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I happen to know for a fact that Weber is only going to show the Christmas Lesbian AI Porn to NEETs who have been good.
Bad NEETs get to watch an old carboard box with a sock in it.
Motherbat was quite disgusted that Bunnings and/or Wohlers (whichever we happened to be in at 11am) didn't put over an announcement telling everybody to stand still and stfu
if the seppos hadn't taken over the phillipines, and the euros hadn't taken over chunks of china, we wouldn't have gotten into a war with japan
I would cheer if a stronger asian race made china their bitch. The french rekt vietnam and needed former weremacht soldiers to prop up thier forces there until the inevitable defeat.
There is no fucking N in that drama. I made literally three posts and left. 

Either monk is a fucking idiot and can’t / won’t see post IDs / has Stockholm syndrome  / is on Team IGA or all of the above.
> Either monk is a fucking idiot and can’t / won’t see post IDs / has Stockholm syndrome / is on Team IGA or all of the above.
alternate hypothesis - he's fucking drunk most the time
Nuro baby, the reason you get called a lolcow is you keep reacting to bait.
If you just ignored IGA then it would all go away. Instead you keep sperging out.
In the end you become more annoying than him.
Support killing commie-shit


had one and a half chiggen tiddies and a couple of buttered damper rolls for dindins
having some wine now
Get some headphones over the ears. Most won't stop all the noise but will make it more pleasant. Even noise cancelling headphones (no music/sound) for workers do a good job.
I did some more clean up in the backyard. Got covered in dirt and dust from all the raking and sweeping so I had to hop straight into the shower.
Thinking of quitting the diet. I have made pretty good progress but the calorie deficit makes me so depressed and lethargic it is too much of a struggle.
My brain needs the sugar and calories to keep me from feeling awful all the time.
But then I feel awful for being so fat. What a horrible trap I am in. My whole life like this.
I have tried. My body wants to be fat. It craves huge quantities. I can't even function eating an amount of calories that keeps my weight balanced.
Overwhelming need to gorge.
Having the can of seppo cherry coke I bought at the reject shop this mording. After taste is a bit like cough syrup.
Put some fishing gear by the back door so as to minimise Motherbat’s disturbance at 4.30. Might have some bed now
thumbnail of 01 Galloping Towards the Great Land.mp3
thumbnail of 01 Galloping Towards the Great Land.mp3
01... mp3
(10.06 MB, 0x0)
Well as for Mongolian folk metal, Tengger Cavalry has an instrumental album, the Ancient Call. First song uploaded. It has a cool riff I think. The song itself is a bit much repetitive.

Folk songs. This playlist has some instrumental:
Fun thing, the latest seems to be a folk melody from Moldva (the visuals are Hungarian folk art):
It seems it isn't Csángó (Ceangăi how you call them), because at an earlier song it is noted that it's theirs:
Anyway the playlist should feature mostly instrumental songs played on various instruments, from dulcimer, through harp, to harmonica.

This one is Medieval music from the Hungarian Kingdom, not necessarily folk songs, although some are. I'm pretty sure that two - "Három holló" (Three ravens), and "Középkori dudamuzsika" (Medieval bagpipe music) - starting at 1:09 and 8:46 are instrumental. Perhaps others too.

I can look for others, pretty easy to find Hungarian folk music, but harder without singing (since originally they made these to sang them).
> How are you dressing for Diwali? Share your photos with us
> Diwali celebrations are coming up and it's the perfect time to dress to the nines.
Glad the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is focused on Indian holidays on remembrance day.
Maybe next weekend. Need a haircut. 


It wouldn't be worth the boring as fuck conversation over 2 or even 3 dates. All pretend. Interested in TV shows and walking. Wasted money. Fat girls look gross during doggy style too.
Monk just uses Tinder for validation and to feel attractive and wanted. That is why he uses the old photos and doesn't meet anyone who shows interest in him.
Honestly Monk you are like a woman.
The 2L jug looks half empty. The other 2L I swapped at ~10 am was less than half empty when I woke up. At least a litre, getting closer to 2L.
i wish i could cuddle with pippa in bed and watch  CRAZY Explosions and HORRIFYING Demolitions  videos
You will only be locked up if you have a plan to harm yourself or others. Just feeling suicidal without having a plan to do it will be okay.
Okay, thanks. I don't have a plan or anything but I've thought about it in the past.
When I go to the GP and I can express a preference for a man or a woman, what do you think I should say? Do you reckon it matters?
Psychologists are just glorified social workers. Last one literally gave me a print out of year 9 level strategies to cope with stress that included "deep breaths".
I was chasing a woman down the street but she ran into her house and locked the door and wouldn't open it for me.
Absolute bitch
> https://www.businessinsider.com/average-age-ukrainian-soldier-43-amid-personnel-problems-2023-11?r=US&IR=T
> the ukraine may have taken half a million military casualties
> average age of the current ukrainian soldier is now 43
I've been thinking of the ukrainian war as some protracted skirmish thing, but it must be like ww1 out there, with a million plus total casualties
scrubbed and mopped the floors and got bread in the maker, all before brekky and coffee. (You) should be more like me.
took sweaty for a walk
going to have a cup of russian caravan tea and then go to cars and coffee and teh market