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why are so many threads lately being made by bungling amateurs? We used to have a team of professional thread makers here on ausneets
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At woolies I saw a beaner who looked like an extra from Sicario. He had neck and arm tattoos, shaven head, dark skinned full blooded aztec, and was licking food off his fingers in the most disgusting way. What are beaners doing in this country?
Somebody took a shit in teh other thread and left without flushing. Very rude and uncivilised behaviour.
He went to Cruiseys house to do the deed but when he saw the green bin he screamed Ay caramba un contenedor del diablo and ran for his life.
I feel like I've done something to embarrass myself but I can't actually recall what it was.
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That motherfucker who owes me money and sent me $500 on the 5th sent me this bullshit on the 16th. Another fortnight then elapsed on the 31st without anything.
I particularly like the way somebody who owes thousands thinks their streaming season pass for nigger basketball somehow takes precedence over their debt.
Public drunkenness to become legal in Victoria tomorrow. 
Anyone keen for a pissup in an alleyway?
As Tony Soprano said, unless you are harsh with these cunts who owe you money, eventually they start acting like they are doing you a favour by paying anything back.

> A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the 53-year-old’s death was being treated as non-suspicious.
> Triathlon officials are investigating other injuries sustained during the event, including a serious head injury to an unregistered participant riding an e-bike without a helmet.
Yeah that was me. I've got a domain on godaddy and a server with linode. I used the one click install linode app for wordpress and put the IP in an A record on godaddy. But the website still just displays the default example page and not wordpress for some reason.
Looking at my linode dashboard now, I don't think the marketplace wordpress setup thing actually configures it, but rather just installs wordpress when you create the server. 
I'd be able to configure it but alas would need access. You could probably use chatgpt to help you, probably just need to change the default directory from /var/www to wherever apache sits. 

It's funny how when Russia/Ukraine kicked off, along with previous things like Syria, Afghanistan, etc, the government forbid anybody go there, yet they've got no problems with kikes here flying over there to take up arms and for ex-politicians like this scumbag to go over there.
No shit, retard.
ProjectionistNEET does however administer the Womboflix server I set up and hasn't fucked anything up in a couple of years. Hence my recommendation of trust.
I just dont like double standards. If Moshe can put his diaper on and join the IDF, Mohammad can put a tea towel on his head and join ISIS.
I've had my chair from officeworks a year now and it leans to one side and smells like arse.
It's all scammed from that NDIS scheme anyway so he wouldn't give two(2) fucks while passed out in the coop with a big black dildo up his arse.
Give Monk a chance to come through for the NEET. Although the fact he didn't immediately create and post said protonmail address suggests my faith is misplaced.
It wasn't tubz, it was a Cucktorian schmuck who didn't even get to ride the bike he paid manuro five dollars to rig with a hidden electric motor. Triathlons start with the swim, then bike and finish with a run.
Nuro would float well so the swim bit is ok and he'd obviously win the bike bit but I think it was the run that killed him, poor fella.
Does that mean those posts from the church last night were Nuro posting from beyond the grave?
Have we been contacted in a deep and dark manner?
No but he seemed impatient with them. I think the Pajeets feel degraded when they need to help the oldies with their walkers. It might be something their caste is not meant to do.
Interesting part where he spoke with his lawyers about deporting a Hamas-linked guy who is staying in the UK (I think?)

