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I admire the neets who purchase kfc, pidser and garlic bread. One day I want to be like them, especially my hero who had 14 pizzas in one day.
I bet he uses his gooning and choofing as an excuse for low libido 
She will catch on soon enough
He will lose the business in the divorce. End stage bossman
I used to love a 4 and 20 pie, heated my oven, with lots of vinegar soaked chips, tomato sauce on the pie and a can of coke
The script for Se7en was written back in 1991, which may explain why there were no mobile phones in it
The writer and director of Se7en have teamed up again to do a new movie, which will be out in a few weeks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Killer_(2023_film)
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> showing it off
Every picture you've ever posted just has to have some form of 'swag' in it. Like a teenage girl showing off her accessories to her fellow female classmates on IG. The only (pathetic) difference is you're a 48 year old CreepLord™ posting on an anonymous imageboard.
I've always liked you Monk. So sad to see how far you've fallen, and keep falling.... Get your shit together already FFS.

I am sure there was an arc at some time where Cruisey confessed to not servicing his negress regularly.
There are many products this NEET will only buy if on significant special. I am not paying more than $2.99 for a packet of chips or block of chocolate.
I only get them when they're on special. The butter chicken ones are nice but gave me indigestion.
Mrs macs ones were the same price last week or the week before, they are better than these but these are still not bad.
Emily Blunt? I ought to post her as well as part of my waifu rotation.
I like the operator guy with the glasses, think he might only be in the second one though.
nobody has a sense of humor anymore
That possum is basically hibernating above my bedroom and I put milk in my coffee today instead of cream. FML.
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possbegone jpeg
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I have this. 
Maybe Nuro can make a sentry gun that runs off compressed air. I know he made one to take care of the board pest that never got used for its intended purpose.
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The womboflix movie selection committee meeting is now in session. This Wednesday we will be seeing The Sound Of Freedom (2023), so we just need to vote on some movies for the weekend.

Wrongfully Accused (1998)
The Sunset Limited(2011)
Captain Phillips (2013)
The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
Rapid Fire(1992)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Rambo (2008)
Showdown in Little Tokyo(1991)
Who Killed Captain Alex
Truman Show
Weekend At Bernies
Trading Places
Fritz the cat
The Commitments
Wolf Of Wall Street
The Bourne Identity/The Bourne Supremacy/The Bourne Ultimatum
Don's Party
Old Henry
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
The Holy Mountain
The Joker
Mortal Kombat(2021)
The Odessa File
The Mission
Rocky (1976)
Lethal Weapon (1987)
Top Gun (1986)
The Grey
Dogs in Space (1986)
Reckless Kelly(1993)
Midnight Run
Event Horizon
The Usual Suspects
There should be a new episode of Rick and Morty out later today.
I don't have high hopes for it at all but I want to hear the new voices.
I wonder if we would have been able to tell the difference if they changed the voice actors without telling us. You would think you would but maybe not.
Sometimes the same voice actors start to sound different over time. You really notice that if you watch an episode of The Simpsons from the first two seasons. Homer and Marge are very different.
I did the dishes and did some general kitchen cleaning. Cleaned up the rangehood it was caked in sticky grease.
Imagine if you were a film maker and learned that Nuro had selected your film as one of his preferences. Absolutely based.
For some reason in the movie last night Nuro thought I was IGA and abused me every time I made a comment
If I remember correctly nuro prefers saturday nights for films because he's passed out drunk on sundays
Umm sweaty when we say banned books we mean books that were banned in like 1963 and are actually widely available now, not chudly antisemistisms and misinformation that are actually banned and hard to find💅💅💅
Have you forgotten that you are an obese mentally retarded sex offender who lives in a toilet that everyone was perfectly happy to see banned from here?
you should've gone to their chocolate and nuts area, where they let you put custom amounts of stuff in plastic bags. That would've been a good substitute
Imagine if GOADneet tried this hard unfucking his life instead of being a nasty little shitcunt  12 hours a day on an obscure image board……
Tired as fuck as always. Got some running around to do though. 
Just wanna crawl up into my sleeping bag. Will be wide awake come midnight of course.
No womboflix tonight or tomorrow neet - now is the perfect time for you to fill the gap in the market with your own streaming service.

