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Tomorrow will be a chance to atone for our past and an epochal moment in our nation's march towards reconciliation between whites and boongs. I know you won't let us down at the voting box, will you neet?
OLD:  >>/756113/
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I might have called the haggard bitch out for cop-out cope when she is saying "let kids be kids" and the toothless bogan male calls me a gay cunt so I condemn him and his for being trash and gesture at the rubbish everywhere. I might told him to come take it when hes sayig givvus back me axe.
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thumbnail of talk-to-me-2022-horror-movie-creepy-hand-on-table-in-room-full-of-students-2790279713-e1688423733709.jpeg
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Ok neets, in 1 hour womboflix will be playing this Friday the 13th's feature film Talk To Me (2022) - a horror movie set in Adelaide about a bunch of guys at a party who use a mummified hand to talk to the dead, or something. We'll find out. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
fucking rock hard neetstick
Can't get rid of it, tempted to have a wank just to make it stop already. Very annoying.
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thumbnail of more blackwood saplings wasted.jpg
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Quite prolific wasn't he? I think he was making a shelter to sleep in because I found it later. Pathetic and all his bedding soaked by the rain. Really monk could do better. It must be hard to raise such a damaged sprog but it probably doesnt help to give him a tall can of red bull and leave him unsupervised in the park with an axe. He got all excited and was acting out after the encounter, i heard him as I was packing up. I got the falcon hell out of there in rapid time.  This is why you point your vehicle at the exit and dont set up camp in front of it.
What a fucking story. 
Tiffin is a champ. 
I can just imagine the bogan tatted chick snarky howling and the kid with the rat tail crying about losing the axe. The step dad with a missing tooth coughing in the smoke as he skids away, rocks flicking into his Woodstock can. Fuck them.
I still don't understand what the fuck the picture is even meant to prove. They claimed 40 headless bebby but post two or three charred bebby with heads still attached.
lmao https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/pregnancy/pregnant-woman-given-abortion-pills-by-mistake-after-pharmacists-mistake/news-story/df4bfe51f05213d870cc63efd763dbab
I'm contemplating becoming a hobo after I have a solid repertoire, and winter passes 
wouldn't be much different from my living situation rn desu 
I would exchange showers and going to the bathroom whenever I want for extra practice time 
sounds like a good deal to me
From KFC I got 10 Wicked Wings and 2 popcorn chicken go buckets. Good servings of chicken in the go buckets.
The Wings were average. Flappers better than the drumettes. 5/10.
10K have you read the Major Bummer comics? Someone mentioned them to me and I thought they would be up your alley.
> Tyrannosaurus Reich is a supervillain who was featured in Major Bummer #5. T. Reich was pulled to earth through a dimensional portal from a dimension inhabited by Nazi dinosaurs
You know you are in a bad home area when you go to the shops for a few things at 7pm and there are security guards posted everywhere.
It never used to be like that
The shops here have homeless people outside the methodone clinic, always some bogans with big dogs, bins are overflowing, angry cunts in high vis, asians everywhere, rubbish, huge lines for woolies self checkout. 
It's like the cbd with none of the pros
Frying off some snags. I hope there's a livestream from one of the major polling stations, there's going to be fisticuffs tomorrow for sure!
Chick at the bottle-o has a weird accent. Think she might be spanish or portugese. She had a strange smile as she was scanning my nuro goon. I honestly couldn't tell if she was attracted to me or just in a good mood. It was an unusual sort of smile.
Got a fucking bad  case of the feels thinking about the girl from a few weeks ago. I thought about pouring my heart out over some text messages but knew I'd die when I came to my senses. Decided to get gooned instead. Might hunt for a gf next week.
There are quite a few things I see around uni and rundle mall that make me recall little remarks of hers that hit me right in the feels. She was so smart, why did it have to be this way?
Wish I went to one of those posh private boys schools that chant sexist shit on trams and get a bad wrap by the ABC for being toxic and beligerant at interschool footy 
Woulda been sick
>  attracted to me
How many times we gotta go over this, they smile because it's their fucking job to do so. They don't want to date              and/or fuck you...
I've still got another glass to go before I can go to bed too. What I mean is, I've had chicks attracted to me before, hence I do not find it inconceivable that a girl significantly less attractive than me is attracted to me. 
some ai chick you mong.
Not every neet is in your postion, neet.
I'm up to 3. Got the next two downloaded but couldn't watch because of some retarded codec. All of the women so far are very average in terms of looks.
> teaches cash cow mongs how to write "No"
> they start writing it on the dodgy contracts they are asked to sign
watching a 4 corners doco on unis selling out to shitskins and gooks 
its from 4 years ago, but still happening in record numbers 
these people need to go to prison
morning neets. Remember to vote today. Only you can stop cruisey's army of mongs and their evil plan to take over the country.
They want to change the constitution to recognise abbos and create a group of boongs who can basically make all sorts of demands of (and veto) federal government
> Sounds good to me.
Our constitution doesn't guarantee us anything except the right to vote, and now they want to use it to elevate one group above everybody else.
Whenever people have suggested having a referendum to put a basic bill of rights into the constitution (ie free speech, freedom of religion) both sides of politics shut it down, but now they want to elevate a subhuman minority above all else and grant them extraordinary powers.
None of the real details have been released either, with voters being told to just vote yes now and then the details will be worked out later.
I have to drive her to Yankalilla this morning to see a gastric specialist. Legs are still fucked and the three different doctors involved are fucking her about.
Sweetie didn't eat her breakfast.
aphantasia is a normie disease. 

NEETs are constantly bombarded with visual flashbacks, auditory hallucinations and can navigate blindfolded based on their nightmarish mental rendering of their environment
> Has there been a big change in her eating habits?
She eats fuck all now. Haven't had a pub meal in a couple of months with her as a result.
Even if she makes something she thinks she will like she has a few bites and bins it.
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thumbnail of 1697217835928061.jpg
1697217835928061 jpg
(57.05 KB, 614x745)
hope this whore of babylon gets 360 no scoped
Might be to do with all the fluid retention in her feet, hope they actually do something and maybe change her meds. 
These cunts are quick to put people on worfarin like its a fix all. 
I'm sorry you're both going through this.
The knee specialist told her to get her GP to prescribe prednisone to help with the legs.
GP says she wont prescribe it without knowing why, says she'll contact specialist and then get back to Mum. Doesn't.
Knee specialist sends notes to some rheumatoid specialist for review. Supposed to contact Mum. Doesn't.
Meanwhile she is paying about $3000 per quarter for top tier private health insurance.
I think my foot is broken. Dunno how. Can’t afford to go to the gp. Would say woe but I don’t really care since I’m mostly sitting around anyway
I ate microwave popcorn yesterday and it sliced my tongue up. Those bits of brown skin from the kernels.
The possum is still in the roof. It hasnt left its lair except to drink from the gutter just outside. I think they kind of hibernate and only go out to forage when its nice weather. I tightened up every point of access and left a one way exit for him to find. Thinking of going up there and poking it with a stick or something. the little cunt is pissing above my bed space i just know it.
>  I think they kind of hibernate and only go out to forage when its nice weather
m8, it's ordering kfc and dominos on your ubereats account, that's why it doesn't need to go out
She had an injection into the knee about a month ago and it was good for 24 hours and that was it. Apparently they can only do that about 4 times before they cause permanent damage to the joint.
yeah maybe I need to adjust my tactics an make a one way exit on the hole or some shit. I had another look and I can just about reach in and block the eaves instead of the hole.