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lol imagine getting pwned by the ABC's IT department and letting somebody called 'Stefanos Eracleous' into your white nationalist club
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I bet SA votes YES on saturday, and the victorious margin will be exactly the same number of mongs in cruisey's mong herd
That's just that one particular area I might have some skills in. And it's not respected. No employer has ever promoted me or rewarded me with anything. No workplace has ever cared when I've gone.
Every other aspect of my life is in complete disarray or nonexistent or never even happened.
Webby is it possible to get the womboflix server moved to a different linode server/location? I keep having problems streaming from it.
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It is, but I think it happens on their timing not mine and requires about an hour to complete.
It's currently in Dallas, Texas. I can move it to picrel, as well as Sydney. South America is Brazil and no.
I bet nuro has met some qt gooner chick and they're sitting on the beach together, swapping stories about drug use enemas
There will be a beautiful moment when the music plays and they use syringes to inject codeine and coffee into each others anuses
maybe tomorrow - we know the current location works for some people at least, I'll just download the movie and play it locally if it doesn't stream for me tonight
OK. I'll schedule it when I get up in the morning. I'll have to update DNS records and stuff when it gets moved and assigned a new IP.
want some choc chip ice cream but there aren't any places which sell cones of it nearby
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Ok neets, we'll be watching Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning (2023) in 1 hour. It's a long movie so some neets have asked me to split it up across two nights.
Given Tom's propensity for doing his own stunts, the person with their hand out had the perfect opportunity to do the funniest thing ever.
I just look at the rest of the street. 
A few weeks ago everyone had the yellow one out and it was green. 
They must have the same system.
My undies are really loose. Got my balls hanging out. Giving them the occasional cheeky little stroke.
After the first 6 films turned out to be possible they really should come up with a new name.
Weber tried to dine-n-dash at the RSL but had his balls get caught under the door once.
Olive used to have her age listed on her tiktok bio but she took it down past 25 or so. Being on tiktok past your mid 20s used to be a bit weird but it is way more accepted now.
Detergent stared at the gap between the two building, a look of consternation on his face.
Tiffo'd Depraved Alley was a place all men feared to tread.
But tread he must.
Sound of Freedom is out, but I don't think we'll show it on womboflix this week because there's too much else going on. Also it looks pretty dark.
An abnormally tall 10 year old girl is still a child. Lets hope tiffo is mauled to death by the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger on this camping trip.
I'm the one that posted the ethot and I got that one from reddit. I usually get her stuff from simpcity.su though.
You can also get lots of it from coomer.party .
And a nice face.
She only goes topless unfortunately. She won't show her growler which is odd because she does 'simulated sex' scenes which are close ups of her face and breasts in a POV missionary type thing where she rocks herself on the bed.
2 sixpacks acquired from gooklady
Haven't showered since Sunday. Got electric wizard playing in the hovel 
Proper deadshit living, gotta love the vibe
Hopefully, on simpcity she has heaps of topless content that is all more or less the same but simps keep paying for it even PPV.
Monk should just move into weber's bedroom without saying anything, it is not like weber goes in there.
Only thing more pathetic than the Olive/Debikkie simping is when Weber fan-boyed nuro, giving that slime a hundred bucks to do a menial task a monkey could complete, And lets not forget the 'NFT' printout that was green-binned quicker than Helen's carcass.
Weber is looking for a son. Nuro, flutenoot and monk have all been his surrogate son at one point or another. I think nuro has been given up on as the failed junkie son.
I paid Possum $100 for some garlic bread once and he just laughed and punched me in the face
I gave cruisey $100 to double it at the slaps and split the winnings but he spent it on a rub and didn't respond to my texts for a week
I think rub&tugs that have a discreet entrance would get more business.
The times I've seen guys leaving as I've walked past they look very embaressed.
They have increased in popularity I reckon. Didn't remember this many in the area 1+ year ago. 
Reddit was saying they're legal recently too
natalie tran got more niggerer somehow
I would meet up with weber irl but I feel like he'd look down on me after all these years of boong like behaviour
Thinking about that crystal pistol 
Bit of meff and industrial techno never hurt anyone..
She is probably busy with work or something. I think Mocha's death really upset her.
Hopefully she gets back into it a bit, I hope she doesn't just outgrow it or something.
I got told a couple of days ago that one was captured alive. 
I'm not looking it up, so I'll just trust that it's real. 
Hope they clone it, if they can't find a mate.
Hookers are ridiculous with prices, for anything actually decent you're looking at $3-400 ph. And then a hotel and another $100 for their uber. 
No pussy is worth that.
Pretty disappointed in Noel Pearson. 
I know he's an ABC sbs black fella but I've listened to him a bit and I can't see how this is in line with him. 
A few years ago he said that any Aussie more than 5 (I think) generations should be seen as a native Australian as that's as long as any aboriginal oral history.
Because your worst A whores are illegal. 
Brothels here are $130 for half an hour. If you're a 300 into a bag of coke on a night out or 500 deep at the cas its not a huge deal 
> How often are they not gooks?
I couldn't get a rub and tug from a white girl. Too embarrassing. I can only enjoy something like that with a sprinkling of racism
Yes, we established this quite some time ago. She spent two years working at cafes after uni and now has a proper job (in so far as women do) as an email job in an office.
They know it too. I love saying outrageous shit to them and making eye contact, reminding them that they said no English good. 
They know what I'm saying.
There was a story a long time ago I never got around to posting. Six years ago I met a woman at a family event, she was a friend of a relative. She had recently gotten out of prison but wasn't skanky or anything. She didn't say what she went away for but said it was a white collar crime. She was studying at Flinders with the intention of becoming an advocate or something for women in prisons.
I was fucking around on prozzie websites in Adelaide (just out of curiosity) and came across a listing that I am fairly sure was her. The photos had the face blurred but the body was the same and I could see she had the same short blonde hair. The age was correct and it said she was "new in town" which would make sense. I briefly considered acting on it some way like blackmailing her or something but thought better of it.
I was saying about fucking her throat and stretching her arse or something and she broke character to tell me 'this is real life, not TV'.
Kek, what the fuck neet. I would've thought they'd be use to porn talk type shit, I wonder if she thought you were serious and actually wanted to do whatever? They'd probably have pushy cunts pretty often, especially teh gooks.
Imagine all the normal seeming decent girls who also whored their way through uni 
My biggest fear with potentially dating asians. I honestly wouldn't put my asian ex above it. Anything to keep a visa
First time I was with a lady of the night I licked her weber hole. I still remember the taste. Had that kind of strawberry shampoo fragrance with the metallic reality of cold flesh
I hate that name brand stuff actually tastes better. Mrs Macs pies have better pastry than the ones I normally get, even better than the 4and20 ones. The filling seems similar but the better pastry is very noticeable.
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Decided on the one thing I'm going to do today to try and change my life. I'll spend 1 hour away from the computer. No phone, no audiobooks, nothing like that. I might just do stuff around the house or something. I'm an internet addict and it's giving me brain damage.
Needed a proper night's sleep badly, locked out cat. 
Cat howled at the door for 5 hours. This is why I never took that aged care job
> ‘Spoil her rotten’: Son’s promise to mum after winning $730k off lotto ticket she purchased for his birthday
> A man has revealed his shock at winning almost a quarter-of-a-million dollars
If you ate really bad food you might not get enough energy from it to poo it out.
And then you would be doomed.
There was a tall, objectively handsome Chad ahead of me at the bank and the difference in the way the teller treated him and me was night and day.