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From chat gpt
To "wear your heart on your sleeve" is an idiom that means to openly and transparently display your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, especially your affection or love for someone. When someone wears their heart on their sleeve, they are not secretive or reserved about their emotions; instead, they express them openly and without hesitation.

This expression suggests that the person's emotions are readily visible, much like a badge or emblem worn on their clothing (a sleeve). It implies a willingness to be vulnerable and authentic in their emotional expressions, even if it means risking rejection or hurt.
Farting is a natural bodily function that occurs as a result of the digestive process. It's essential for releasing excess gas from the digestive system. While occasional flatulence is normal, persistent or excessively foul-smelling gas may be indicative of various factors, including:

Diet: Certain foods, like beans, cabbage, broccoli, and some dairy products, can lead to increased gas production and foul-smelling flatulence. Eating a diet high in fiber can also contribute to gas.
Digestive Issues: Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), lactose intolerance, or celiac disease can cause increased flatulence and discomfort.
Swallowing Air: Swallowing air while eating, drinking, or talking can lead to gas in the digestive system, which is eventually released as flatulence.
Bacterial Activity: The natural bacteria in the gut can produce gases during the digestion process, contributing to flatulence.
Medical Conditions: In some cases, underlying medical conditions or infections may lead to changes in bowel habits and flatulence.
If someone is experiencing persistent or unusually foul-smelling flatulence that is causing discomfort or concern, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional. They can help identify the underlying cause and provide guidance on dietary changes or potential treatments to alleviate the issue. In most cases, addressing diet and lifestyle factors can help manage flatulence.
I need to get an apprenticeship to minimise my chance of being sent to prison. Should I become an electrician or plumber?
Listening to how pajeets do kite fighting where they cut one another's kits down with glass coated kite strings. The coated kite strings fall onto the road and get wrapped around the street signs there across the road and passing motorcyclists get beheaded by them. How did they reach 1.4 billion?
Went for a long dirt road drive. Did some laps of town while downing a few standards. Wish I had more
I don't mind that though, I poo into my hand sometimes to inspect the poo. Also I burned myself in the oven last week so I'm kind of autistic and stupid and I might electrocute myself, and my electrotechnology lecturer told me plumber pays more. What do? Which skill is more internationally transferable?

I got arrested by counter-terrorism police who used a legal technicality to charge me with something nobody will understand (broad definitions of shit found nowhere but australia). I'm taking it to trial as their prosecution is bullshit but juries are niggercattle and my defence is public so I'm not optimistic.
I'm pretty sure they're setting me up to be killed in prison if I get an unsuspended term of imprisonment. might just arrest me immediately after if I don't get one and charge me with something else because they already did that once before. LOL
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When it's finished I'll write a whole book about it but not right now.
It's the biggest fucking reach I've ever seen. Every lawyer I've spoken to says they've never seen anything like it and the prosecution is overprosecuting massively even from their position. Probably because this is on the charge sheet and I've not committed a real crime.
Reminded me of this

