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Fantastic. Did my 3 chest exercises (dumbbell press, pec fly, dips) and felt like I could do more, but left anyway. 
Feel gud, time for choof
just put a bag of garbage in my neighbour's bin, had to wait until 4 in the morning so nobody saw me
I had to do it because someone living in my block of flats, very likely one of the pajeets, stuffed every bin we have with identical garbage bags over a week ago, and it's still a week until garbage pick up
Good morning NEETs. Up early again. This NEET is on the comeback trail. Getting his life in order.
dirty slut got what she deserved
> launch firefox
> computer fans whirr as the window opens and then closes and then does nothing for 2 minutes then opens again with some bullshit splash page about an update you didn't ask for
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They say now that the artificial sweeteners fuck your insulin as much as the real sugar does.
May as well just have the real thing.
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Miss the good old days when I used to lie around getting gooned every morning and watching ancient aliens. Whatever happened to those days?
Had a horrible time doing that poo. Too much cayenne pepper in the slop made it burn. It just kept dropping out, wiping caused me to basically fist my own arse. Felt like I was wiping my lower intestine. Got piss all over the floor and my jocks somehow. Got poo on the toilet seat again. Easy come, easy go I guess.
Poo: Do not try and squirt the poo. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
NEET: What truth?
Poo: There is no poo.
NEET: There is no poo?
Poo: Then you’ll see, that it is not the poo that squirts, it is only yourself.
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This week on womboflix...
On Wednesday we have the live action 2023 version of One Piece. Based on an anime about pirates or something. I don't know. Critical Drinker has recommended it, and we'll find out whether the old scottish gooner has any brain cells left.

On Saturday we have Hell Or High Water (2016), a neo western about  two brothers who carry out a series of bank robberies to save their family ranch, while being pursued by two Texas Rangers.

Finally on Sunday, we are playing Young Einstein (1988), the true story of Albert Einstein, who turns out was not a jew but actually a Tasmanian farmer who invented rock and roll.
$16 Schnitzel Night (includes gravy) tonight! 🙌  Why not grab a Carlton Dry pint to go in the draw to win a Bar Fridge too! Cheers to that 🍻
We have a crime to solve, NEETs.
Big sleep in again. Craving nicotine. Garn town
I haven't updated my details with the AEC, so I will have to take a day trip down south to vote for boong destruction.
Big crash on the highway. 
Spent an hour in gridlock
Needed to shit. 
Once the cars started moving it was still 30 minutes to the nearest service station. 

Thats was a close one :/
30 degrees and humid here today. 
Went and got a vape. Driving around with windows down playing sticky fingers, proper summer feeling. Nice.
With the increased government cost of living concessions added, my latest quarterly electricity bill is only $68
Yeah I loved it. I was in year 7 when the first series was first airing on channel 7. One of our friends had a tech savy dad who torrented the season 1 finale so he was able to watch it before everyone. He spoiled the ending for us all. All i can remember is walt getting kidnapped off the raft.
The Lizbef one keeps the window shut and has opaque tinting on it so you cant see them spitting on your food or dropping ot on the floor.
zhe is pissing with the door open again, like it does every day. can hear those belching farts echoing off the toilet bowl. Total tranny death when

Interesting, that would be easier. There will probably be fewer lefty nutters putting on smiles and handing out pamphlets here too. 


I was a big fan when it aired
> There will probably be fewer lefty nutters putting on smiles and handing out pamphlets here too. 
You know you can just them to fuck off right? If they try and block your path or whatever they're committing a crime messing with your freedom to vote
Its smoker cough is off the charts today, but it wont go to the doctor about it. Same with the sleep aponea
> Two weeks ago, my ex took me out for a belated birthday dinner. We've managed to do that almost impossible thing of remaining good friends and I'm chuffed about it
She's fast approaching a breakdown. These introductions for Nadia always made me chuckle.
I'm looking at houses online. The most realistic loan I'd be able to afford, if I could ever manage to save a deposit, is like 500k which is $3,232 per month
Even the shitty 2 bedroom brick units are 700k+. Would have to settle for one of those 2 bedroom 'modern' apartment joints, in a suburb full of chinks.
Neets do you think its unethical for large travel vloggers to interact with people and film it and upload it to a large audience?
Good morning NEETs. Got up with the 6:30 alarm again. The alarm is on all the time now. Every day.
I am not sure if it is a good idea. I really felt like I could use another couple of hours of sleep this morning.
Thought my jeans felt weird in Woolworths, and it turned out I had forgotten to do up both the fly and the button. The only reason they were sort of staying up was the braces. Looked in a mirror in the milk aisle and you could quite clearly see my undies. Couldn't fix the issue without lifting my shirt, so just shuffled to the checkout with my bag in front of me.
I’m going to vote yes of the referendum because I’m actually part abbo and maybe I’ll get free shit out of it
Last night on eBay there was something I was interested in for $109. I added it to my watch list and slept on it. This morning I find the owner deleted the item and relisted it for $152.
Got fat shamed at the desk whizzers. Receptionist was talking to some guy about defibrillator training and said I’ll probably have a heart attack and need reviving.
"The NEET had been knocked out, and a moment's examination showed us that he would permanently remain so. He was a loathsome, gorilla-like thing, with abnormally long arms which I could not help calling fore legs, and a face that conjured up thoughts of unspeakable Congo secrets and tom-tom poundings under an eerie moon. The body must have looked even worse in life - but the world holds many ugly things"
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thumbnail of Conscious-Movie-Reviews-Hell-or-High-Water-Robbery_2.jpg
thumbnail of Conscious-Movie-Reviews-Hell-or-High-Water-Robbery_2.jpg
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thumbnail of young_einsten2.jpg
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Tomorrow night on womboflix we are streaming the new (live action) netflix series One Piece, an action comedy about set in a  seafaring world, where a young pirate captain sets out with his crew to attain the title of Pirate King, and to discover the mythical treasure known as 'One Piece'. Critical Drinker approved.

Our Saturday night feature film is the crime thriller Hell Or High Water (2016), starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges.

Then on Sunday we have the Australian comedy film Young Einstein (1988)
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Arrrrrrrrrrrr, Ye be a bunch of scurvy NEET landlubbers and I'm here to offer ye a choice.
Ye can walk me plank or I'll be plundering ye booty me lads.
False flag
I think once the groin area begins to sweat. What we need is one of the NEETs with a temp probe to place it next to his NEET balls and monitor the temperature.
Assuming it isn't a shitpost, it might have purchased a financial report from ASIC. I think they're available for all active Pty Ltd companies.
> Her son’s legal name is Methamphetamine Rules.
Pity he went with vegans and vegetarians and not boongs and niggers or something