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On drugs again for no reason. 
Had a semi productive (I got something done) day without any headaches. 
> need to relax
I was playing video games. 
Worse than when I was an all day choofhead. 
Habitual. Feeling like I'm missing out if I don't be a boong. 
Fat, lazy, stupid boong'd mong.

OLD:  >>/735005/
According to the rules newly made up 2 (two) threads ago the other thread is the correct one because it has an old.
And it is much less whiny.
get a load of this bullshit
> The ABC was forced to issue a clarification after airing claims that the official 'No' campaign used 'AI-generated aboriginals' in their advertisements.
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Ok neets, Wednesday night on womboflix we'll be watching the British TV show Edge Of Darkness.  A mixture of crime drama and political thriller, it revolves around the efforts of widowed policeman Ronald Craven to unravel the truth behind the murder of his daughter Emma. I've never seen it, but it's been cited as one of the best British TV shows ever made, and was remade as an American TV series and a movie.
if he's now drinking a bottle of vodka a night, disguised because he's scared of the 1.5 sheilas he lives with, he's in a worse place than he was before the move
I watched at least 30 minutes, as well as watching the thoughtful videos Big Fella put on first, and it was a logic pulser not a laser pointer.
Coles finally had Tyrrell's crips in stock. Half price until Wednesday. Fuck paying six(6) dollars for a bag of chips.
I won't pay more than $1.45 for crisps.
Consequently I don't have them very often now.
The Reject Shop used to sell some NZ chips that were pretty good and cheap, but they seemed to have stopped that.
Why are zoomers obsessed with the word content?
My toilet has contents, I'm a content creator
That doesn’t suit me.
I’m the wrong type for sexual games;
I wasn’t cut out to admire myself in a mirror.
I am badly shaped and lack the looks to feel at ease swaggering in front of a pretty, flighty girl.
For me such activity has been curtailed.
I’ve been cheated out of good looks by nature;
deformed, not fully developed,
because of the premature birth that sent me into the world barely half formed, and even then, badly.
Nature has made me so ugly that dogs bark at me as I limp past them.
and because I'll be at Motherbat's, I won't be eating junkfood or buying stupid shit, so I'll actually save most it apart from whatever bills come in
Imagine your fatherbot coming into your room and describing it as 'disgusting as that thai massage place down the street'
I don't know yet. It is notionally day surgery, but we won't find out if it's morning or afternoon until tomorrow. I hope I don't have to try and bundle her in and out of the car after dark.
those nigger womping pajeets that the other neet posted a video of recently are in trouble :(
I saw a self serve check out lady beat up a boong chick and throw her bag on the ground (several choc bars fell out).
I thought she'd get fired but she's still there.
I guess it all depends on the context. Employees do have a right to defend themselves, and an employer has a responsibility to provide a safe working environment free from assault.
No. She saw a boong lady walking through the self serve. Then grabbed her bag and said I need to check it. Boongette chucked a wobbly so check out chick yanked the bag out of her hands and threw it on the ground, then kicked it when she went down to pick it up. 
She said sorry to me, and I apologised to her for the boong. 
I was sure she'd get fired.
there's something wrong with filtered coffee - it's not giving me the same level of stimulation that espresso does
I noticed that when I used to use the dripulator. 
It gives more caffeine. 
I think it's because the store ones use more of a steam than water to perc the coffee. 
You still get the shit yourself special from all the caffeine, just without the flavour.
Yeah, probably. Still thought the OC health way is that you need to let them leave the store and call the police. 
ProteinNEET used to work at davo otr and had to let theives take shit because (at least back then) the law was that they needed to be off the property because otherwise they could claim that they put it in their bag/pocket and just forgot to pay.
yeah so you just follow them across the threshold and drop them
you do have a right to prevent a crime occurring, which includes restraining them
I think as an individual but woollies and any big company would have you sign off that you wouldn't. 
Same as security, if they detain someone rather than call the cops, they can get fucked.
Yes, you have to call the police immediately, but you can stop them leaving. It just needs to be made clear to dispatch that you are detaining them and that the police need to get there ASAP. Otherwise you're in that whole 'unlawful detention' area.
Remember when Supercheap fucked up and sacked the guy who prevented a theft and after he went to Tracy on ACA Autobarn offered him a job on the spot.
One speckley wobbly toad, driving up a wet bats road, got stuck behind a steggles truck. Hurumph.
Oops! Someone must have spilled gravy on some circuits and caused an error. Please try again later.

