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By I get to Motherbat’s tomorrow night, she will have started her surgical grade laxative preparation. Might need to wear my respirator.
> worst housing crisis in history
> Over the next five years, the Albanese government is planning on bringing in around 1.5 million migrants
Completely unrelated
MCC has a slight ooopsie whoopsie on his second client's network
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It doesn't matter how red pilled you are about the vaxx, the jews taking the ukraine for their khazarian homeland, the invoice psyop, mass immigration &c.. If your not four fifths into a personal survival program then your effectively just a spectator inside a burning house. That what I hate about you NEETs, your retarded hubris that (You) know whats really going on with the shadow masters and the cave without ever wanting to get out.
It's a meme when it comes from a demented little wanker like you who talks in memes and lives in his imagination.
Fuck off back to 4chan with you.
Limitted myself to 20, so put a pineapple in.
Got the feature in the free games on the dollar bets.
Got to 160, then put 10 in a different machine. Good 10 mins of entertainment.
Thats 100 up spreadsheetneet
Not sure why. They talk about ridiculous fees if they can't get to the bin when its due to be collected etc. Every other time they've been quick to grab it. One prick even rocked up about 4.30am once.
Hey BO can we install some custom javascript that bans cunts who post the same image more than once? It should ruin IGAY's life because he cant post his cringe endlessly.
There was chaos at the shops, the internet was out and they were only taking cash.
Quite glad it's still on here.
The sim card on my phone seems fucked. I don't even have reception for emergency calls. Would this indicate a hardware issue with it? When I get home I'll get my sim card pick and try taking it out to reseat it.
got my warm subway (chicken classic) and fucken boss phoned me as I was leaving so I pulled over and he went on and on and on about shit until my sandwich was cold when I got home
Would have been *chef kissy fingers* if this had happened yesterday before and during the Shitbourne Cup.
> “The team has tried a number of parts of restoration. So far, we have not had the results that we have hoped for,” Bayer Rosmarin said.
Hey monk I tried uploading the theme again. This time I used the user/pass you gave me. I tried on the domain and the IP. It says "Failed to connect to FTP Server dilettante.au/:21"
Qantas and Optus have made good arguments this past week or two for forced nationalisation of critical industry.
> An Optus source, who did not wish to be named because they were not authorised to speak publicly, said a BGP prefix flood from a peer was likely causing the issues on the telco’s core network.
Does this mean anything real?
BGP peers share routing information with each other in the form of prefix advertising. A prefix is a subnet plus a list of AS numbers which say which ASNs traffic has to pass through to get to that subnet.
Routers can only hold so many table entries, so if there is a flood of bullshit/unneccesary advertisements, important routes can get dropped or changed.
Could be either, but more likely to be an accident. Filters are usually set up on BGP routers to restrict the updates they care about and from where, but Pajeet might have done something dumb.
Bad actors have occasionally manipulated BGP to route traffic through a router under their own control though.
Blog will be fixed ASAP. I’m at Maccas to get online. Just gonna cruise all day until the network is back.
Every time I opened them in the morning. I kept receiving an error that it didn't exists or has been deleted. I couldn't experience them at all.
I might have accidentally left some Nazi ornaments out when the inspectors came to install bugs in my house.
We are back (maybe), albeit with weak 3G. 

I had one yesterday, and didn't drop it. They need to put the sauce on properly, but its probably my new go-to dolans meal.
They’re probably prioritising voice and sms services and will sort internet last. It probably also doesn’t help x million Optus phones have suddenly come alive at the same time either
Neither of you should be posting screenshots with usernames and IPs here. You've seen teh schitzo dickhead posts here in the last 72 hours. Use the same email addresses you used to first establish comms with each other.
> Federal Senator Sarah Hanson-Young slammed the outage a “disgrace” and said the Greens would be pushing for an inquiry into the telecommunications failure. 
imagine getting summoned to that senate enquiry and just replying to all of her questions with comments about getting fucked up the arse at uni in exchange for votes
I spent an hour or so out in the sun cleaning up the backyard. Absolutely exhausted.
Too fat to expend energy like this.
I’m scared my real name will get doxxed on here. Luckily I used a shit fake name for the other account
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thumbnail of invincible2.jpg
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Seventeen-year-old Mark Grayson is just like every guy his age, except that his father is Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. As Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father's legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

Womboflix will be streaming some episodes from the adult superhero tv show Invincible tonight, at 7pm AEDT. Now's your chance to see if it really deserves the high ratings it's received.
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Mummybot sent me a text saying "Monk, I am done with you." after I didn't reply to the 3 texts she has sent me in the last month. I blocked her. Christmas at the jetty.
Monk is a fuck-up but mum needs to accept some responsibility for fucking him up.
She shouldn't act like she is a victim of his actions. It is the other way around.
Fuck her.
We don't choose to be abused and neglected by our parents. And we don't choose to have the mental damage that creates.
Blow it out your arse.
I will burn those warts off your dick while we are fishing too Monk. I will look up on YouTube to see how to do it.
Monk's degeneracy is a line in the sand that the other neets can point to and say "at least I'm not thatbig a loser", hence they will rush to defend him or otherwise that line in the sand starts getting uncomfortably close.
You might want to look into using Lets Encrypt to serve the site over TLS, and updating Wordpress from 5.8.3 to 6.3.x (unless there is a reason to stick with v5).
There are also some things you can do to turn off user enumeration, Apollo Sinclair.
Every retard here eventually gets drunk and careless with their dirty secrets. Thats how my psycho analysis files on all you NEETs get filled in bit by bit. I know about wombo's gnome fetish and IGAY's attraction to minors. You have to be sober and careful to keep you privacy here, that precludes 6 of you straight away.
Had a chicken schnitzel and chips and gravy and two slices of bread and butter and a Bulla Neapolitan Cornetto thing. Having a bottle of Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon now.
Sweetie is alternating between shaking her head and letting it hang down. She is seeing the vet at 10.30 on Friday.
Motherbat's neighbour had to come and collect a bunch of bees who had decided to start a new colony in her backyard this morning.
She starts on the poo juice at 6pm apparently.