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Can't even say what I want to say to monk because he'll look at the hashes to work out who's saying it.
The glass tipped back, seemingly of its own accord.
The beer vanished within Detergent and still he remembered nothing.
He stared off into the distance in a deep and manly way and then ordered another pint.
Feel like I should watch action movies more often, they leave me inspired afterwards to improve myself
Having tea with my Grandma. Showing her the thread. She is asking why Monk is such a fuck up. Not me her words. Any help ?
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My last pair (which I have on atm, and are black and green) lasted almost 3.5 years of almost daily wear.
Dunno if they're still cool, but they were the shit as a 14 or 15 year old in the mid-90s.
I don't actually look at hashes. I log in so infrequently that I need to read a note which contains my password. 

I watch travel vlogs that demolish my strong held belief about people. Luv me Sunni insurrection. Love a Kurdish rebellion. ASIO hates non-white ethnic identity. Fuck those faggots lmao
> Detergent Jones stared into the hovel, a look of fierce disgust on his weather beaten face. A lifeless body lay on the moldy linoleum floor, surrounded by empty wine boxes. How could anyone live, let alone die like this he thought while reaching down for a closer look at the suspected murder weapon - seemingly homemade and of poor quality - a set of bicycle gears welded to the end of a metal file.
> ASIO hates non-white ethnic identity. 
lol you obviously haven't kept up with the shit coming out of Mike Burgess' mouth in recent years
I think it takes me 10.8 standard drinks to get drunk. Any of you know how much it takes you to get drunk?
> Don't be fooled, the government hates you
I know.
He has specifically been targeting white christian nationalists, and keeps stating they're the current threat to Australia
Just watched an ABC doco about a woman with kids, working the bar and living in the motel room of her employer. 
Cunts in this country hate the working class, I've seen it first hand. I'd line them up against the wall if I could. 
Death to the parasitic cunts that fuck people over mate
Do you neets ever go to subway? What do you get on it? For me it’s any meat with all of the salads and avocado except spinach and olives usually with garlic aioli or hot chilli
I sometimes copy Subway's Italian BMT at home. Best time to do so is when Woolies is doing 2-for-1 on the Primo lunch meats. Get a suitable roll or two from the bakery section.
You need to rape the little bastard when he gets like that, assert your dominance over him. He is too fat to climb trees properly these days so he can't get away.
I eat the crumbs off of Weber's floor. 
My regular one used to be sweet onion chicken terriyaki. 
Onion, olives, capsicum and cheese toasted, then lettuce cucumber and tomato and sweet onion sauce .
...as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted - garn bakery to get a mini boston bun, do you neets want anything?
Good morning NEETs.
I did some more clean-up in the front yard. Head high grass removed. Green bin three quarters full.
The early bird gets the worm.
mind your manners please. I'll take a giant feast, aioli sauces, mountain jew for the drink and make sure they put it in an actual bucket, no boxes for me. Oh, no coleslaw.
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The back of the compound has this power line over the palisade, Its already got a plate on it but I suspect he can somehow climb over it because its rigidly fixed.
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thumbnail of Ballistic plate.jpg
Ballistic plate jpg
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I put another plate on the front power lines, Just like we used to do in nam to keep the gooks off the perimiter. I showed it already to my buddies on the Nazi Steampunk Forum on matrix and they are already calling it "La Dreadnought". This one flips and rolls but is weighted at the bottom. I cant wait to see his face.
You are going to get a visit from the power company telling you to take those things off the lines.
I don't think he was being cruel, he is just angry and upset with where his life is at at moment and is taking it out on everyone and everything around him. He needs to talk to a psychologist and sort through his feelings and come up with a plan to improve his life.
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Hey, fellas!
Movie in roughly 52 mins.
Technotise Edit and I
on Endcorner:

Now Outdoors Unsupervised stealth camps, and probably cooks some slop. Gempa with kotu. Or kotu with gempa.
yeah and? it's just another day ending in y. they'll just do what they usually do to palestine in response (which is always disproportionate) and things will continue as normal
AusPost delivered me a parcel today. I did not know they delivered on Saturdays. That has never happened before.
Wonder if I could get ztepmum to get it's cert and be monks herder then get him lite and easy meals and spend half days at the men's shed instead of wfd.
Waiting for the possum to make his move. Broadband is out, probably because of the damage to thae lines.
He will take out your phone lines and then your power next.
And only then when you lie helpless in the dark will he strike.
Fear the Possum NEET, be afraid very afraid.
I ordered a large Big Mac meal and a large quarter pounder meal for delivery. It’s going to take them an hour though.
That gives PTSD from my FIFO days on helicopters. We would get absolutely maggot on the last day in WA and some faggot would alway buy shots and then we would have to get up early and pack our shit to grab an early flight. 

Fuck. I am feeling sick just thinking about it.
we need a neet food delivery app so that each time one of us goes to the drive thru he can pick up stuff for other hungrey neets
We need to all vote for the abbo voice and then all claim to be abbos and then make the government give us a special neet abbo service for food and goon deliveries as well as no interest loans