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We all have these little accidents now and then neets - the main thing is how you recover and keep going with life. Please share your best tips for cleaning up poo disasters.
Old thread:  >>/738016/
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Went to mumsie's on the way home, chillin to avoid dinner back at my old man's. She's talking about the invoice to parliament and saying how shes gonna vote yes because it sounds fair and she wont be affected by any changes anyway. I told her when it turns into reparations and public land transfers down the track I'll tell her grandkids that she voted this shit in. When they're old enough to get it, that is. That pulled her up. 
Seriously thinking of banning that topic of converstation with my stupid normie fam from now.
Is losing control of your bowels a sign of alcohol induced brain damage? Asking for a m8.
ChatGPT says 
> Yes, losing control of your bowels can be a symptom of severe alcohol-induced brain damage, particularly if it's accompanied by other neurological issues. If you or someone you know is experiencing this, it's important to seek medical attention promptly.
Imagine being on team IGA and letting that caravan park mental patient who spammed the board still post here.
That’s so accurate. The last #BO did an incredible job of managing the board with a rules based order that everyone could follow. IGA pushed to the limit for a year having to enforce reasonable bans that ultimately became too much to manage 

Now the new #BO is chink commie piece of shit that just rules like a little Kim Jong Un. Who just assisted people on a whim. There are no rules here just his fucking commie dictates. 

I hope you are happy /ausneets/ turned into literally North Korea
The blame is part IGAY and Part new BO. Giving the board over to that chinkoid melbourne normie was like putting a woman in charge of literally anything.
> I hope you are happy /ausneets/ turned into literally North Korea
It was much better without you. Literally no one wants you here. No one thinks you're cool for snorting endones in your disabled toilet. 
Just go back to discord
It’s funny we all called him out as CHINKOID insect and he constantly denied it. 

No one applied for the fucking job either accept him. He probably lied on his application multiple times. 

Funny how no one is spamming the board now either….

No one wants a chink as #BO either you got the job by default.

And WOmbo and Shiban are happy to talk to me in the moofie chat room and I am happy to talk to them. So I just proved you wrong you stupid insect commie fuck. 

Oh and ban me again you scared little man. It’s clear you can’t argue if you just ban people everyone can see it
> How do I get rid of ghosts? 
>  >Ghosts are not proven to exist, but if you're feeling uneasy or frightened, consider talking to someone you trust about your feelings. It might also help to create a comforting environment and engage in activities that make you feel safe. If your concerns persist, seeking professional help can be beneficial.
mongo my bongo
just googled badgers and boners opening hours to go back again for breakfast and they haven't permanently closed
morning neets, think I had too much coffee. Feeling sick and trembly. My aging neet body just can't cope with stimulants the way it used to.
Good morning NEET.

