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Do you NEETs find yourselves using the internet to find things which bring you joy, or are you constantly being drawn to things which depress and demoralise you?
What you choose to look at is in your own hands. Choose joy.

Old Thread:  >>/769212/
My balls had lint or something on them so I washed them in the sink. Had a shower the other day.
Those fucking whizzer retards installed windows 11 on my laptop while I was away
Weber what day are you getting those blood tests done?
The sooner the better. You must be brave.
I went out and hosed off the car. That is as close as it gets to being washed these days.
At a reputable herder co. 
Had to waddle with my arse clenched back past the managers to the shitter 5 mins after going the first time.
Let out a monster slop kfc grog bog. Minimal skiddies from the unanounced fart.
Need to go back again in a sec. Hiding in the foyer. Planning my attack. I hope noone uses it any time soon.
Its still gurgling.
Senior manager with office near the dunnies has looked at me twice.
She knows.
Probably stunk out their whole wing.
Hiding in the foyer is a bad move, their printer is here.
They keep looking at me.
They're all women so I can just laugh it off.
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Tonight on womboflix we'll be showing more episodes of the hit superhero series Invincible.

This Saturday will be the cold war thriller Ice Station Zebra (1968) and the boxing drama Rocky (1976) on Sunday. Next week will be John Carpenter's They Live (1988) and the murder mystery Knives Out (2019)
On today's morning walk I saw a bad home individual pissing against a fence. Disgusting.
Wombo provides some basic infrastructure and ProjectionistNEET handles the movie selection, downloading, encoding, advertising, etc.
Monk is more of a call centre guy who has worked for IT companies. No technical knowledge beyond getting people to try turning things off and then back on.
160% increase is BASED
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Sadly I had to flex on the only normies I encountered on my mission: A mountain run and static construction job on the old comms station I'm planning to use as a forward observation post in the coming troubles. 

It was two misbegotten femoids, A roastie with two pedigree substitute kids (German pinscher) and her gook sidekick (han chineese). They're taking selfies in yoga pants, probably buzzing from the takeaway coffees, same cups that the local truckstop use still on the dash in the "boyfriends ute". I can hear the dogs up the trail barking, poorly trained so I have some rocks in my pocket already and I catch up with them at the junction to the peak and the dogs are rolling on me while the sluts are taking more selfies and stowing their puffer jackets after the first easy climb. I cant pull the dogs up with dog handler commands in German (no surprise) so I skip a couple rocks across their path, which works and the roastie is angry yelling at me and is holding the frothing beasts as I pass them with some words: I warned your dogs, they heard me and  That peak aint a place for those dogs your gonna break 'em. They're sniffing and pouting and I got 20kilos of gear, Gorka mountain suit and braces over a tacical undershirt  all in ranger green with the field smock, stowed on my load bearing harness in UK DPM. Plus the assault pack with tools and heavy ass level IV hardshell, smock &c.. I literally cant carry enough survival gear for the conditions i'm expecting up there. Compare this to these seething gym bunnies and the lanky short hair gundogs. They got their shit in those bags with string for shoulder straps. 

I could hear them yarping when I stop for a piss half way up but I scratched them off, probably when the trail came out of the forest and into the hard alpine, on the windward side.  They didn't make it, making a liar out of the roastie LOOOL. Honestly those dogs would have probably gotten up there if they werent held back by those dumbass bipeds, but they would have been suffering, there was an icy gale for most of the day.

Got the parts installed. Went back to the camp in the arboretum and sat around in the afternoon sun doing nothing, barefoot. Didn't rain but some nordy possum peed and pood on my tarp, came back via the freexy barn and the old checkout moo recognized me, was all smiles because she knows I'm based and my pin number is 1488.
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Stopped at the country store on the way home to use up the small change and they let me go twenty cents short. So its good I didnt get a bag of ANFO because now the shop lady will remember me.
morning I finished the shift last night I called my dad and apparently the old gooner wants to get a job on the construction site as a machine operator the trouble >he's 50 smth >had a job for 2
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I finished my shift 
last night I called my dad and apparently the old gooner wants to get a job on the construction site as a machine operator  
the trouble
> he's 50 smth and his health is not that good  
> he had jobs for 2 years combined in his entire life (despite working like a madman at the crops and hives) 
> the company is notorious for overworking his employees to the point where half of them get back pain and quit within the first month  
> he thinks he'll only operate the machines 
> the animals, the hives, and the land will all be gone due to the lack of time 
jesus man it's so fucking sad to think that despite working his entire life, he'll be forced to get a job in his old age while also losing the animals 
my mom pushes him to do that without realizing that will ruin him 
she told me there's no other way; everything started breaking apart and there's no money to fix anything 
I feel like it's my fault because ever since I moved in this rat cage shithole they helped me with rent whenever they could   
next year I should have finished college 
but now all I can do is half play the guitar at the expense of my dad's health
if you're a farmer there, it means jack shit 
you're doing actual labor each day 
I've seen construction workers in this city that have it easier
I recommend you all turn of realtime at the bottom. There is a nasty neet that snipes other neets' posts.
All good mate. I like hearing about the lives of the neets. Your English is quite good, both your posting here and your vocaroos. Could you use that to get a job?
Nuro is feellking FEASTED after a very kino afternoon wjole iGAY fatherless bitxhboi seethed alone in his hovel

