tell who is who.
So I'm not sure if I should point out this  >>/733348/ post was not done by me.
When I was in year 11 a guy told a group of us he'd had a wet dream where he fucked a side of beef.
He seemed quite suprised that he got mocked for it, he was a strange but nice bloke.
I would like to suggest American Gothic (95) for future tv night consideration.
It's about a small American town where the local sheriff has devil powers and runs everything through conning people into bad deals and betrayls.
It's a weird combination of really dark and wholesome, the evil characters are much more likeable and competent than the good characters.
It's also produced by Sam Raimi and a lot of the horror bits are similar to evil dead 2.
Is BO gonna do anything about IGA? I've been mostly absent waiting for it to go away, makes the board almost unusable
Is it IGA or nuro?
Tiffo may well be setting something up with him on the discord server they run.
Having a really good lift. I feel so much better about everything. I shouldn't have gone this long without lifting.
Done my deadlifts and overhead press. Onto the lat pull down. Too fat atm to do pull ups properly lol
The atmosphere at crown melbourne was electric when monk got on the green tables. The seasoned chinks called him 伟大的年轻人.
I Am Niger
sleep in. Wake up feeling terrible. Go wage for four hours in the arvo. Hopefully resist the standards call.
what about yourself, handsome neet?