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You should leave one of those small 250ml Jack Daniels bottles filled with metho, black tea and glyphosate in your backpack for the day that one of them does make off with your bag. Damage will have been done before the arsehole knows something is wrong.
Burden of proof on the prosecution to prove 100% that you made the drink and put it in the bag. Chain of custody stops once you put it down out the front of the shop, so the bottle could have been put there by somebody else, could be a lie made up by the bag thief etc etc.
South Africans do the poison bottle in the glove box thing thanks to the rampant nigger problem.
The purple punch one is alright. Been buying it regularly as it seems be be $2.65-$3.00 everywhere lately, which is cheaper than the other options
How many neets have dead boongs at the bottom of their garbage bins? Have you checked lately?
And what makes a backpack a 'school' backpack. I think all retail stores have a general bag policy which covers a range of different things like women's purses, bum-bags, shopping bags from other stores, and basically whatever else doesn't fit in someone's pocket. How furious would you be if some pajeet security guard asked to search your wallet?
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Oh yeah big weeek making bank. 
Dodged the storm
At Noosa in the sun 
Cool Breeze blowing. 
Drinking Champagne. 
Girls everywhere. 
Living the best life. 😎

Stanners sweating in humidity 
Trying to avoid the toilet block
Low on money 
Low on good 
Out of gas
Out of self respect
Out of favour here
Replying to itself 
Toshiba power cord frayed

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New Reply on thread #771282
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