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I discovered one of my neighbours is madder than a bag full of cats on acid this morning.
He's an old boy I say hi to on my walks and I got caught chatting to him.
Full blown flat earther/conspiracy nutter with religion mixed in.
I've known lots of crazy people before but I've never had someone tell me gravity doesn't exist or that viruses don't exist because how can something that small hurt you.
On the plus side there was no ranting and raving or spittle flying just extremely bad logic and blatant ignoring of reality.
There was more, much more.
Atoms and cells don't exist and neither does space.
All sickness and disease is caused by lactic acid or malnutrition etc etc
Often these people are just confused about the names of things, thankfully people this stupid are easy to persuade if you're non confrontational. 

Just treat their bizarre claims as an attempt at reasoning, they're trying to start at the part they don't understand rather that the part they do. 

It's pretty easy to find a starting point, somthing true of which they are sure. How do we measure the distance from A to B? Could we measure a longer path between them that's not straight, like an arc?
Would there be a difference in those measurements?
So if I am standing here, and you're standing in London, would the distance drawn flat across the map be the same as the distance by plane or boat? If it ain't, either the water the boat is on is curved, the plane can't fly a thousand miles in a straight line. Doesn't matter how far the flat map measure is, whether it's wrong or not. Point is the plane, boat and map would all be the same if the earth were flat.

If they accept the earth is curved, don't push them to the sphere. It's sufficient to prove whoever they've been listening to is a retard.

Bad home area, I deal with at least one of these people a week.
He did the speech about how can it be curved when you can see them at the horizon with a telescope.
I did ask him if he has ever seen the coast of India with a telescope but he kept talking.
Other classics:
> white Australians are indigenous to Australia
> money isn't real
> 5g causes cancer, usually because it's on the EM spectrum with UV light
> famous person I've never met is an alien/lizard/robot
> our food is poisoned by some kind of abstract force
> the ocean is full of petrol
> we're in a simulation
Usually they've taken some kind of thought experiment as a revelation, because it was seemingly logical but they didn't understand that the original author didn't believe the premise. IF the ocean was made of petrol, he didn't actually think it was the tool was just trying to prove a point about somthing else
This guy stood out mainly because he didn't go on about celebrities or politics, just really really bad science.
And he is a normal looking old guy with clean clothes and a nice looking house.
That's why I say "measure" and "distance". They can't believe in distance and flat earth at the same time, when you point out how their logic invalidates the metric of distance they are unable to measure distance in any other way. 

If you accept distance, you must accept pie as a radial measure, you must accept elucidian curvature, so it becomes impossible to believe the world is flat. 

It's only when they realise that they don't understand geometry that they will listen to you, which is exactly the problem ancient Greek geographers had. They had to teach people how to measure curves before anyone would accept that the earth was round.
It's a bad home problem. If people didn't get a basic education they're easily confused by stupid theories later on. When you get enough uneducated people in a community they believe themselves to be a majority. 
Normies from bad home area. 

Normies from good home areas do the same thing, their collective misunderstanding tends to be more social
I have to do this a lot actually, helping uneducated people through processes they've got some kind of ideological problem with.
I have found myself feeling pleased about that thot getting mauled by her rottweilers.
We should not take pleasure in the misery of others. Unworthy thoughts.
Starting on the tasks meant for yesterday. Need to go grocery shopping at some point, might try that 'direct to boot' option if available.
just made an interesting discovery - my chicken schnitzels don't stick to the pan as easily once it gets really hot - is this common knowledge among the non-mong population?
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A boom boom chh boom boom chh
Nuro he da man
He da bestest NEET
He pounded our arses 
Right inna street
Nuro bein wack
Maken ducks quack
Ain't no mallards
In our boys stack
Well unitary distance (every centimetre being the same distance) is almost universally accepted, and if you accept that then you get a equilateral square, which means a unit grid, and the relationship of right angles, and thus Pythagorean math, and elucidian math. They are all inherently related. 

I often think people reject the world being a sphere simply because they don't accept or understand how math applies to spheres.
I'm talking about a radial measure, the outside of a curve being longer than the inside of a curve. So say the plane started at a fixed altitude and tried to keep up with a car, the plane would actually have to go faster to do this
> I often think people reject the world being a sphere simply because they don't accept or understand how math applies to spheres.
Yes, my old headmaster used to bang on about math being wrong and citing the case of a triangle projected between three mountain tops having more than 180 degrees and my math teacher at the time, who had multiple math degrees, telling he he knew nothing and that Euclidean geometry is only defined for 2 dimensional planes and does not apply to spherical geometry
Anxiety-filled grocery shop. Too many young women making me feel even older and uglier than usual.
One girl physically recoiled as she walked past in the chip aisle, and I know I heard the word 'freak' muttered by two others walking up behind in the milk section.
If FIFO rocks up tonight and plays his cards right, this clean boy may go home a dirty man.
A girlboss fight moment in the latest Ahsoka episode. My mouse cursor is hovering over the X.
Reddit is gay 

> This was targeted, I work with a friend of the victim. The victim got out of prison 18 months ago, this was revenge for the act that put him in prison in the first place.
sounds justified to me
Out of bed after 5pm again. Not good. Even if I stay up all night I can't fix it. 
Temporarily getting off the choof. 

