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> dashcams, cctv in-store and out, body-worn cameras on supermarket staff, cameras on registers

FFS all I wanted to do was scan the truss tomatoes in as the cheaper 'gourmet' variety without ending up in gaol...
not really 
but I'm guessing you would need a qualification (which I don't have) 
might upgrade my gtx 680
that way I will be able to take some gigs that require 4k editing
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thumbnail of 1696558844715375.gif
1696558844715375 gif
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while being at work I had a dream where I almost sold my soul to the devil in exchange for a qt3.14 who wanted to move on the country side with me and have a rose garden 
I don't think I will recover too soon from this
I know that feel 
although for it's niggers walking around with roasties 
I always make eye contact and spit on the ground whenever that kind of couples pass by 
so far no nigger had the balls to say a word back
I saw it on a greentexts twitter bot thing.
I am curious how a seppo that big could afford it all given he'd be too big to leave the house and their welfare system is fucked

There are literally no joggers where I live. It’s mostly huwite beach community. I am very lucky. 

Almost all of the confrontations / screaming matches I have had  with people where I get in someones face is with Karens. Don’t get me started with Karens. Almost more offensive than joggers.
KFC prices are going to go up again because of these dirty little communist teenagers
Management should send some pipe hittin niggas into each store and break an employee's legs in front of the others and then ask if they want to continue with their bullshit
They've all sucked for a long time.
Everytime I went ronalds he gives me half filled chips and a shitty burger.
I gave up on them all and only eat from the local pizza shop or one of those independent burger places.
If one of them had the balls to make a drive thru business the big chains would shit themselves.
> A 21-year-old KFC worker earns $24.85 an hour on a full adult rate.
> an 18-year-old earning 80 per cent of the full adult rate.

I've never understood this. 18 year olds are adults. The colonel must be hanged.
that guy over there who kicked his auntie in the head and then set fire to her the other day was pretty based
from what I read, she inherited 3 apartments including the one he was paying rent on and she tried to jew him out of it
The whole award system is fucked, it's not just fast food. Even white collar businesses that use awards for different sections of the business will fuck over 18-20 year olds until they turn 21.
You can be tried as an adult from 15, join the army to die for Israel at 16, yet can't vote until you're 18 or earn an adult wage until you're 21.
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thumbnail of Blitzkreig ovenwaffen.jpg
Blitzkreig ovenwaffen jpg
(236.51 KB, 1280x960)
Thrice i was challenged in my struggle to attain total aryan victory over the bread, pies and run up the mountain but faith in the Fuhrer carried the day and all three were conquered. What did you subhumans purchase from the takeaway jew tonight?
I am up to date on Demon Slayer now.
I think I will watch Hunter x Hunter next. It got high ratings on imdb.
It's actually not bad. I've following maybe 40 right wing accounts and getting some good news. It's comforting to see a lot of it with a large number of likes etc. Lots of discourse around the current boom in ant-Jew rhetoric.
Yes and no. The Christian traditions gives an arching theme over Christian folk, and even found itself in Faust too.
But to be frank, in general in Indo-Euro nations are poor in folk tales, even Germans (the Grimms) could collect all in all 200 of theirs. Hungary has thousands of folk tales collected, so selections about the deal with the devil is wider (many of which has Christian themes, but all has earlier pagan roots).
Here's three, which were made into animation.
The first and last is the "dunce devil" type, it is favored for it's funny.
> watched all
Oh man, I did not know these got to Romanian kids. Very cool.
> English translation is shit
Yeah. I think it could have been better. We suck at English, that I know. And Anglos added pretty awesome works to the World's literature. So I think it's our translators fault.
> I never left this shithole 
You've never been outside of Romania? Is this common in Romania? I would've thought that with the EU stuff you could just catch a train to another country.
Traveling by train is not that expensive, but the stay is.
There was a Pole on Krautchan, or perhaps it was Kohl then already who did an IWO, he cycled from Polan to Florence and back. Slept in tent, drunk water mostly from public wells, or asked locals to fill his bottle. I think he brought most of his food from home. It was pretty cool.
It was installed by Mr Kuhlmann around 1911 at his property surrounding the Old Spot Hotel to fill a reservoir and enable watering of his orange orchard.
Yes, but the drive time is still longer than you would expect and you might as well see a few things instead of having lunch and going home again.
Drivers fear me when I am rolling on city roads. I blast past them with millimeters to spare when they are stationary or moving at a childs pace.
> tfw too old for drunk teenage sluts
> not rich enough to take drugs
> don't get around much any more
> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GMzilyGZrHI
I only ever traveled abroad because I had people to pool resources, family, friends.
I think most people here travel like that, they plan a holiday in Croatia for example. Although these days more and more can allow to visit farther. And still many stuck here, and never go anywhere.

I wouldn't download one.

