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The stuffing is hotter than you might guess. Retains heat a lot longer than the rest of the chicken. I burned my dick more than once. Third degree.
My gut feeling is to make American food colonial. Way closer to German food, from fresh, non refined. 
Smoke hoc, molasses, mustard seed, navy beans.

Then there's 50s american which is processed but unadulterated. A hot dog that's 100% meat. Mcdonalds, Italian American, something tony wouldn't eat. 

Then there's modern American, processed, adulterated, nothing fresh, no spices but lots of powered  ingredients. The powders aren't bad at least. 

So pork and BEANS? It can't be all three.
I mean when it cools down, can't eat a whole roast in one sitting.
Nothing about that sells me. There are many great things you can do with a large cut and roasting isn't one of them. It's just a lazy bulk perpetration.
Finished watching Breaking Bad and I'm going to watch an old pommy show called Ultraviolet that's about vampire hunters next.
Lost a whole hour to YouTube junk. 
Niggers my will is weak, I'm going to give up the whole phone and signal to yall with smoke n shit
Did you NEETs get a lunch made for you at home to take to school each day?
I had a friend whose dad gave him $10 each day to buy lunch from the canteen.
At the time I thought he was lucky - a canteen meal was a treat for me - but now I realise it was actually symptomatic of a bad home situation.
He bought the same thing each day. A pie and a 600ml iced coffee.
I want to be lifted up on a hoist in a stable and have iron shoes nailed to my feet like I was a horse.
I want Cruisey to do it and to talk to me soothingly to keep my calm while calling me Big Fella.

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New Reply on thread #769212
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