Gym and grocery run today. That's all I have planned. Need to start putting my time to use.
Just get Ztepmum to come in at 6am and teabag you if you're not up and out of bed. Just the idea should be enough to fix the issue.
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thumbnail of one_piece3.jpg
one_piece3 jpg
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Ok neets, in 5 minutes time we will be trying to stream the first episode of One Piece again. Following that, in 1 hour's time we'll be streaming episode 2. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
His Mummybot needs to move his computer into the kitchen or lounge, and take his phone off him at 5pm. That'll cure his staying up all night looking at stupid shit online problem.
Going to go to Aldi and then Coles. No appointment with Dan but I've heard he accepts walk-ins.
I bet the real story is that you made eye contact and waved them through. 
The elderly one smiled at you and you bowed, then felt a little awkward because you're sitting in a car.
No, the real story is I got stuck at the boom gate in the Central Markets carpark when the machine failed and then turned right and the fucking idiots on the road were 1) honoring the fucking 20kmph council worker restriction sign that has been there for like 18 months now and 2) stopping every time some fucking chink looked like wanting to cross the road when there's no legal obligation to stop unless they're actually already crossing
I was fucked off.
Meth head ran over somebody's foot (which was why the women had their phones out) and then did what you see here and didn't stop. Liberator Drive, Paralowie. Somebody followed it home, so I believe the authorities have the footage, plate number, and house number.
It also fucks me off that a street named after one of the founding fathers of BEST A doesn't have a single sign in English, everything is written in fucken Chink, including BANK SA.
This is true, as evidenced by a whole swathe of genetic conditions that only affect them. Known collectively as 'the Jewish diseases'.
> Gouger was a committed member of Freemasonry and a founding member of the South Australian Lodge of Frenship. He was elected and initiated into the Craft at the first meeting of that Lodge which was held on 27 November 1834 at the South Australian Association in London. This Lodge was especially founded to become the first Lodge in the yet to be proclaimed colony of South Australia.
Listening to it piss and fart with the door open as it meows and baby talks with one of the cat 
Just a disgusting human being
I saw a video of a public freakout in maccas on r/melbourne and it had me a bit shaky, like when I watch those videos of ticket inspector encounters. 
One day I will overcome my fear of confrontation
Back from teh shops. Bought some lamb mince. Mixed it in with a jar of salsa, a tin of black beans, and some onion. Put it over some corn chips. Big binge. Too stuffed to even wank.
Did you NEETs see that meme about how lots of men think about Ancient Rome everyday.
Well anyway for me it is literally true that I think about The Sopranos every day and have done for several years now.
It has become part of me and how I see the world around me.
The greybeard ex-Jedi mercenary is the only interesting character in Ahsoka. In a sane world he would win. Instead he will end up killed by one of the girlbosses.

I did not like the casting of Thrawn. Actor lacks the strength of character.
I don't like lamb mince or pork mince. Or chicken or turkey mince either. They don't taste like the real thing.
Beef mince is the only one I will eat.
I wish I liked the pork mince because it is often very cheap.
Weber was that you who took the photo of the First Nations elders with the trolleys full of goon?
Is your Dan Murphy's boycott over?
Too late for that. It's already been covertly staged in a maccas coke and a sports drink. 

Yes, this will be my last drink of the year. Wagon status: ready to launch. 

Operation Goon Finale is a go.
Cruisey tried to get me to do an erotic Timon and Pumbaa roleplay with him once. I was meant to be Pumbaa.
I've spent my entire 20s creating the ideal character that I should be, and doing almost nothing to turn it into a reality. 
Just a whimsical, drunken daydream of an alternative history that I can't create in reality.
I spilled about a quarter of teh corn chiops on teh floor. I'm going to kill whomever keeps fucking with me. Weber you've got one more chance.
Thats fine. I've resigned to the fact that I'm not real. My whole personality is just a confluence of all the bullshit I've seen or experienced, primarily from online sources. We like to joke about tiktok and propaganda but the truth is we're all a part of it. If you can't recognise that then its even more evident. 
The only thing thats 'pure' in my mind is the human behaviour I saw between my parents and their friends and the culture generally when I was a kid
And according to that definition, I don't quite qualify as a man, let alone the character I've created. Some wogs in Carlton could tell me the menu price in a restaurant doesn't include GST, and I'd probably cop it. My character instinct tells me to ark up and cause a scene. 
The alpha and the omega, the self and the perceived, taking acid as a teen and listening to TOOL.
Who was the bottom in the nuro/iga relationship?
They can't both have been bottoms how would that even work?
We never got our musical.
We gave him ONE FUCKING JOB.
To just produce a decent NEET musical with acceptable singing and half way decent choreography.
Did we get a return on our investment?
We got shit, a blurry photo of an unopened keyboard carton.
Some NEETs no longer post here because of this shit.
I for one will nevr invest again financially or emotionally.
Still got a big glass of goon but I want to go to bed. Not sure if I should skull it and risk being sick, stay up to drink it, or tip it down the sink. imissfather would suggest the latter because he is a sensible neet. I am considering the second option. The first seems retarded and pointless.
I've had about half of it. I will have the water and some magnesium but I will tip the rest down the sink. It is too late for this neet.
Good night noot and thank you for your advice.
I'm making my own cigs and pay next to nothing for them 
always carry some extra for the hobos who need them 
you never know where life throws you, tomorrow you might be in their shoes