First AGL, now KFC.
dunno if uber eats fucked up or the carvery fucked up, but I got a schnitzel and chips and gravy delivered for $11. The schnitzel itself is supposed to be $12.
Getting a pho for misso.
No chilli, no corriander, no hoisin, no bean sprouts.
I think that means its not a pho.
lol what a wild 39 days it was too
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thumbnail of IMG-1730.jpg
IMG-1730 jpg
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I was going to take the Kenwood, along with my HP 5315A universal counter (Tiffin doesn't have one of those either), but I'm worried that long a car ride might be harmful to them.
So the only bulky thing I'm taking is my power supply that Fatherbot built.
I'll just use an LED and some resistor substitutions to confirm things are oscillating if need be.
"These people aren't looking for quality, they are looking for an answer to their problem."
A pleasant 20 stando hangover. Minimal anxiety and no physical symptoms. Just a little light headed or dreamy, would be the perfect day to go have a swing on the hammock and fall in and out of sleep in the sun.
I've been considering buying a watch when my cenno lands on the weekend and I'll be back up to ~$1200
Silly I know but the idea has already taken hold
Covert water bottle operation was a success. Finally relaxing in the lair. Tomorrows the big day

I want something obnoxiously extravagant and pretentious. Something that showcases my self-esteem issues and obsession with status and materialism. 
Something like this: https://www.michaelhill.com.au/p/seiko-mens-le-grand-sport-mens-alarm-chronograph-ssc314p-9-watch-18386202.html
Only 3 weeks worth of cenno bennies, thanks wagies
actual grand sport seiko pricing
kogan are 300 cheaper https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/bvj-seiko-le-grand-sport-solar-mens-chrono-watch-ssc314p-9-stainless-steel-alarmchronograph-ssc314p-9-2711931/
silly bitch needed a jiggler and a keypress thingo
Just ate the "sensible" and "portion controlled" 60g bag of Smiths salt & vinegar crisps she bought me.
Not that I know of. Maybe its a vinegar allergy. I also get super itchy when I change temperature suddenly, recently at the gym it feels like I've got a rash as soon as I break a sweat.
Wish I was a fish on the end of Weber's line, wriggling around before he bangs my head on the jetty rail and then guts me and fries me and eats me
I had a can of mondster for breakfast, some 14 hours ago.
For dinner I had a frozen pidser slice thing and some diced peaches in syrup for dessert.
Was driving to Dans at dusk today and pissed myself thinking about cruisey saying "CHICKEN BURGAHHH"
Who cares what women think? Women perceive status based on the opinion of other women, and by extension, the opinion of other men. Women are just adult children that follow fashion and public sentiment. Pay no attention to them.
Could be a decadent buttered pasta with heaps of garlic and fresh parsely. Could be a microwaved froxen pie. Could be a cup of instant noodles. Could also be eating tuna straight from the can at midnight.
A more grounded ideal than that of a woman. Put her in Angola, Syria, Malaysia or France. Same shit. She only cares about opinions of others.
Thanks NEET 
Just did a sneaky trip to the car to pour a little more vodka. Thankfully the dog didn't go mental this time. Handled the fly screen door sound and minimal car door slam well. 
This is twenty nine
What I am getting from tonights posts is that iga and tiffo both REALLY want to have sex with Monk.
Probably at the same time.