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someone create a new board and use those id numbers other boards use, I'll post there cause I'm just about had this place, the last two weekends I've kept away because of all the drama,I'm at the stage now where I would rather watch a half dozen episodes everyday of old tv shows that post here.
I don't understand why there is no moderation here.
From what I could gather Chickendinner quit as BO but for some reason it seems he was never replaced and the place is basically just unmoderated now.
Why was there not a new BO selected after chickendinner quit?
> Residents of a tiny town where a 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped say they are “living in fear” after hundreds of migrant farm workers moved in.

The climate coons are coming
Cat bit me with its one rotten tooth. Fuck cat, I was just lying there I didn't do anything. 
Got the detol out, might get sepsis anyway
Nuro posted there all the time. He couldn't stay away from iga. The attempt by iga to escape nuro was what lead to nuro shitting in a pan.
> As if that fuckup monk will even respond to reports or enforce any rules
I'm just a janny. A help helper. I don't look at reports. imissfather is still the big boss.
imissfather won't do anything about IGA because then the neets will ask why Nuro is still being protected.
We just need to start over somewhere new. 
Weber needs to buy ausneets.com and bring the ban hammer down. 
A strongman to lead us to the light.
No you are just a fuck up. A fucked up fuck up. You don’t look at your own life. Imissfather quit. Goondaddy is on team IGA and /ausneets/ has reached the end.
Fish curry is very good. Huge flavour in these southern curries, good choice for multi pack. Spicy, bitter, pungent. Not quiet fishy enough with tuna, might even warrant the vile fermented fish paste.
thumbnail of cancer virus.jpg
thumbnail of cancer virus.jpg
cancer... jpg
(211.89 KB, 760x1307)
I offered to rid the board of its hated cringe pedophile and kick that commie cruisey to the kerb where he belongs, but the fag BO at the time didnt want to hurt anyone's fee-fees and instead made it a safe space for his ilk. That offer has gone cold, I dont care if this board goes the way of Something Awful.
Tiffo is actually a tankie, he just doesnt know it.
I bet if I got some quotes by Trotski and put them on a picture of Goebbels, he'd share them with the nsn.
Tiffo is an eco-volk socialist soldier. He cares not for either social media or rhetoric doctrine.
thumbnail of snowtown movie.jpg
thumbnail of snowtown movie.jpg
snowtown movie jpg
(103.54 KB, 527x715)
Two X and salt for morning tea. Got some Barely Max™ on the boil. I cant do curried x sandwiches without thinking of that scene out of Snowtown with the fat chick posing naked.
goddammit last night I passed out after drinking half of the bottle 
and now it's too late to drink the rest, in 3 hours and a half I have to be at work
Dont know if the new pandemic psyop just dropped, but stay away from gook whores for a bit. Cruisey is a commie degenerate and supports isreal. Can you turn on ID flags for his IP? I want one that puts a red star on all his posts.
1) Probably not.
2) Cruisey is a neet here. Tiffin (nuro's friend) thinks Cruisey is a communist and hates him for it.
Nuro and tiffin have been trying to get us to move to discord so they can have control over our community.
cancers from viruses are a tiny subset of cancer medicine. Even those ones commonly understood to cause cancer like HPV and cervical cancer is based on highly dubious data. Its a good psyop straw man tho. An airborne flu like pandemic illness that gives you fatal cancer in six months. I hope its real TBQH
What can I use to scratch my scratchie ticket? I don't have any coins and I don't want that nasty stuff under my fingernails.
Thinking about back in 33 when tiff was the arm of the nsdap and I was kicked out and had to hide with yugo scum for a decade because I couldnt explain the difference between a kibbutz and a commune once
And all because you want to perpetuate the myth that gambling means you'll lose.
Just regurgitated 'what could you be doing' adverts.
I used the blunt end of a knife to do my scratchie. Won $7, a $2 profit.
I have tickets for tonight's powerball and Saturday's lotto too.
Going to strike it rich.
Bad home individuals arranging the details of a trip to the fish and chips shop by yelling to each other from different ends of the street. No dignity.
that kind of mentality is bullshit 
a lot of people don't drink, don't smoke, and don't gamble but still live paycheck to paycheck and have nothing to show for it 
if anything, statistically speaking you can only lose a salary, but you can win 10 times more
I did my 32 bodyweight squats. The last two times I have had my knees pointing further outwards. Can feel the burn.
I think the lottery can be a healthy form of gambling since it gives you something to look forward to and can inspire you to imagine a better future for yourself, even if it is a future gained by not doing any work to earn it.
The pokies are a bit more grim, they do not inspire any higher imaginings but rather just let you dissociate for a time in the present.
Dissociation has its uses but playing the pokies is an expensive way to do it.
No I don't. Bodyweight is enough. Get some muscle and some flexibility without injuries or grunting and groaning.
I used to hate doing squats with the bar. Worst exercise by far. Used to hurt just having it sit on my shoulders. Never again.
I am looking up exercises to do so that you can sit cross-legged on the floor like a school kid. I could never do it properly even when I was a schoolkid.
I want flexibility. I want to be LITHE and SUPPLE. Wish I had Based Tiffo to lead me through his callisthenics routine.
Puntneets are one of the lowest spiritual forms of neet.
Suffering both the phisical and the metaphysical, but still degenerating.