> My aging neet body just can't cope with stimulants the way it used to.
Do some exercise to get the blood pumping instead.
I'm just going to have a pub lunch or something later.
There is a car show on at the Angle Vale shopping centre on Heaslip Rd until 10am.
It allows them to have a coffee and look at some cool cars and then still get a full Sunday in doing family shit or whatever.
You also can't hold a car meet when the shops are open because of all the mong drivers and lack of space.
I've been sitting here for an hour trying to find feedhalls and working out what heaslip Rd has to do with anything. 
You better still be getting breaky.
Have you been to the V in Virginia? 
That's supposed to be pretty good. 
Each time I go out that way, I end up looking at houses.
I've also heard that the cafe in the Virginia nursery is really good, although that was from clients who used to go there for a social visit.
Those buses go all over. 
I was asked to go on one to Maitland (or somewhere on the York) a few weeks ago. 
There was a couple of country guitar guys and a three course meal in an old hall/church.
Didn't go because they weren't sure if there were steps and it's a long way to go to find out whether they can get in or not.
Not sure, the buses were going to pick up a few people from several retirement homes and a Shopping Centre. 
The bloke driving the bus was nice.
Thinking about  >>/739155/, 2 pints of pale and a bowl of soup if they have a salad bar. 
Then $70 through the chinaman, $1.50 bets to lure out the $500 minor jackpot.
There's usually wee all over the sidewalk. 
They're weird shops, there's always a gathering of well natured bogan sitting out the front. 
It's like their local coffee shop but they all drink farmers union and roll ciggies while sitting on their four wheel walkers. 
The pizza shop isn't bad.
stuffing my face with kfc and reading reddit thread about feeling like existing rather than living
> unprovoked
the media ran this same line about that cricket fag david hookes after he died and then at the trial of the guy who hit him it turned out hookes was the aggressor
It's also opposite the tennis courts Playford Council just had to have. Never had an state, national, or international match held there.
Same way carving off half of Ridley Reserve for that faggot state soccer team never resulted in serious games being held there.
At a shindig.
Some lady started up about how covid is a lie, china etc. I reminded her that she chose to take the vaccines. 
Might've made an enemy.
Have you guys tried the new vb vx’s yet? They taste quite good and have higher strength
I'm surprised that they actually do validation before proceeding with payment. Pajeet would just send it straight through even if it was obviously fucked.
"Chloe" has verified my design.
$5 us dorra for 5 boards
$19 us dorra for 3 day delivery with DHL
> $19 us dorra for 3 day delivery with DHL
Not bad. If you can get it done on AliExpress their standard shipping managed by them normally takes about two weeks for about $5 AUD.
Ali standard one isn't too bad. Normally it hits a regional depot, then to the national export facility, then it cleares export checks to depart and then arrives in Australia.
Possum encoded a logic bomb in a Gerber file and destroyed all PCB manufacturing in China once.
most covid deniers are tin foil hat retards and nine out of ten purebloods are just contrarians. the population of based and educated jab/psyop resisters is sadly tiny.
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thumbnail of syndedoche2.jpg
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Ok neets, in 1 hour we have the drama - Synecdoche(2008) - the story of theatre director who struggles with his work, and the women in his life, as he creates a life-size replica of New York City inside a warehouse as part of his new play.

30 minutes before that, in half an hour's time, we will be screening a documentary on how the north koreans robbed a bank for a billion dollars, called Billion Dollar Heist. I haven't seen it before so I have no idea what it's like. 
this is what, the fourth time, he's been arrested?
the nigger from mr robot died https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/celebrity-deaths/this-is-us-star-ron-cephas-jones-dead-at-66/news-story/dfac5f0ea5275f03491f655785a27b3f
10k got caught
taking it easy on the booze tonight
been sipping on the last quarter of sdtout the past hour
then try hold out till 8 before drinking the only bottle of wine i have
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thumbnail of iqd1awgpwco41.jpg
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I look at pictures of nice food while I eat because my food is noodles or cereal.
Sometimes I even pretend I'm eating the nice food but then I remember I'm eating the poor cunt food and it makes me sad.
I was doing that for a while but I was banned for nudity because I couldn't afford to buy clothes and had to wear an old bed sheet that showed the outlines of my cock.
I remember my dad telling me stories of the time he ate fish and chips.
I've only seen fish and chips in old photos and movies.
Imagine being able to go from 9pm on Sunday evening to 4pm Friday afternoon without a choof or a non social standard.
Wish I had a ute with a big out the bonnet carby  with flood lights that I'd take out to do burn out while Weber shot roos and drinking VB VX's and listening to Adam Brand once.
We have a tech thread, electronics fit into it. I tried to repair a hand drill. Turned out it is not made for poking holes into a hand.
Perhaps it was the previous tech thread. Oh well.
All kinds of stuff fit into that thread related to tech.
Fucking stupid bitch I'll punch her in the face and pull her by the hair into the bathroom so I can shit in her stupid face fucking bitch woman.
Might spend the day on youtube, randomly clicking on videos and giving thumbs down to any which are presented by women or racial minorities.
> A community group has asked Chicago’s many gangs to refrain from engaging in gunfights during daylight hours. Rogers Park based Native Sons urged would-be shooters to hold off on pulling the trigger between 9 am and 9 pm in an effort to improve safety in the crime-riddled city.
> Democratic alderwoman Maria Hadden, in an email newsletter, promoted a proposal from the community group Native >Sons called "the People's Ordinance," which asks gang members to not shoot between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m

