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It's been sitting here, rotting in the afternoon sun. Fly's buzzing and dirt in the air.
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> relevant and green pepe
> title contains correct thread number
> previous thread linked
> thread topic is about perverted and illegal sexual acts
All is in order. Carry on neets.
Thinking about leaving the Gen and stopping drinking and smoking weed and getting my shit together and doing things well like I think I can and bring enthusiastic about stuff and doing good.
But you peal the peal anyway, so no dirt on actual clove you actually eat.

Me thinks can't just send stuff to Anglo-Saxon shitholes, they regulate heavily the goods they allow in. They might believe it biological weapon or soemthing.
And shitey and even NK. 
I'd love to come here for 15 mins and leave and not continue to think about you all. 
Every stud cunt in Lizzie west is davo and commodores in Elizabeth/Playford district are Weber. Sometimes I see monk looking cunts and stare at them menacingly as they go in to Cashies. 
Theres a guy who makes me think of stanners who walks around the Elizabeth area with an electric keyboard in a trolley. 
I'm missing a FIFO. 
I should have hired him. 
I wimped out harder than him.
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mumsie says her neighbours are going to europe with their sub two year old infant. she wants to give them her meme travellers security luggage with the fswr in the handles and the x-ray proof credit card holders and such. The whole affair is retarded to begin with and she wants to overlay maximum cringe but they will probably love her paranoid boomer trinkets and they will get to some kind of zoomer NPC full retard tourist nexus with her gifted slash proof bags and RFID sheilded underpants. The just moved into the 800K house enext door and one tenth of their walls are builders underlay plastic and the backyard is fallow weeds but shit lets spend our four weeks annual wageslave temporary hiatus haemmoraging aussie dollars in eurodisney world. Pah. I'm rolling for the GFC 2.0 and nigger chimpouts, then these morons will really see what the world is like.
> This case describes the requirements for the importation of the following fresh and semi-processed Allium spp. for human consumption from permitted countries: Onions, shallots, chives, leeks, garlic and allium flowers.Summary of import conditionsWarning: The following is a summary only; all consignments must meet the full import conditions contained in this BICON case.Fresh garlic bulbs for human consumption will require an import permit for importation into Australia.Fresh Allium requires phytosanitary certification and department inspection prior to release from biosecurity control.
Everyone thinks biosecutity is a joke until we lose a whole continents worth of abelone.
It's like foreigners who light fires in the bush and swim into rips.
Found another sickle neet.sickle neet 2 plans on keeping hundreds of guinnea pigs. This struck me as a bit jean de flourette but the more he explained it the more it made sense. I'm helping him dynamite a well for the guinnea pigs to get water.
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"There are racial considerations too grave to be brushed aside for any sentimental reasons. Biological laws tell us that certain divergent people will not mix or blend. The Nordics propagate themselves successfully. With other races, the outcome shows deterioration on both sides", said possum once in an interview
You know those chocolate-filled wafer rolls that come in tins and that are usually given out as a cheap Christmas present? Well they're better.
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> ‘Fired when they get fat’: More dancers speak up against Lizzo
"Bbq chicken and a bag of salad, maybe a garlic bread if we’re feeling frisky and can be bothered turning on the oven."
Word is he has a wild drunken orgy with his ztepmum and mummybot, and is now forever wracked with regret and the shame that he enjoyed it

Maybe it's just a rumour.
What I do like about hobspital food is how everything is individually wrappeed and ittke opening presents
When I watched the nursing staff leaving last night, many were in the phone to their boyfriend or husband
nobody reminded me that august is nearly half over. God I hate how quickly this year is passing
Deadly mob 

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The first section of my circuit works. It takes a ~7-35V DC input and outputs a stable 5V DC. The LED and resistor are just there to close the circuit.
Not really. The few online ones I've looked at want you to sign up and then seem to limit how long you can use them without taking out a subscription.
I'm sure there are some completely free ones, but I haven't taken the time to find them.
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Already fallen off the diet wagon today. Went down to the supermarket to get a white mondster, accidentally bought some jam filled fairy bread as well.
the heckin woman keeps going on about the ham in the fridge
guess I better have a ham sammich instead of a pie
I went to officeworks and got 'served' by your tranny. 
It told me they no longer print a4's and I need to do it on the self serve.. but it could do it for me this one time. I said that it can, then told me about the self serve again so I went and did it myself. 50c a page now and you need to pay an estimate before getting it done. 
Was in a playful mood and was going to go in to jaycar to give them some positive feedback as a joke but zer pissed me off so I didn't.
I was looking up LA just because elliott smith died there and bukoski lived there his entire life and came across this 
> Los Angeles has 25 sister cities,[335] listed chronologically by year joined:
first city on the list
> Eilat, Israel (1959)
Last time I went to officeworks for printing I had to queue up for 40 minutes to get 2 pages done which took them about 30 seconds.
I'd called up literally every person I knew beforehand too and everybody had a broken printer.
Twining's 'Australian Afternoon'. Brisk and full-bodied, just like my arse. Cheers cobber!
"Supplying your DNA, adding it to a database like that, it's going to help bring people home,"
Do you have a decent printer? 
I used to want one of the stand up ones that can scan shit in really quick. 
The one I have is just a home $200 one. 
How much does he charge?
nah it's just a shitty epson
in the case of my printer, I can get 4 XL cartridges from him for $49.90, whereas that would cost about $120 from Office Works.
I'm still watching The Expanse but now I am skipping poojeeta poitician and lebian priests scenes which I'll admit is making it a little confusing.
I think the books and the series are fairly aligned in getting bad quickly after liek first 3 books and seasons.
The books still are superior, but kinda soap opera-y
Yeah, it's been a while since I read them but I recall the poojeeta woman was just a cunt without the "but she loves her family" US tv style scenes.
Still haven't read the last 2 books.
Hmm, in the books she thinks of her husband a lot, I think it's apparent she loves him much.
> last 2 books

I don't lose much.

I got inspired to reread the First Law trilogy. Am enjoying it.
I did not know about those. I think I read the First Law and the three following standalone books just after the last one's release. Since then I have not checked on Abercrombie if he wrote anything more. i should have.
They are billed as a young adult series but they are up to his usual standard.
Sharp Ends is great too if you haven't read it, a lot of the stories add extra detail about the characters.
This would have been good to know about with more than an hour's notice:
Funny how she seems to know about every other retarded happening down here but didn't know about this.
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Tonight, on womboflix, Good Will Hunting (1997) - Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for mathematics, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life. Starring Jason Bourne,  Batman, and the guy from good morning vietnam. On in 1 hour: https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
yeah theres two there, the black chips that do the switching. Dont worry its a common mistake for beginners but try harder next time.
a MOSFET is a single field-effect transistor
the breadboard has an LM7805 voltage regulator (containing several transistors) and an LM555CN, containing something like 25 transistors
Bet you didn't even get to see her milkers. Meanwhile 6 other guys were plowing all 3 of her holes whilst she was 'seeing you'.
They (Hungarian glownigger) are implying you should 3d-print an Avtomat Kalashnikova. But you didn't hear this from me, wink wink.
It's a printing tool. With cartridges.
Survival Russia calls guns printing tools on youtube, as a joke on youtube's sensitivity about stuff.
Shouldn't stick your nose in where it's not wanted, https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/sunshine-coast/emergency-services-rush-to-pull-car-out-of-stumers-creek/news-story/e34d4b47d0bbbdcb063b3d86ceecdd65
the movie's a bit depressing anyway - it's depressing how good looking matt damon was, and depressing how dead robin williams is