The neet in the center of the tightrope can only better himself, he is spiritually static and can remain in this position forever. 
The punt neet still has a long way to fall, gradually losing sight of right and wrong.
7 posts containing "weber" in this thread.
1 post in the spam thread that should have been deleted hours ago.
20 in the previous thread, about 15 of those last night from that N/IGA cunt
Dissociation is always tied to moral decent, so is always degenerate.
Mongs in the state of nature have no self awareness and so cannot dissociate. A higher moral agency is needed to dissociate, and the highest moral being could dissociate but doesn't. 

So it is the puntneet who is the most degenerate, having the most to lose and actively losing.
ProjectionistNEET: Did you acquire the Invincible: Atom Eve special or the first four episodes of Season 2?
Having a Lava Guava Mother on that NEET's recommendation. Forgot to take it with me to the Whizzers this morning, so washing down my Subway with it now.
Its the other way around. Pokies means you at least need to leave the house.
Cross lotto returns are way worse than pokes.
Just because your grandma endorces one doesnt mean the other one is worse.
The NEET on the tightrope will stagnate and not move for risk of failure.
PuntNEETs enbrace change.

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
This Demon Slayer anime teaches good values. That you have to work hard to become good at something. That you have to persist through doubt and adversity. That you need to win other people's respect with your actions.
Hollywood stories these days has the hero being perfect from the start and only being doubted because of bigotry etc.
Go on.
If I'm profitting financially, what is this loss?
If it's because I'm sitting in front of a screen, pressing buttons and wasting time, I cant see how that is a moral quam.
thumbnail of 8a26a730bdbf0b872ddcd52a2fa3d8f4-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 8a26a730bdbf0b872ddcd52a2fa3d8f4-imagejpeg.jpg
8a26a730bdbf0b872ddcd... jpg
(223.37 KB, 1080x1080)
no its because in a thousand parallell time lines you are a loser and only in one did it pay off. The prudent NEET what does not be a degenerate is a little winner in every single parallell universe including the one odd case when he loses, because he acts prudently the next day with 1000 to one odds he wins the day, negating his little loss. Your just a dopamine addict chasing a high with money that could be saved for a car or education or some material upgrade.  This is why the prudent neets are sitting pretty with all the nice things a job can afford them and  you are just a spaz in a hovel surrounded by empty goon boxes and spent scratchies.
Losing awareness of wrongdoing is virtually the definition of degeneration, of course you wouldn't see the moral issue, you see only the material gain/loss because you are degenerating towards the material. 

"Getting" is not a virtue, it's not the same as earning. Gamblers dissociate and believe that they've actually earned their winnings somehow. Every gambler I've ever known thought they had a special system or understanding, straight up narcissism and that's what the gambling was really fueling. They didn't care how much they won or lost it was just a degenerate self esteem exercise. Hence my comment. Doesn't matter if you lose or gain materially, how rich or poor you were to begin with, or how much you enjoy it. Go on, tell me how it's valid as a activity and compare it to other hobbies, you gamblers are all cut from the same block. 