> Alderwoman Maria Hadden is the first Black, queer woman elected to Chicago City Council
They get what they they voted for.
> BlerDCon also hosts the largest food truck rally of any con in the country.
all selling fried chicken and watermelon
Lifesaver hecklers
Self-serve checkout woes and ignorant store employee hoes
Cars almost reversing into me
Impatient tail-gating tradies in utes

Sexual brakes can include:

• Tiredness/exhaustion/stress

• Negative sexual beliefs

• Relationship tension

• Not enjoying sex

• Worry the kids will walk in

Sexual accelerators can include:

• A connected relationship

• Enjoying sex

• Loving touch

• Kissing

• Erotica/porn/sex toys

Consider and discuss the brakes and accelerators for each of you.
Two 35yr old women with a podcast: ok murder muffins we got a real oopy goopy spoopy story for you today! 
Forgot about a shift. Need to go get ready soon. Was looking forward to doing nothing. 
Might need a KFC feed.
Having two Vegemite and cheese toasted sandwiches instead. 
Watching iron chef cooking black pig and abalone.
> “comedy skit” by Rodney Marks, who was billed on Sunday’s agenda as “Dr Chaim Tsibos”
> “I’d like to acknowledge the traditional rent seekers, past, present and emerging,” he told the audience
> “But seriously, I’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners — violent black men. I hope there are some real feminists in the audience who appreciate the part truth of that joke.
I wasn't going to have any alcohol tonight, but some fuckhead as booked a meeting for 8.30pm, so I might pre-load.
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> A South Australian football club has been slammed for a “cooked” opinion piece about the Matildas that recently featured in its newsletter.
> Harry Potter
> Possum Magic
any search engine recommendation? 
duckduck go has gotten so bad that I have to use google now and then
She's alright I think. I'll be going down there Thursday night, which also happens to be her birthday. Friday I have to drive her to Flinders for a post-operative checkup. Saturday we are collecting Sweetie from the boarding kennel.
Cruisey BWS has a new cutie coloured girl of some sort. Not fat either. You should go and make her damp.
got a chicken bugah and chippies from the fish & chip shop
having a bottle of wine before my meeting
Well searx is a search engine, and/or aggregate (I think it takes search results from all the other search engines without exposing you to them. it is also highly customizable, or should be at least), it can be hosted by anyone, you can host it on a server if you wanna be bothered to do that. These are the instances. And searx.space has a list of these. If one doesn't work for some reason you can try another. Sometimes a refresh solves the problem.
Apparently they do something in the vicinity of 20,000 orders a day. My little boards will be sitting on a gigantic piece of fibreglass with a bunch of other stuff on it.
Because we live in clown world and the West doesn't manufacture anything anymore, circuit boards for parts of the F-35 have been sent to them for fabrication.
will try to use it 
I literally feel like a boomer who asks some younger guy at work how to lower the brightness on his phone
Surprised the US allows it.

> The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies
>  >October 4, 2018 at 7:00 PM GMT+10
Notionally if you're just getting a board printed and don't have any markings on it, they won't know what it does. The problems start if you're having them do the component fitout as well and there are microprocessors involved.
also reddit regards any discussion of chinese pcb manufacture and intellectual property theft as racism
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This Wednesday on womboflix we will be watching The IT Crowd, a british sitcom about some guys from IT support or something - I haven't seen it.

Then on Saturday we have Apt Pupil (1998) - based on a story by Steven King, about a kid in the 1980s who discovers his neighbour is a nazi war criminal. I fear this will bring out the worst in certain neets.

Finally on Sunday we have Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Good. The idea of us fighting the chinese at this point is absurd. What do we have to lose to them? They've already come over here in their millions and taken so much of our land that younger australians can't afford homes and families anymore.