He must have some money
> He must have some money
You can tell just from his accent that he comes from old money. Probably so much so that he never had to work a real job outside of academia or some academic think tank.
It would be a different story if those olds were street shitters. This is why I hate imported Pajeet GPs so much, the cultural barrier equals zero empathy.
You do have to do them but the online courses are so mind numbingly stupid it will take you 5-10 minutes when they allocate 6 hours.
You don;t need to read the material just go to the questions.
Last one I did was cert3 in Business and Information technology and the closest thing to information tech was cutting and pasting a bit off a form to an identical form with the bits missing.
And they had a set of questions on how to talk to trannys in the workplace, not even joking.
Idk. I have an Arts degree from USyd, English/History and it was hard. My family is lower class basically and getting a degree shaped me up.
I wasn't having a go at arts or humanities, I was just saying you can listen to a person from the UK speak and know almost instantly where they're from and what social class they belong to.
Sounds like Sweetie has a grass seed in her ear. Motherbat has booked her in with the vet for Friday morning, because she has appointments on Wednesday and Thursday I am taking her to Flinders for her bum and stomach telescope thingo.
More things to worry about.
I think you get that some of that accent through a good uni, I think I did a bit. The average Aussie is really crass to me in both accent and language
Nah, have to do some reverse proxy bullshit for a gas company.
Last year's trifecta was $17,668.70:1, so this years will be back down to returning a few hundred to one unless there is another major upset. Those only seem to happen once or twice a decade. I don't have the spare cash to game it regardless.
Don't even know who is running this year. Previous years I at least knew the favourite's name in case I had to make small talk with some fucking office pogue. Not even entirely sure I'll be able to be civil when spoken to tomorrow.
what if sweetie is really a massive german sheperd, trained to bark out tunes to beethoven and wagner and famous nazi rally songs whenever she goes for a walk?
I wonder if this has redpilled any of those ZOGbots. Probably not.
Do they keep a possum catching stick as standard equiptment at a footy stadium?
Seems a bit suss.
You point an A record in DNS at the server's IP and you configure Apache/Nginx (the web server software) and Wordpress to answer for www.whatever.com
Chan owner must gas the kikes from polru, or i will kill all this site with us laws abusement
Tell him
Chan owner, this site will be destroyed, if u dont gas the kikes in polru, they ban all anti-jewish posters, not muslims
suddenly this is a whole lot less sad
Oh great, Nuro's back to work tomorrow and is taking the wagie anger by spamming the board again. At least it's not soyjacks righ?...
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This Wednesday on womboflix we will be showing the adult animated superhero series Invincible. I haven't seen it, but it's very highly rated and has been approved by the critical drinker, and follows a teenage boy whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

On Saturday a bunch of somali dindus hijack a ship in the action thriller Captain Phillips (2013), then on Sunday some white dudes take on a pair of man eating lions in the historical adventure film The Ghost And The Darkness (1996)
If I was a bossman I would hire a pretty girl to make the coffee and then i would fall in love with her and then she would reject me and I would turn to drink and the business would fail.
Fucked up the hallway paint and archetraves dragging the stupid fucking mattress box sections out
Neighbour must have heard me carrying on and came out into the yard with his phone up filming asking if I was OK and telling me to calm down
He probably saw a king single box section go cartwheeling across the yard and the wheels exploding and flying all over the place
as well as me screaming and yelling and smashing things
I opened the front screen door by using the box section as a battering ram
I watched Season 1 of Invincible when it came out and I remember thinking it was pretty good.
The protagonist has a negress love interest but she is not that annoying. She is annoying but it could be worse.
I had half of friday and all of saturday and sunday to do this and did nothing
I also told Bill to stay away.
They did that with Preacher too, Petal was meant to be a blonde American bible belt girl and they turned her into a negress gangster.
Bad home happenings: Big commotion from the neighbours so i go out the back and casually take an interest and I'm scrolling on my phone really obviously because I'm nervous and dont want the chud to think I'm fully checking him out because he's a unit. I ask him if everything is okay because he's red with rage and has obviously been taking it out on the home furnishings (I dont think he lives there) so its obviously a domestic. He denys anything is wrong and just stares menacingly at me until I start thinking about him taking his rage out on me instead of the furniture. Inside now, looking out the venetians. Have dialled 0 and 0 already just thumb over the last 0. Shaking. I hate this place.
tomorrow morning I will shower and put on fresh clothes before going to the stupid work place
I do get that feeling, you're doing a project and it's taking too long so you push hard and fuck something up which makes you angry and then you go fuck it and then it all goes red and you wake up in a paddy wagon with bits of aboriginal in your hair.
There's so much I want to tell her. So much I need to tell her.

Within 30 years we've gone from blurry magazines to imaginary porn made real.
2053 NEETs will probably be able to download the imagination porn to a home cloning machine the lucky cunts.
tried one of those cheap phone holders that splits the screen into two images and tracks your eyes
good for a headache, not much else