nuro will be assigned to the metal shop work detail while in jail, and use his incredible machinist skills to devise an elaborate escape plan.
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thumbnail of joey.jpg
joey jpg
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This is how my boy Joey is wearing his shirt in order to try to hide his double chins. It is never a good idea to do something like this. You have to just let it all hang out. Let them stare. No shame.
Googling only yields a few arrests by counter-terrorism in the last few years. Given he mentioned he's an electrocution risk, he's not Simon of Smerf Electrical, and I doubt he went to Syria or funded the one who went to Syria.
What does getting an apprenticeship have to do with it though? Would that be to show the court he is doing something productive that will keep him out of trouble?
During that time that Gary Buusey was posting here I often thought Papa Smurf was posting also. I saw a blue toe at the bottom of a photo someone posted.
My noggin was joggin'.
> I don't understand how an apprenticeship would keep him out of prison if he is going to be down for terrorism offences.
"your honour, my client is taking steps to turn his life around... he has started an apprenticeship [...]"
Pretty sure you can be raided and questioned by the counter terrorism police just for the weird shit you say online. I wonder what his charge is but 
Was reading about neo-Nazis telegram groups on white rose society last night
> I wonder what his charge is
yes, seems like something you'd specify if you're going to post about it online
also if he's unemployed and young, these "lawyers" are probably just legal aid fuckwits/graduates who couldn't cut it at a real law firm
As in a public defender? Yeah, probably.
Dunno what Queensland does, but down here if you get charged with a serious crime (like murder) and can't afford a lawyer, the state appoints a good one. Lots of QC's and the like representing murdering scum from Lizbef. Not sure if they do it pro bono, or whether they/their firm bills the state.
How likely do you reckon it is to be IGA? We have at least one other QLD neet, it isn't just IGA and nuro.
If you had that shit hanging over you, you wouldn't waste your days calling Weber fat and making other brown snake posts here, would you?
What evidence is there that IGA is actually back and that it isn't just nuro? I'm not trying to be a wind-up but I struggle to identify his posting style.
Keep hearing noises. Strange sounds, things that sound like other things. Things that sound like noises, noises that sound strange, strange sounding noises.
> Meet cute girl
> Shares my interest; enjoy talking to her
> Look her up on Facebook
> Tons of family members, uncles and aunts
Fuck that
Good morning NEETs. I did some early morning work in the front garden. Green bin filled. Scratched by the roses but no blood drawn.
> Fuck that
Good move NEET. You want a girl who is mentally ill and isolated from others. Having healthy relationships is a massive red flag.
That trick of setting the alarm and leaving it out of reach works well.
When it wakes you up you feel instantly compelled to get up and walk over to silence it. You don't even need to think about it.
I find it works provided I went to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. If I'm really tired I'll get up, turn it off, piss, and go back to bed.
"When you study mediation and advance the moon will come down and enter your heart. You might feel terror or sadness and great regret. I don't want this, now I have a moon in my heart. But if you continue you will learn to accept it. That is the way of the warrior."
finished making some 50sh cigs 
I'm starting my shift at 7 again and I'm drunk, but not sure if drunk enough to sleep until then 
fuck this shit
being a wagie fucking suksc
When I voted yesterday I was the only voter there. It was full of staff though. I wonder how much they get paid. Looks like some sort of cozy job rort for boomers.
I am 5 minutes in to the new Ahsoka. It might take me a few days to get through it. Very difficult to watch this crap.
It started as a wholesome slumber party themed dressing gown striptease burlesque and ended as a full blown donkey show. When the NEET compound was hard up for funds.
How many years until it will be feasible for a NEET at home with a good but not exceptional PC to use AI to make good quality TV shows and movies to his own script?
Just seeing the lame cringe title of this Ahsoka episode has me grimacing with distaste.
I feel ashamed for having watched the series at all. What am I doing with my life? Still consuming goyslop in 2023.
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Its not me FFS. Who else besides GOADneet is in QLD ??

this whole thing smells

well thats what i reported him for 

not yet

high probability, and judging by how he handled his job seeker obligations, a trial in court would be equally disasterous and hilarious

well it is deranged

at this point in time we all know when someone points a finger and says "ITS NURO!" who it really is......


how many McGoys ?

yeah Ahsuka is falling off pretty fast i can only watch it after a bottle of wine 

Anyways... Avoided the fast food the past few nights. Ate Lamb. Rueben sandwich from the bakery thismorning. Redbull in hand. Firing on all cyclinders. Got heaps of work to catch up on. Eyes on the Prize. Lets Go !
> Doritos Australia launches coriander flavoured tortilla chips
How do you know if thats misinformation? 5G warfare weaponizes information and sieges your mind. The jew has been doing this since the pyramids were built, even the idea that its somehow the latest iteration of war is false.
I tried the Paul's iced coffee for the first time. It was average. Dare green top is the best, followed by Oak carton.
> Dare green top is the best
This is wrong, it goes Dare Intense (aka quadruple dare), Triple Dare No Sugar, Double Dare, put the rest in the bin.
how fuck did you not even give ICE BREAK a mention ???