Night fella.
They only put 8 wicked wings in the box. There were meant to be 10.
The wings were good, just not enough of them.
It was definitely malicious on the part of the server. When I've wanted 10 nuggers and they've only had 8 they throw a tendie or two in the box or something similar to compensate.
I exited a roundabout today and found myself fact to face with a ute that was coming right at me, driving in the wrong lane.
He moved out of my way just in time and gave me a lazy wave of apology like it was nothing.
I thought it was witty. What if camo neet has been posting here for years but nobody ever sees his posts because they're so well camouflaged?
thumbnail of ice_station_zebra2.jpg
thumbnail of ice_station_zebra2.jpg
ice_station_zebra2 jpg
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thumbnail of rocky.jpg
thumbnail of rocky.jpg
rocky jpg
(96.17 KB, 1000x563)
Tomorrow night on womboflix...Ice Station Zebra(1968), an espionage thriller film starring Rock Hudson, Patrick McGoohan, Ernest Borgnine, and Jim Brown. The film concerns a US nuclear submarine that must rush to the North Pole to rescue the members of the Ice Station Zebra. Based on a novel by Alister Mclean.

Then on Sunday, Rocky (1976) - a poor small-time club fighter and loanshark debt collector, gets an unlikely shot at the world heavyweight championship held by Apollo Creed. Starring Stallone and that black dude who got his arm shot off by the predator.
At the bad home Coles tonight it was all Pajeets. The only white people stank of cannabis and were being loud and destructive.
> The only white people stank of cannabis and were being loud and destructive.
Did one of them have the squirts and/or declare it was falling out of him?
Cheap asian. Looked good though, petite, soft skin, decent tits and good hygiene. Probably mid 30s. Took a while to get fully hard while she sucked me. Once I was hard started feeling hornier, did 69 and ate her pussy out for a bit, it was clean and tasty. Fucked her missionary and doggy for a bit, pussy was tiny and tight so I almost nutted. Asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth for a tip. I obliged. She sucked me raw for a bit, started getting closer but I couldn't quite cum from just getting sucked. Got her to suck my balls for a bit while I deathgripped jerked. Then she started sucking my cock but I told her to wait and I'd let know when to open her mouth. She got a stern look and told me not cum on her face and I said I wouldn't. She started sucking my balls again. I told her I was about to bust but we both weren't quite quick enough and I shot a rope over her nose and one of her eyes. She pushed me away and said something in chink speak. I got dressed and left while she was in the bathroom washing her face.
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thumbnail of pepe-frog-lede-9-28-16.jpg
pepe-frog-lede-9-28-16 jpg
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Even though each whore visit fractures my soul I still crave it. I wanna go to thailand for two weeks and be able to coom everyday on the cheap. It's all water under the bridge at this point. I'm a weirdo whos never had a relationship. I'll be 30 in january, If I'm being honest with myself the chances of turning things around are very slim. The best I can think of for my future is not being a piece of shit and doing something worthwhile thats useful and helpful to other people. Even If my life is lonely and pathetic I'd like to do something meaningful. No Idea what.
No, but I have a gf which was unimaginable for me early this year.
> Expired.
He has to lower his standards plus big age gap relationships aren't as common irl as people on the internet say they are.
Good night neets. Stayed up way too late. Big day of doing nothing tomorrow.
> Josh*, who is trained in cybersecurity
> Josh was instructed to transfer his own money into the system to receive more orders.
> Over the course of three days, he transferred $150,000 to the scammers, believing that it would turbocharge his commission.
> “Eventually I just emptied my savings accounts,” Josh said.
> “What makes it worse is that I reached such a point of desperation that I went into my parents’ accounts and I drained their money as well.”
This guy doesn't have the mental capacity for security work.
I am going to try and confine him to the armory today. Trying to move a 300kg safe into the center of the room should keep him busy for a few hours.
> Can you detect the bogus bank apps? Try our malware quiz
ABC proceeds to leave the screenshot out of question 6; uses flyshit screenshots for other questions.
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thumbnail of lmao.jpg
lmao jpg
(2.95 MB, 4032x3024)
> Mayor apologises for mural in Melbourne after paintings attract criticism of anti-Semitism
Much safer than leaving photos of your dick with threatening messages written on them in their letterboxes.
Last time I did that the police went door knocking in the area.
> 18/11: Saturday, Adelaide Auto Expo Show n Shine/ Zippel Cruise @ Jubilee Pavillion. There will be a club display  celebrating 70 years of Corvettes featuring C1 - C8 cars.
had a green mondster because I didn't sleep 100%. Now I have a rapid heartbeat but I don't feel anymore awake.
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57f8765ac4... jpg
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> ‘Call it trash all you like’: Vikki Campion defends her ‘bush-bash’ wedding to Barnaby Joyce