Goin g to take the night off after a hard day of work .
> Your English is quite good
thank you neet 
> Could you use that to get a job?
I already have a job in security plus my unreliable freelancing profits 
I'm payed to slack off, and I have plenty of spare time (both at work and at home) 
although the pay is not amazing, I can still practice 
if I were to get a real job, all my efforts would go towards that instead of the guitar
took it for
> I know the fuck not
my bad
regular washing will do just fine
he's a man made from one piece 
once he makes up his mind to do something there's nothing you can do about it  
plus there's no money
even if I were to help them, I still wouldn't have enough to get them a new car and kitchen tools
I hate untrained mutts. THese ones have been raised spoiled and they think they are humans. Retard dogs in the bush find blue tongue lizards and kill them instantly. Saw a couple that trip too. Retards in the bush wreck everything. Women with dogs are a red flag straight away.
Got a flat tyre at the supermarket. 
Was wearing one of my tighter tshirts, triceps poppin. Pulled up my trackies and got to changing it, right in front of all the school pickup milfs. On my back under the car looking for the jack point, forearms bursting as I undid the locknuts. My God, they were mirin the chad at work.
I haven't washed myself with soap all year. 
Whats even the point? Water is more than enough.
There is a nasty neet here who refuses to believe that a neet can get any attention at all from girls.
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Back home from teh wage, having first cup of warm goon. At the bus stop there was this chud fixing the tyre on his beat up huyundai excel with the fuked clear coat and none of the wheels were matching. He was a bit of a unit and his trackies must have had busted elastic because he had to keep yanking them up over his bare feet. He's mumbling to hisself and the karens in their audis and SUV's are having a laff and making that thot look  (pic rel) and have the iphone 12 out filming. I felt sorry for the chud but he seemed like he was having a good time. he left his roast chicken on the roof of his car and I bet if I went back it'd still be there in the car space. I wish I was happy like that guy. Happy with a piece of shit car, no shoes and no chicken for tea.
Pulled up my trackies to act as 3 quarter pants. It's what I call "bogan fascist chic", goes especially hard with thongs. 

Get a McCrispy 


I know. It's useless. For some reason I started using shampoo again, went without for a long time too. 

Just stop. We've already perfected the logic against triples.
Saw a guy standing on the edge of a bridge today, went out and sat with him. Talked for a bit about his family, hobbies, normal stuff. The subject of the bridge didn't come up. 

Everyone can be helped, nobody can be saved. You take that approach and the world never wears you down, you never get tired of trying.
Neets will refuse to use soap and then wonder why women in public are disgusted by them.
Dreaming of a few acres around the Gympie region. Get a nice little fruit orchard going with a mango tree, pineapples, bananas, watermelon, passionfruit, lemons/limes just to name a few. A small dam for irrigation purposes and mayhap a beehive or two for pollination.
FRM has started watching documentaries about Ted Kaczynski and keeps comparing me to him.
This misunderstanding stems from the vomitorium which is often mentioned in literature. 
The -orium means a room or place, the verb vomere means to spew, and is used broadly. 

The vomitorium was the exit hall, the room which spewed forth people. Large venues had then for crowd control. 

If you wanted to talk about a room for throwing up in you would say a Vomeria, which isn't a Latin word because no such room ever existed.
I mean that the death of a person is inevitable, saving someone's life is not a purpose unto itself. 
What matters is improving the quality of life, both in the specific and metaphisical sense. 
I would genuinely have been kind to that man if he had not been on the bridge, so it follows that I'll be nice if I see him tomorrow. 

People who go in trying to save others might, but often it's a hollow victory and eventually they give up. People who are simply intent on being kind never win, never lose, and never give up.
Hamam culture is a bit gay. Turkish bikers getting their eyebrows threaded, Russian mobsters in the banya, Greek soldiers in the private spa. But that's ok, it's their life.
I can sense the NEET war coming. Great conquest of the soapies. 
The strong, unwashed, glistening NEETs standing tall against the flakey, acne ridden goblin soapers. Their stench no match for the natural male pheromones of the knightly unwashed.
The audience's tempo is awful, fuck that must be so off-putting for the musicians. And the conductor is fucking around instead of conducting. Orchestra under adverse conditions really shows how good Vienna philharmonic is, they shit all over the mormon tabernacle
> but now I finally know it's name
Yes, although unfortunately there are a lot of hornpipes and more than a few associated with sailors and sailoring
> And the conductor is fucking around instead of conducting
it's new year's day and the conductors are often other musicians (eg baronboim who was fucking around with teh trumpet is a pianist)
They are normally. There is one scene there where he walks down the trumpet line and shakes hands with a guy and pretends to have a toot.
my coworker was an apple fanboy 
> iphone's xxx camera beats actual cameras
> airpods are the best headphones out there 
in 2 shifts I managed to make him understand all phone cameras are shit due to small sensor size, and that nothing beats audiotechnica when in comes to affordable headphones with good quality 
I still feel like I wasted my time because in 2 years from now he'll still have no idea about response curves and dynamic range
Jesus Christ those bottles of Jacobs Creek that Nuro has been drinking are only $7.95 at Dans
Even Monk has more expensive taste
sadly no 
but I can make an argument that first world countries are going to shit due to the lack of town rapists 
think about it: the town rapist keeps the thots in check
they are busier being modest at home/job rather than slutting out on the streets  
if you are a man you need to have a job and stay in shape in order to defend your gf from the local rapist (you don't want to get the shit beaten out of you before watching your gf being raped by a bum) 
all the rape business aside, you can think of that guy as the necessary evil, karma, or god's wrath 
that's why moldova is going to be a superpower by 2030
Keep needing to take naps in the middle of the day. Exhaustion from doing nothing. The NEET life might be killing me.