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We should have nightly rankings of how good nuro's spergout was. I'd give tonight a 4/10. He had some effort and got upset but his tantrum died in the arse pretty hard. He didn't put his heart into it and flood the reports or spam the board or something.
> never heard of munchotts

A wordplay isn't a joke.
A funny wordplay can be considered a type of joke.
Writing something that comes to mind and just want to post it isn't trying to be funny or making a joke. If someone finds it amusing, in the sense that it's curious it's just bonus.
Come on dude, get your shit together, just because you want to be rude you don't have to be braindead too.
Neighbour bitching because his dog got raped again.
He should keep it inside and I don't know why people keep asking about all the missing pets in my street I don't know.
shitty apple and cinnamon muffin
woolworths bakery section is deliberately churning out the shit nobody wants and not making any of the things people actually like
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thumbnail of 1697020307460708.gif
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lol instant scripts have decided that since I haven't been to a doctor in years they are not going to write me any more scripts
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thumbnail of twilightzone3.jpg
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thumbnail of RapidFire2.jpg
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"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

Tomorrow night womboflix will be showing some choice episodes from The Twilight Zone, including To Serve Man from the 1960s tv series, and Nightmare at 20,000 feet from the 1983 movie.

Then on Saturday, Bruce Lee's son kicks some butt in Rapid Fire (1992), and on Sunday, Angelina Jolie's daddy runs from a train in The Odessa File (1974)
sisterbot hit motherbat up for $2500 for a replacement washing machine
no wonder bill has been wanting to come around and paint
> One review highlighted a nine-month randomized controlled trial of amphetamine treatment for ADHD in children that found an average increase of 4.5 IQ points,
Enough to escape profound retardation
> partner with foreign intelligence agencies
> get hacked/insider'd
> wonder how this happened
> ask foreign intelligence agencies for help
It's Microsoft this week, surely letting Microsoft build a nonsensical firewall around Australia won't backfire
G'day, welcome to coiyberpunk, the neon-drenched dystopian sci-fi genre that explores how capitalism and technology have eroded our natural Australian spirits. Mecha-crikey, there's a whisper in me ghost! Don't clone the raw prawn with me, is it real, or just a false memory-doo?
why would this stun viewers? we saw photos of her with harvey weinstein's jizz all over her face a decade ago
Webby, I'm sorry to ask this again, but can we try moving the womboflix server to another location again? Shiban hasn't been able to stream from it the last few times. He's one of our most frequent viewers.
> teh average venom yield of eastern browns in QLD is around 11 milligrams, while in SA it's only 3(three)...

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thumbnail of IMG_4789.jpeg
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Bottle of champagne down the hatch. 20mg of Dexies crushed and down the hatch. 20mg of oxy non orally. 
Listening  to do dis 🤪  https://youtu.be/nYOMzNYO21c?si=1oOV8Xyn7RdF606b
It's now in Osaka, JP.
I've also updated the SSL certificate that was going to expire in a week or so.
I bet nuro doesn't eat salad, and just maintains his figure through hard machinist work and ebiking
> Noosa is completely dead and barren when the rare northerly blows sand into the Bourgeoisie

Translation: "I came all this fucking way and didn't get to creep on a single kid!"
Went to one of those flash liquorlands that styled like a 'cellar'. Plenty of poofter craft beer but fuck all traditional beers. No tallboys. Only a handful of long necks hidden away in the cold room. 
Just disgraceful. Then went to BWS to get some tallboys and had to duck under all their gay fuckin halloween decorations. 
We should start a bottleo chain of proper true blue boozers
See that's actually a weak contender. Bread must be proportional for structural reasons, cheese however becomes sickening so must be in ratio.
6 buns is about the limit, after than you move to Turkish bread or a sub.

There's really no reason not to make a meter long burger sub
Looks like a late 80's C4 still beats a Telsa Model 3 RWD for 0-100 and quarter mile times. I imagine the Tesla 3 hasn't been designed for track work either.
A base model coupe in 88 cost $29,489 USD, which is apparently $76,723 in today's money.
Apparently a 2023 base Model 3 Telsa costs $54,500 USD.
Weber should branch out to local noodle and charcoal chicken joints. Its embarrassing for a learned executive like him to be frequenting such casual establishments like KFC
Hungry. Had 4 slices of peanut butter toast but it has done nothing. Haven't bought coles brand bread in years, its so thin. Half the size of the fancier bread. 
Might have some rice and chicken.
Cooked some steak earlier, got an egg bake thingy in the oven now with cheese, green onion and mushroom.
> The upper section is relieved by rendered banding and the winged logo of the Department of Civil Aviation provides a focus over the central entry at ground floor level.
50 in, won the free games twice, got down to 40 twice. Walked out with 140
90 up spreadsheetNEET.
nip nong bong fong's code API code now runs in a few seconds instead of ten minutes after implementing monday's suggestions
not a 429 error in sight
took a $35k pay cut (plus the equivalent super contribution cut) at the beginning of the year to supposedly stop employer going bankrupt
Bumped into the girl again and had a bit of a chat. There exists an opportunity to get back with her. Talk me out of it neets.
> 9 	IT 	  5%
> 10  	Armed forces 	  4%