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After my shower yesterday my  knuckles looked a bit dark but now they have gone back to normal.
Worried it might be the insulin resistance. The beetus.
I and Possum were having tea and biscuits at a beachside cafe once when Nuro rode up to us on his eeb heroically.
He flung his arms wide and said in a loud booming voice "MY KNEE GROWS" before switching the eeb back to hyperdrive and whizzing away.
We discussed it for hours afterwards and neither of us saw any change in his knees, it was most strange.
Alright NOOTs, I am going to collect the old bag and drive her back to Victor. Thanks for entertaining me for the afternoon.
Sandwich was bad. 
Cheese, salami, mayo. Too oily, too salty. Very frustrated at the falling quality of mayonaise
Pork is about to became really cheap neets, there's some kind of strike going on and the abetoirs are selling off everything as it is to local butchers and supermarkets
I am sorry you had a bad experience. Those are all very fatty ingredients. Some salad with it might have cut through the greasiness. You need to balance your meals.
It is weird how the christmas leg hams are $8 a kilo but you go to the deli to get some slices and they are $25 a kilo.
Aggressive engine revving going on down the street. Bad home behaviour. They like the loud noises.
thumbnail of oppenheimer_movie.jpg
thumbnail of oppenheimer_movie.jpg
oppenheimer... jpg
(1.02 MB, 2331x3454)
Ok, the movie appears to be legit. I know I said we'd play more episodes of Invincible, but do neets want to watch Oppenheimer (2023) tonight instead?
> Call MAX to give them the old 'muh depression' excuse to get payments reinstated
> Office closes at 4pm Mon-Fri

What happened to the 9-5 I thought was standard for white-collar businesses?
thumbnail of oppenheimer2.jpg
thumbnail of oppenheimer2.jpg
oppenheimer2 jpg
(61.13 KB, 640x480)
Womboflix interrupts your regular ausneets viewing to announce an impromptu screening

Oppenheimer(2023) is a 2023 epic biographical thriller film by Christopher Nolan. It stars Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist credited with being the "father of the atomic bomb" for his role in the Manhattan Project—the World War II undertaking that developed the first nuclear weapons.

We will be watching the film over two nights. 90 minutes tonight, 90 tomorrow.

Will be on in 90 minutes. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
Made spicy tofu, butchered a chicken and am making stock with the carcass, about to make Singapore noodles.
Many noodles in my future
Found beef taco mix from Monday, boiling it in tomato sauce. Will eat this before Singapore noodles
At the commune one long bowl will be filled with noodles once a day, all neets will eat from this long bowl, or trough if you would like to call it.
He just makes up rules willy nilly and asks for votes but does whatever anyway. 
Maniacal. Rabid. 
He bites shirts apart instead of taking them off and pants while smiling, looking at you once. 
1 vote for Manhattan.
Nuro has not been here since Friday nor will be here for a while. Tired of the spam, tired of the bad homes, tired of everything.

You dun goofed waiting for the bluray. The cam was more than watchble and the moofie was an hour too long and i skipped throught the cringey sex scenes

t. Nuro signing off
The silver fox, once legendary for his debonair nature, has now fallen to sleeping in toilets and watching cammed movies. How?
Got a haircut and gf, going to be getting a job through nepotism in about a week or so. Might end up like cheesecake at this rate.
I am shocked at how bad the typing is. I thought his writing was that bad because he knocked it all out in a single pass but it is that bad even after revision and editing. His trotters must be shaking from the brain damage.
We are home. Got a piece of crumbed flathead and a crumbed prawn each and some chips for dinner.
I am having a shiraz now.
The endoscopy revealed an "irregular z-line" and a "hiatal hernia".
The colonoscopy revealed about six 18-22mm polyps, one of which was flagged as a lipoma or ssa (sessile serrated adenoma?). They were removed and sent off for biopsy. It also revealed diverticulitis and some roids in the perianal region (lol).
She has to make a follow up appointment tomorrow.
Surprisingly it's not the butchering but rather the weight that gets you a discount on farmed meat.
Check with a local small farmers outlet, often it's just one farmer buying off another farmer.
The big risk to buying in bulk is if the power goes out and everything in the freezer starts to thaw.
Not as young as this poor gooner

I asked if my nicotine addiction was to blame for the warts not healing on their own. He said thats not the case, its actually the other shit in cigarettes that stop skin issues from healing so I'm all good to vape. 
I'll have to go to the poofter sex clinic to get them torched off. It's just a tiny little group of them near the end of my dick but it'd be visible during a hand/blowjob
When calculating ones based score std's are usually a negative unless they were caught from a hot chick.
She was a clever lady. 
More likely you'd go on holiday or somthing, sometimes I get a cut of meat from someone who's emptying a chest freezer and I just give them dried BEANS in exchange. They're never keen to take the beans but always do, and nobody ever throws out dried BEANS
The other thing you can do is source a cow yourself from a farmer and then get the butchering for free by giving the butcher half the carcass
> But Eddie why are the french testing a nuclear device on a small pacific island?
> I don't know Rick, maybe because it's about as fucking far from france as you can get
> has not been here since Friday
> Tired of the spam
You mean the spam that only began happening a few days ago? The same spam you wouldn't even know about if you had in fact not been here since Friday? That spam?

This is also the same individual who was posting pics Saturday, Sunday and just yesterday. 

Why does he do this? Early onset demtia? Or is his ego so big it simply can't accept anyone being able to see through his blatant lies?

tl;dr Stick to the tennis...
It is because he is PILLBRAINED.
He will post here all day and then claim to have been away for the last week. He has no clue what is going on around him.
I'm finally getting stuck into my list. 

- Update addresses
- Move and organise storage boxes in bedroom
- Call old man
- Gym
- Laundry 

Been squirting like a firehouse.
It's yet another 'leaving forevor' ploy. I've lost count how many he's done in the past year alone. But trust and believe his narcissistic self won't last more than a week without needing to post another shitty beach/eeb pic.
I'd love to see all the private messages sent from the two discord nonces to Shiban through Womboflix. We're talking Guiness World Record level brown-nosing.
You seem to fail to realise nobody other than you gives a shit.
Nobody else is jealous of Nuro.
You just keep doing and saying the same things over and over again like a retard.
It's fucking funny because Nuro is so desperate for someone to admire him and be jealous of him .... and here you are!
It will never stop being funny.
The spam might start again tonight if trotters can be fucked/is still conscious. Otherwise it'll be around midday again tomorrow when he's on another lunchbreak. But lets just blame others because it's easier...
Singapore noodles turned out better than usual. Thicker rice noodle, less soya sauce, keens curry powder (reserved only for Indian fusion), more egg, Chinese sausage. 
Made three serves
folk, yes 
romanian folk? still no 
the internet fucked me in the head 
the only romanian song I can name is ciocarlia
I'm fucking parallel with this country's culture
Woke up not sore after yesterdays scout/nav mission. The chimney sweeps are coming today, I have taken a chudmaxx pixxa out of the freexer for their lunch.
I cant be bothered with micro scale text and markings on instructions and diagrams anymore. I'm gonna get a monocle off aliexpress.