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Yeah well explain how you lot can all make posts about the previous thread ending yet can't make anything in the 10 minutes between then and me noticing and creating a new thread? Are you all retarded or computer illiterate or something?
Remember they had that pizza photography thing and then got rid of it after it just backed up the customer complaints about shit food
I haven't had pizza in ages. Local Dominoes went completely to shit and then the expensive but good place went expensive but bad.
Remember the photo I posted of the younger niece's class where she was stood off to the side as the token white girl next to ~32 yellow/brown pieces of shit?
My local pizza shop just sold out to pizza hut, have no idea if their pizzas are any good or not as they haven't had a store here in 20 years.
Pizza Hut are in the same race to the bottom as Dominos and Australian Pizza House and Eagle Boys and whatever else I've forgotten.
Scratch that. You'd need to use the Google developer console to create API creds for headless 0auth, which probably means a google cloud 'project' with access to the personal google drive FS. 

Submit a ticket and I'll action it after the long weekend. 
Priority: Low
Project: None
Not him, but I think it's a mobile phone issue. My iPhone does similar when I post attachments. I have to delete them before hitting post.
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Consoomed champagne and amphetamines and oxy. Bought to have that kino first doggie of the day. Samantha Fox vinyl rips on the hiby

Eagle boys was everywhere on Queensland in the 90s. Everyone knew they were trash, but somehow they had some deals people could not refuse. And then suddenly they were gone and no one gave a fuck.
Worked today you menially ill fatherless derroranged piece of fucking dogshit. 

Heading down tomorrow when I fucking feel like it. Back when I feel like it. 

Die die a little bit.
Negro always gets narky around Christmas as he is embarrassed about being cut off from his mothers. This is why it makes such a big deal of this stupid fatherless meme. He thinks his father buying a hamburger for him every year or two offsets the intervention orders his relatives have against him.
Oh look the board just spooled up a fresh IP but we see you

Multiple personalities and gaslighting incoming. Big mad soon. What a fucking looser.
Remember that time when we didn't have to put up with these two fags screaming at each other for a while?
That was a good time.
The ones I went to had the RSPCA rule that a staff member had to be present when you were fucking the chicken so you didn't get too rough with the chicken.
There was a knock-off chicken treat behind the cinema that didn't care what you did to the bird and would let you fuck on site without supervision in a private room.
Back when I was a boy I'd fuck all the dogs in the garden and fixings aisle then go into the car park and return some trollies for the dollar coins.
Would get a sausage and drink with enough left over to rent a video game.
Good wholesome childhood fun. Kids these days just put on a VR hekmet and fuck virtual dogs the lay cunts wheres the romance in that?
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thumbnail of bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.jpg
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Thank you neets for the support. 
It was very difficult to stop drinking, mostly because of all the fuck heads I had to cut off. Only last night a fuck head was trying to get me to drink, i don't get out much anymore but have got my shit together, am saving money, got a lot done for my family. My grandparents got to see me sober and employed, I'm semi employed, at least employable.
My health has improved a lot, I don't crave alcohol any more, I still suffer chronic nightmares but I'm going to make it. 

We're all going to make it NEETs
It doesn't simulate the struggle either.
You always started on the slower, older dogs then moved on to bigger more aggressive dogs and you got paid more for it.
I broke a mean pitbull that 3 other kids couldn't and bunnings gave me $2 and a golden star.
New Beatles song, Now and Then:

He let Epstein (his manager) wank him off.
Does anyone remember Gary Busey's email address?
I want to email him to see if he will come back and post here again. The board hasn't been the same since he left.
so he got the occasional tug job from a faggot jew, who hasn't? Just so long as you utter the phrase 'no homo' at the right time, it doesn't count right?

Drunk tank for boongs opening up. No white cunts allowed. Culturally sensitive pisshead care.
I think with a bit more work, it could have been a psychological thriller/horror. Now it was a window to a piece of recent history.
I'm always smelling chlorine or bleach from the gook who lives next door. What nefarious things could that smell indicate?
I finished watching Casablanca. That NEET was right about it being propaganda. The ending made it very obvious.
I need money bad to pay my bills. I need neet wisdom to pick a winning horse and invest all my money on him. It's the only way.
I kicked a fat kid in the knee in grade 8 he was in a wheel chair for 2 months and I never saw him run again.
an unplugged microwave carries enough residual current to kill you, even if it's been unplugged for months. So never try to repair a broken microwave unless you know how to discharge the capacitor.
Having said that, I'm back from a cruise. Gonna binge on some oxycodone I found in my memory box. 
Gym tomorrow, this time for real for real.
Cruisey is the only NEET with any positive popularity left this week and that is only because we don't know about the poo yet.
Cenno landed. Might pull an allnighter. 
Get a full tank of fuel, go for a sunrise cruise, get a vape, do a grocery haul.
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Took 2 valiums because I wasn't feeling the oxy. They've both kicked in very nicely. 
Slightly weak, knees, enjoyable to scratch my pubes. Vision is a little blurry but I don't mind. Swaying my head like a slow dance. 
Looking at properties in the south of Spain, dreaming of a new life with the Argentinian
Wish I was sitting in monks car punching billies and watching trucks on the horizon as the sky starts to lighten around 0430 and looking at star maps doing short yoga routines towards Jupiter
Dad used to take me to the viewing area at the airport, just after the runway. 
We should do shrooms and listen to Om there sometime. 

They're meant to be for the physical withdrawals but my last drink was Tuesday night so I'm fine now. They gave me 40, at up to 6 a day per the recommendations thats a weeks worth. I reckon I'll put the rest in my medicine box and maybe use them for job interviews or other stressful shit. Not particularly recreational.
Big cruise to the CBD for sunrise. Two big red bulls. Went for a walk, never been there that early without being fucked on rum and cokes and pingaz. Quite pleasant actually. 
Saw two crackheads in a big argument, saw a decent crowd outside the strippers, saw a garbo driver yell at a pajeet who didn't understand hook turns. Did a good deed. Got a mighty mcmuffin and 3 hash browns for breakakaky
I tried to play magic once but the cunt teaching me just told me what cards to put down so he could win.
It was not much fun.
Last week I watched the neighbour lady over the road struggling to bring her bins in. She is very old and uses a walking frame.
I did not go over and help her even though I easily could have. And the reason I didn't is because she once called me a big fella.
I am not your "big fella".
This fatphobia has to stop.