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> Unable to find a hire car to continue their trip, the couple is now waiting for a friend to make the 2500km drive from Melbourne to take them and their caravan home
That poor bastard friend, imagine if the coons stole that as well.
Interesting outcome. 
> In December, the 14-year-old boy avoided jail after a judge ruled he was allowed to carry the blade for religious reasons. 
> District Court Judge Sophia Beckett said she did not consider the stabbing to be premeditated as the blade was already in the offender's possession.

It was an informative article overall.
Still got the Apocalypto tab open. 22 minutes in. Struggling to watch it. On the youtube travel vlogs instead
> Senator Linda Reynolds is suing Brittany Higgins for defamation

Triggered from comments due to this 
> Damning findings against Shane Drumgold in Lehrmann inquiry
Had a pint of pale and a seafood basket, won a pineapple (one set of free games and a feature on $1.50 bets) but put 40 back in.
On the house of cards. 
The original the other day on womboflix was good. 
I did mention that it was skipping, and that's why I turned it off but my excuses are not good enough for boardneet.
got some premade enchiladas, a frozen parma meal, some sausages, aussie bacon, baked beans and hash browns...there's vegies in the tomato sauce on the parma right?
> as Nuro. 
Not anymore
> Human remains, cockpit found after fatal chopper crash
Had an hour long big boss man phone call. 
First step to a big win. First one in a few months. 
Answered the phone with her name and skipped pleasantries and formalities. 
Avoided shittalking competition, in a way which just made me look better than that. Commented on pay rates and negotiable working hours. 
Did alright. Might not go anywhere but it's the third call regarding it today and I've basically sorted it.
How many calls have you made about the server? 
First was a manager saying client wants new provider, second was with client, third was with staff to fill shifts.
Also did he screen all three episodes of House of Cards last night? If he didn't you only saw a third of the storyline, and I'm not talking about To Play The King and The Final Cut.
No, just the first episode. I thought it was a bit boring, felt like a cheery british murder mystery rather than a dark hollywood thriller
He ended up yeeting the girl off the roof not knowing that she tape recorded their conversations and somebody picked it up. He ends up becoming PM and then getting killed by a sniper, organised by his wife.
It's more to protect the client. 
I don't want a worker harassing them for more hours if they know there's more available. 
I also look like the bad cunt in the end if I don't establish that arrangement from the start.
Been at a park the last couple hours listening to an audiobook. Then went for a bit of a jog around a nearby sports field. Got skid marks on my knees after tripping over a roped-off area I couldn't see in the darkness. You?
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thumbnail of dann.jpeg
dann jpeg
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> https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12367673/Dan-Murphys-staff-claim-feel-pressured-wear-Yes-t-shirts-support-Indigenous-Voice-Parliament.html
You would get a few strange looks at the local park when you take cow for a walk and have to pick up it's poo with a plastic garbage bag.
Second date lined up.
Any suggestions for what can be done in Adelaide? Preferably pretty cheap? Would a picnic by the River Torrens be weird?
The mini golf sounds perfect. Cheers noot.
I think that is over?
Yeah, I was thinking that.
I saw her sitting down (at uni) and I started walking towards her which somehow caused her to sperg out and knock her laptop to the ground. She is so adorably awkward, it is very endearing.
She seems to be dressing more nicely since when I saw her first on Wednesday. I figure this is a good sign.
art gallery is also cheap for the general section. if there is an exhibition on they usually bill that section separately so you don't have to do it
i think there's a freida (monobrow lady) exhibition on at the moment, but that will cost $25+ each probably
so save it for another time maybe
i had a mountain jew ENERGIZED just now
idiots put supercharged sauce on my bbq bacon and cheese zinger instead of bbq sauce for some reason
more lying chinks
That's a good point.
The placement of the buttstock and the fact she isn't using the sling also suggests she isn't hitting much.
That poor M44 has also had its folding bayonet removed.
> South Australian police are calling on motorists to “wake up and grow up” as the road death toll for 2023 surpasses the 2022 with five months left in the year. 
Only in some statistics
> Data shows Queensland Police shot more people last year than police in the rest of Australia combined
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thumbnail of esoterica.webp
esoterica webp
(29.91 KB, 400x174)
Ok neets, we'll be watching a video by the magic jew in 5 minutes, something about ghosts and demons. Sounds scary. I need you guys to watch it with me so I don't get frightened. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
thumbnail of magic_jew.jpg
thumbnail of magic_jew.jpg
magic_jew jpg
(120.81 KB, 1280x720)
> In 1569 Ludwig Lavater would publish De Spectris (On Ghosts), a text that would go on to become the most popular textbook on ghosts for several generations, including William Shakespeare.
Get in here neets, the magic jew is revealing to us a forbidden secret book us about demonic ghosts. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
I want to see justin sledge actually do some fucking magic rather than just talk about it
Starting to like this evening jog routine. Gives me something to look forward to, plus the non-alcoholic dopamine rush.
possum decoded the voynich manuscript once, but refused to share the secrets within with the rest of the world
I did meth recently. Felt amazing for like 12 hours then crashed real hard. I think I might have adhd because it made my concentration and thinking super clear. I’d do it again if I had money and there was no crash.
The rush doesn't come until you've cooled down a bit and sat down, imo. Doesn't last long but then again I'm only jogging for about 5 minutes total.
I was curious because I’ve read it’s very similar to adhd medication. I wanted to check to see if it made me feel normal, and it does.
I guess.
I’m not going to. The crash was horrible. I’m going to try get adhd medication though.
I don’t know how to get it. Someone just came over and offered me some so I tried it out.
I didn’t feel sleepy. I felt calm and focussed. I had it through a crack pipe or whatever those are called. I don’t know how much you’re supposed to have. I had like 12 full lung puffs of it.

> Mark Margolis, Actor on ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul,’ Dies at 83
She wrote it, and a bunch of his better known songs.
When she was a kid, her and her two sisters were a singing/yodeling group. Sort of similar to the Audrey sisters.