and also how do people just not buy 2L and keep it in the fridge ? it literally costs the same as 600ml .... reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I just had a bowl of home made pumpkin soup, having a pint of carlton and about to have a chicken schnitty with mushroom. Garn have some jelly and fruit after.
mong-on-herder rape
The Woolworths chicken mince released less liquid than the Aldi. Very nice white colour too. The Aldi had been more grey.
decided I can't function without sugar, garn get a  milkshake and a donut, you neets want anything?
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Labour organizers like unions gas light that they are standing with the workers but in reality they just want to climb the marxism ladder that puts them above the need to work anything but their jaws. Its shitty that woolies doesnt pay them enough but teh commies are not the ones to make things fair again, they just see this issue as some levers of power they can use to further thier agenda and grow thier communism snake. Marxists and capatailist managers are two sides of the same coin, sometimes you get snake heads like cruisey who are both. These types are professional parasites, just like the jew.
What are you talking about Cruisey? Your cappo/comintern buddies aren't gonna achieve the workers paradise with robots, they're just gonna import more pajeets.
thumbnail of wedge tail + fox.jpg
thumbnail of wedge tail + fox.jpg
wedge tail + fox jpg
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You live in a fantasy world Cruisey, the slightest challenge to your shakey reality will tear gaping holes that you struggle to patch with ever increasing degeneracy. Such is the fate of the bourgeois dupe. Only a matter of time before you are torn apart like the carrion you are rapidly becoming.
> who will take vitamins while simultaneously being an obese alcoholic 
doctors actually tell alcos to take a multivitamin
wont do anything for their liver, but it will stop scurvy
Might make some pies with the leftovers, it could be a little risky but maybe I can get away with making them open top
56 dollar and 10(ten) cent increase to Jobseeker, and 27 dollar 20 cent increase to rent assistance.
thumbnail of mission-impossible-ghost-protocol-tom-cruise-768x539-c-default.jpg
thumbnail of mission-impossible-ghost-protocol-tom-cruise-768x539-c-default.jpg
mission-impossible-gh... jpg
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thumbnail of Under-Siege-4.webp
thumbnail of Under-Siege-4.webp
Under-Siege-4 webp
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Tomorrow night on womboflix - we join Tom Cruise, the dude who plays Hawkeye, and that recent james bond chick - the white one, not the negress, in Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) - The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

On Sunday, an ex-Navy Seal turned cook is the only person who can stop a group of terrorists when they seize control of a U.S. battleship, in Under Siege (1992)
The doctor told him he had the biggest liver he had ever seen! Nuro blushed prettily at the compliment.
I don't understand. 
I make my living off of an industry funded by social gesturing and the illusion of virtue. 
I make those judgements on automation based on this industry.
Really wanna get gooned tonight, but 20 would be too many. The 11 stando vials of vodka are still like $30 though
My hot take: how these people even exist? They do not dream either? I think this is major trolling on their behalf. But if true they lack the ability of abstraction as well. Which is sad since the incapability of that is a characteristic of low IQ people, like gypsies. They seem to write normally, perhaps it's AI/ML generated?
That parasite paid me $500. Based on the screenshot, he paid me $500 from a payment of $846.55 he received from "Quinn Emanuel Takata". I thought that was a person, but it looks like the result of Quinn Emanuel class action lawsuit against Takata over their faulty air bags.
So while I am happy I got some money, it does not fill me with hope that I will be repaid the rest with any sort of regularity.
How they think the word "apple"? Like he imagines the letters? But then they can see something, no? Or they hear ("audiolize") the words, like the inner speech, but then they can't imagine that people can "see" similarly like they hear?
I once ordered a pie in a pub and it came in a ramekin thing and when I got into it, it was just a lid. There was no pastry sides or bottom. I was incensed!