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Made love to in an industrial area private bathroom/bedroom combo. The best night of my life. The music!
I opened a stainless steel tiffin. There were three gingernut biscuits in there. I had them for morning tea. Then I did a little dance.
This was all in a dream that never happened. But I feel like I could have dreamed it.
I bought the home brand scotch fingers. $1.25 for a 200g packet.
They had no taste at all. It was like eating sawdust. I needed three cups of coffee to get them down.
read up on how it works, or rather doesn't
it is literally impossible for a third or fourth party to get more than one or two seats in the lower house
> read up on how it works
It's on my todo list, don't really care though. Never voted liberal or labor and never will. 
The country is already fucked either way
Hypersalivation all day, been spitting into a mug 
Combine that with the gum bleeding and my health anxiety is increasing 
Hope I don't have goon induced organ problems
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thumbnail of apocalypse_now.webp
apocalypse_now webp
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Womboflix will be showing another episode of Peaky Blinders tonight, at 7pm AEST. Quality tv.

On Saturday, shibs will be streaming Into The Wild, so no womboflix.

On Sunday we will be playing Francis Ford Coppala's Apocalypse Now(1979) a vietnam war film  loosely based on the 1899 novella 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad.
Schadenfreudeal NEETs. 

> A new sex-work model would attack the men who buy sex but protect the women who sell it in a move to push one state away from its legacy of full criminalisation.
> The Bill, introduced by South Australian Upper House Liberal leader Nicola Centofanti, would make the purchase of sex illegal but decriminalise the women who sell it
they don't know what to do when they don't get "good thanks" as the answer
shop keepers reboot when you respond to 'how are you?' with "utterly miserable" or "I want to die"
Cruisey is actually a james bond tier gambler. The reason he's losing is because the machines suck.
I squeezed my ear lobe and an old ear piercing popped and puss came put.
Should stop joking about boils.
\|/          ()    
       w--||     \|/
I was wondering why my luck was all fucked up.
Just signed up a new client, sort of.
Arranged the meeting for monday.
Good example how they geolocate pics and videos of the war in Ukraine.
Getting doxxed on ibs works out differently for people. For some it turns out to be a disaster but others don't give a fuck and no harm gets done to them. Still it's a good policy to give away as little as possible.
Can't watch YouTube videos, these people just go on and on about somthing that could be explined in a single sentence
based regime
> Children as young as 10 are being made to write letters in school apologising to Indigenous Australians for 'taking their land', pictures reveal.
Good morning NEETs.

The bank took half my savings account interest as withholding tax. Apparently they don't have my Tax File Number.
Sounds a lot like they are building a social credit sysyem into the game. People who aren't gamers will immediately try to use the tool for social engineering
What is there to be stressed about anyway? It's not like another month just passed, another year is almost over and you've failed to achieve a single thing.
What would these magical "achievements" do for a NEET anyway? The misery comes from within.
Woman at the vape shop asked me if I had the day off work today. Had to quickly make up an excuse that I do afternoon shift, at a remote job. Why do they keep asking me? Fucking normies

Scheming and incompetent poos are big mad
They are doing some work in one of the pits over the road and had to remove some footpath pavers to dig a trench. They had the pavers all stacked up neatly on the median waiting to be put back in place once the work is finished.
I just saw one of the bad home locals load them all into a shopping trolley and take them back to his house round the corner. The trolley was so heavy he could barely push it.
Bad home life.
Wagie at shop thought I was stealing something, but didn't say anything.
Wasn't stealing anything, very frustrating.
I bet webby, possum, 10k, nuro, and that nameless neet who made a few posts back in 2018 choof where and when they like, and on their own terms. You are a beta choofer.
Lately I've been lifting as:
> A: Squat, bench
> B: Deadlift, military press
> day off
Trying to get back into the swing of things. I want to start doing some hypertrophy work on my off days to burn off the extra energy. Any suggestions for lifts that won't interfere with my main lifts?
I'm still jogging but I do that in the mornings and I want something to do at night. This nowank business has me ridiculously energetic.
He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink
He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink
He sings the songs that remind him of the good times
He sings the songs that remind him of the better times
What do you think of this, weber?
If the NEETs only knew, then it would be me they consult for fashion advice.
I look FIRE.
Dropped down to give my Dad a Father’s Day present. Totally forgot riverfire (big fireworks a jets) was on tomorrow night. Fark totally forgot only staying the night.
I can't clean my room because there is no room to put anything. Shit is all over the place. Tidying up one area means making another equally untidy.
Don’t get Coy, Chud.

Friendly reminder IGAy spammed the board and was permanently Banned first and still regularly posts here and nothing has been done about it. I just drop in occasionally to catch up and say hi.
Looks alright I guess, but this
> M.J. Bale has offset the approx. 43.5 avg. kg of CO2e generated in the production of this garment in green projects. M.J. Bale is Climate Active certified as Australia's first fully carbon neutral brand, covering both products and organisation. We have measured and offset 100% of our Scope 1-3 emissions in green projects. 
has me thinking about cows
Thanks I have even been helping the dead bosses son out lately. Out of the goodness of my heart. I am no longer NEET. No longer an angry Drunk and am genuinely trying to be respectable member of a we live in a society.
Make sure you get your suit properly tailored to fit you. You can't just wear it off the rack.

Also I am issuing a public apology to  #BO  he did me dirty but I can totally understand why he did what he had to do to maintain a board. It did become unusable but I was not the provocateur. In fact it still posts here is just insane really. Anyway some things were said threats were made Christmas last year and I am sorry. 

Vote YES for Nurofen+
When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best
When I lay me down to die
Goin' up to the KFC in the sky
Metallic Silhouette State Titles September 23/24. Should I enter? Should I attempt to stay off the piss and do some cardio before then? Probably not.
The last two nights in a row I have woken early after having unsettling dreams. I hope it does not happen again.
> Prime Energy, which launched this year, has 200 mg of caffeine within its 350 ml can — exceeding permissible caffeine levels in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Quadruple Dare is 260mg
It's great when the nerd NEETs miss the banter and respond with serious answers. Absolute dumb dumbs.