The next womboflix stream will be on Wednesday, with the critical drinker recommended movie The Sound Of Freedom(2023)
That moofie is a psyop designed to divert attention away from the bio security 5 labs that used the kids to test MRNA technology designed to extend the lives of jews and reduce the goyim population. I refuse to watch it.
> now is the perfect time for you to fill the gap in the market with your own streaming service
Tonight we will be watching Harry Potter and teh Goblet of Fire at 18:30 ACDT.
Will Hermioniny get molested by a surly Hungarian?
Will Harry and Ginger Ron get to finger the Poojie Twins?
Why are people named Cecil always faggy twats?
Get on teh Hogwards Express and find out at
Later I'm gonna watch the star wars/terminator crossover film, there's 5 of them and they're all just as good as terminator 2.
I live in a 120 year old weatherboard all windows and doors have deadlocks with no keys kept in them, I wouldn't get out of the bedroom.
Harry Potter and teh Goblet of Fire will be on in 1 hour
6 minutes and 35 seconds before hand, there will be two short YouTube videos related to Harry Potter. There's 3 hours of Harry Potter ambient music currently playing before that.
> Row over Noosa Bunnings exterior paint job
You know who the other homeless neet is.
For me it'd probably be my computer I guess. Lots of important stuff on it plus the financial value.
10 Wicked Wings, 2 popcorn go buckets. My regular.

The real problem is the proximity of the steering wheel to the apron. There is no aftermarket product you can buy to fix that. Just got to try and suck it in. The strain, the strain, THE STRAIN.
One time the apron got stuck in the gaps of the steering wheel and started driving on its own. Guess where it went? Straight to KFC!.
I've downloaded the new Rick and Morty. It's titled How Poopy got his poop back.
I will give my thoughts on it once I have watched it.
i had to trawl through some 2021 screencaps to find an image i needed for work. Turns out i was saving all my memes there not to shit up my downloads folder

bought back some good memories
I hate the American word "poop" it is even worse than "poo". Neither word is good. I do not use them.
I got a tub of Aldi "Premiere" brand greek style yoghurt. 900g. "Lush tropical" flavour.
It is very good. Much better than the Gippsland and similar ones. They are way too sweet.
funny thing is he so deranged he honestly confused a public toilet with that of a privately owned business while having to shower and shit in a communal block at the caravan park
I know what you mean. Poo is better but still not a good term. Shit is often too harsh, stool too formal. Not really a good term in Australian English it would seem.
> Aldi
I remember I started shopping there because one opened near me and nuro sperged out heaps and said I must be poor because why else would I shop there. They used to sell these big 2kg tubs of greek yoghurt. I liked them, they were a bit plain of course so I'd add just a dash of jam and sweeten it myself. Those little aldi homebrands can be quite nice and because of the vertical integration they're often more stable in terms of price and supply.
> privately owned business
Owned by whom?
> caravan park
There was never anything to substantiate this claim. You were just bitter that he knew your address and you knew nothing about him.
I like Aldi but prices have gone up a fair bit. The shelves were really empty today, they seem to be having some sort of stock crisis. The meat shelves were two thirds empty, same with chips and bakery.
Yeah, I've noticed that too. It isn't as good as it used to be. I am not sure if that is Aldi having a lack of supply or increased demand. I expect lots of people who had been going to Coles/Woolies out of inertia started going to Aldi after not being able to get what they wanted.
I don't use youtube much    but I haven't been blocked at all, I've just kept ublock upto date to the latest version and kept my filter lists updated.
I'm using uBlock with Chrome. 
Was originally the warning with the 3 second countdown, then it gave me 3 videos to watch, then it blocked every video. 
Restarted my browser and its back to normal
Maybe these are just normie problems. If you're prepared to actually abandon Google platforms, Google programs and Google devices maybe they just leave you alone to maintain the status quo.
only chickenshit was a more retarded NPC. I mean its so easy to pick its posts out because they are all the same, bannign all of its IP's would have been childs play because thats what we are dealing with. A child.
 if you buy its premium service then you dont get ads. what do retards who pay for ads get out of this deal. if you are non-retarded enough to google search a solution to its forced ads then you can block ads and youtube doesnt have to pay for the bandwidth to serve them. YOutube doesnt lose if you dont see ads.
Because he's the hero /ausneets/ deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it.