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Aesop wrote a fable about this man, who knows only the hood, crossed the world only to visit other hoods. MF doom also spoke to this effect.
I had the last of the death mince. Yesterdays only lasted about an hour of suffering so I reckon I'll be right. I cooked it pretty well. Feel a bit sick though, sooner than with yesterday. Woe.
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You guys getting into the next thread before it's time are like the retarded kid in what's eating gilbert grape who got into the birthday cake before his birthday. I just can't trust you to act like non-retards. From now on I'm locking the thread until the last one is finished.
Let's try and have at least one non-retarded post this thread neets. You can do it. I know you can.
Lost whole day to stress.  New doctor doesn't like me, didn't understand what I was trying to tell him. Woe
Because I'm autistic I can't communicate with my doctor.
Normies can't guess my emotions, but normies don't understand this and just guess how I'm feeling seemingly at random. 

Doctor asks how much pain I was in and I didn't know how to answer, how long is a piece of string? I've got a very high pain tolerance so it's hard to quantify. 
Then he thought I didn't believe him about somthing and got angry, no clue why because everything he said was true. 
Then he became frustrated because he couldn't work out why I was there or what I wanted. 
Difficult day unna. Needed culturally appropriate care.
I did some reading and a lot of people said it's pointless unless you notice problems with steering (ie. car pulling to right or left when driving straight). But whatever I'm too beta to tell Bob no.
sucked off her dad
"Beekeeping is the maintenance of bee colonies, commonly in man-made beehives. Honey bees in the genus Apis are the most commonly kept species but other honey producing bees such as Melipona stingless bees are also kept. Beekeepers keep bees to collect honey and other products of the hive: beeswax, propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly."
Weber needs to get his diabetes diagnosed and treated and also needs a sleep test to get his apnea diagnosed. He will feel much better when he is sleeping with a CPAP. A lot of the negativity and depression will vanish.
The Endchan Embassy contacted the Australian Embassy expressing their concern for Weber's well-being.
Weber just Needs to run over some yowies in the corvette and he will feel right as rain. 

Also requesting “Blood in Blood Out” get added to the moofie list along with the Vandamme Moofie “Sudden Death”


> 3 types of meat product with eggs?
You guys don't do that?
We also have a 'mixed grill' as an evening pub meal which typically has some combination of sausage, steak, pattie, lamb chop, bacon, egg, fried tomato, mushroom
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Had dimmies, chippies and flake from the charcoal chicken joint. Average, flake tasted like fish fingers. Chips were good but I ate too many, like always. 
No goon yet. Still taxed. Squirting.
Thanks for asking. Nuro has just been pulling 12 days at the shop trying catchup on the backlog . And every bike that I fix three more come in it’s nuts really. Weather has been shite too. No need to go to Noosa today. No time to shitpost either really :/
It's a shitty badge every soldier who can run some minimum distance and hit a target at 100 meters from prone (and supported) gets. Wearing it on civvies is bizarre and probably violates uniform rules.
He is ex-ADF, so I don't doubt he "earned" it, but I can't work out why he'd think it was acceptable or cool to wear it on a suit.
He's also wearing it on the wrong side.
> The AIRN Badge is worn above the right breast pocket, below emblems of unit citations and individual Service commendation badges or medallions.
Amazon delivered a package around 3pm today and I texted my neighbour and asked him to rescue it and he didn’t respond.
You have to watch it at least twice. Once to see the story and another time too see it again to reflect on it unfolding. It was his life, probably that scene here  >>/762325/ in hotel happened. Pure madness.
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This meme seems good but then you need to factor in that they have not provided for agents of chaos.
There are people who would throw the books around, set the books on fire, piss on the books etc. All for no good reason.
Your be wrong on all counts. 
If it's worth selling for a margin it's worth stealing for the entire retail price. A thief makes more selling books than the book store. 
Then you've got books which are seriously valuable, archeology or collectible value. Some texts are proprietary, research papers mainly.
I am just saying taking a backpack full of books stacked on the footpath would be unlikely to yield you enough resale value to be worth the effort.
We are not talking about stealing rare or valuable books. Those would not be on the side of the road.
If you think you might need glasses (vision getting a bit blurry when reading) do you need to see your GP for a referral or can you just go to one of those OPSM stores or whatever?
I went to the party place
Heaps of normies out and about of course. Some girls in halloween gear but not many. 
Got some mercs and a long neck and walked amongst the revellers in my shorts and thongs to the car, an obvious standout amongst the rm's and tight dresses. 
So much outpouring of thoughts and prayers for that woman that got killed. 
No one would give a fuck if I got killed.
she has noticed the mondster isnt the usual colour in the glass and is apologising and calling herself stupid
I have to take her supermarket shopping this morning and then "shopping for the kids presents" which will mean going everywhere looking at bullshit
18 people to move her is a lot
> Lizzo Asks Court to Dismiss Ex-Dancers’ Sexual Harassment Lawsuit as 18 Staffers Back Her
Weber, I have some trousers for a suit that need to be taken up. Should I just take the shoes with them for the measurements or might I need the jacket at well?
Yeah, I realised that as it was happening. I hope it has been done right. It wasn't Marnie but two of her assisstants and it was rather confusing.
You'll have to post a headless picture of yourself on the morning.
Weddings can be a good place to meet girls too. The nature of the event also makes it quite obvious which girls know how to dress classy and which ones don't or have shitty tattoos in stupid places.