What you're losing is personal accountability, you're divesting from reality into a world where gambling makes you better and abstaining makes you worse. You lose sight of why what you're doing is wrong and become addicted in just the same way a heroin addict becomes addicted to the phisical gratification.
lol ACSC/ASD just called thinking I was still at the sheltered workshop
trying to contact my old boss
> save for material things
Pokes, chokes and tokes.
Your multiverse faggotry is the same in all of them and base, carnal, short lived moments of pleasure are all we really keep.
I own a house and cars etc, its all nothing.
I said it had been a couple of years
I did send her an email saying call these cunts and what I suspect it is about (Citrix Netscaler RCE zero days)
> Your just a dopamine addict
> car 
that just takes money out of your pocket
useless unless you live on the country side/you have a job that requires you to drive  
> education
waste of money, you can learn most thing for free nowadays 
but if you meant qualification, you got a point
> material upgrades 
might be worth it now and then 
> you are just a spaz in a hovel surrounded by empty goon boxes
kek you know what site you're posting on, right? 
not even a gambler, but I understand the mindset 
look, everybody has some sort of obsession and/or addiction, stop shitting on others
wait, is this guy a legit aussie? 
how come none of us considered that this guy might be the self righteous troll who stepped up his game?
I am accountable. I dont get the issue. I think spending $20 at kfc is a waste but people enjoy it. When they get that perfect go bucket, they act like their timing and whatnot was the work put in.
But not really, because like them, I know that my system isnt real. 
Its just a moment, which is all we have.
 >>/771545/ Like I said, you're clearly trying to reinforce the validity of pleasure seeking and trying to frame the issue as a material one. Getting $20 through gambling isn't compatable to earning $20, and losing $20 through gambling isn't CompuServe to
Having to spell it out like this is ruining the joke/meme.
85-90% of spins take more than they give, if you're lucky you get a few of those 10-15% spins that pay out, and overall I have been lucky.
Praise Fortuna.

Your seeing gamblers as sophisticated enough to care what is right and wrong, this is a myth, The mentality is somewhat rapacious where instant gratification is sought at any price. All degenerate activities lie in this category. Self esteem is simply along for the ride of gambling as a daily occupation. These types are anti-social and had scant sense of personal responsibility in the first place. Naturally I am generalizing and putting degenerates like monk in the same sorry group as litterbugs, the premise falls down when you look at the odd successful "Pro' gambler who are basically actuaries. But scratch the surface and teh flashy stockbroker becomes a boong pretty quickly.
A mong lives in the state of nature they poo their pants and don't care, so pooing their pants cause no moral damage to a mong. Noble mong. As a mong gains self awareness, they start to suffer spiritually as well as phisically. Like a dog they start feeling guilt if they poo inside. Gradually they gain moral computability which makes their life much worse.
A mong lives in the state of nature they poo their pants and don't care, so pooing their pants cause no moral damage to a mong. Noble mong.
As a mong gains self awareness, they start to suffer spiritually as well as phisically. Like a dog they start feeling guilt if they poo inside. Gradually they gain moral computability which makes their life much worse. The worst position is in the middle. 

The gamble neet has a highly evolved sense of self, and suffers more spiritially than phisically. As they gamble they degenerate, losing self awareness and suffering less. Gradually they lose moral culpability and start to suffer more phisically as they approach the center. 

Neets in the center poo their pants in the RSL after losing all their money and suffer both woe and JUST. But from that position their life can only improve by taking action
Have you considered the moral framework where the mong is an animal and has no higher order morals?
All sub-humans fall into this category when you think about it.
I member when Weber was posting pics of his goon time with bottles of Grange just to flex on GoonNEETs.

You mean the two corked bottles of 1980 Grange I got for cheap for my 40th birthday during a COVID lockdown? Yeah hella flex there, dickhead.
> his callisthenics routine
That's just him struggling hopelessly on the ground trying to get out of the straitjacket. Really works up a sweat!
Read that back to yourself and tell me what morality or life lesson youre trying to convey.
Be ashamed and guilt ridden about the things you enjoy.
There is no stoicism or complimentary abstenance in the modern world. 
You are on the internet, in a house and fed through enforced charity.
...and I'm the pinko scum.
Less can be more but only if its balanced by more variety.
I member when Weber emailed the dad of a E-thot he hooked up with on some sugar daddy website because she wasnt giving him any sugar. 

I member cruisey losing his temper at him over that one.

It was exactly like that, but first they had to establish if the other one wanted fish and chips at all and if she was going to come with them to the shop.
You have to research each store. Do your diligence on pricing via frugal feeds and ozbargain.
There is a lot more to it than you might think.
I'd say so.
> A 21-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested for illegal use of a motor vehicle, and a number of other traffic offences. His bail is yet to be determined.
Why give bail to a homeless piece of shit?
A country that doesn't want to spend $$$ on giving them shelter. For the homeless, jail would be a reward. We must not give into them and give them what they want.
jail also doesn't need to have a roof
a walled oval or paddock would be fine
societal contracts work both ways, so if the crim opts out society shouldn't feel the need to provide adequate shelter or food to them
Because that shit happened exactly as posted. 
Because him torturing wagies and sluts and terrifying his Neighbours is Bad Ass rather than just Bad Behavior and he couldnt do a Seth Effrekan voice to save himself.
thumbnail of IMG_4928.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_4928.jpeg
IMG_4928 jpeg
(2.67 MB, 4032x3024)
I am so Based.
You probably think this EEB pic is about you….
I am so Based. 
You probably think this EEB pic is about you….
Don’t You.
Don’t You.