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> Ulandi Court
u-land-in court
I locked Weber in the back of the ute with a choggy milk and a donut and some nosy brown snake called the cops on me once.
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My camera is too crud to take a good picture. 
Pic related, where the shadow is on the bottom of the moon. 

I have seen memes saying that shouldn't be possible and that means the world is flat. 
Even if it isn't, I think it's good to think about the world as flat and small.
They can't penetrate this thick green gunk and stringy nasal saliva.
I only have one left and they don't do anything. Gargling and trying to half choke on cough syrup then coughing up wads of phlegm with it works best. Just little sips works best, right after a shower. 
I might do a eucalyptus oil and hot water in a bowl with a wet tea towel over my head trick and sound like a flooded 4 stroke in a bit.
we need an ausneets edition dedicated to skinwalkers, yowies, ufos, and other spoopy crap. I just need to find the right pepe.
Started playing mass effect 1 again. It occurred to me I haven't seen a good bioware game in many years. What happened?
 jdmdnebfofjf risked dicjdnsncjsn jacks in inch bring do jd. Jen. D. If c deck me duck fee fanciful no kcjdndncj no fb if. N b
Only the initiated will understand this.
You can do the rump shaker, huh? The thug shaker; gimme the thug shaker, dude, shake your ass! Take your hands off it and shake that shit. Pull your shirt up, I know you can shake it, shake it! Yeah that's some thug ass right there.
> On April 30th, 2020, the gay pornography video "That Dick Tastes Like Money" by the production studio Thug Hunter was released.[1][2] In the video, a man named Logan approaches a young Black man, who according to the plot is a "badass thug from the hood," and pays him for sexual intercourse. In one part of the video, Logan asks the man to remove his pants and shake his buttocks, referring to the act as the "thug shaker"
The baron of based said he got invited to a party last night. Maybe we haven't heard from him yet because he picked up a slampig there and was busy all night.
> got invited to a party last night
If it were true he wouldn't be able to resist taking and posting lots of photos. He is like the opposite of Davo in that regard.
If he was honest like the rest of the pigs then they wouldn't have used him for their diversity crap. They're all power hungry tyrants, every last one of them.
You can't call somebody gay for looking if you didn't post that the picture contained a gay thing. It's in the rules u ol' dirty ass funny lookin gay dick nigga
Considering going to the bottleo but I'm not sure I can be bothered walking there for just one bottle.
Does anyone have an archive or screenshots of /neetlyfe/  ?

Remember that failure of a board Stanners created ? 

Remember how stanners lives in a dumpy caravan park and has a communal toilet block and accused Nuro of living a dunny ? 

Remember how stanners creeped around Nuro’s business in real life and cased it out for security weakness while accusing him of attempted murder ? 

Kekked at my post about tfw no gf feels. If only I knew how good things were going to be.
The posting there is as I remember it being - fairly typical neet gen stuff. I don't what buro is on about. 
FRM's mother has a possum piss in her roof.
I'll be doing so shortly. Might grab some Brown Brothers as that is Webby approved.
Perfect time for a contemplative walk. I love the smell just after a hot summer rain. I don't like the heat in general but the rains that break the heat are always lovely.
> FRM's mother has a possum piss in her roof.
She needs to trap it, relocate it, and fix the entry point.
The piss will come through the insulation and stain the ceiling if it hasn't already.
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Rocky (1976) on in 1 hour neets. It's time to be more than just another bum in the neighbourhood. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
Might put on Pink Floyd's "Money" at full volume and slump into my lounge chair after eating a handful of valium
They're fine, I listen to them while walking. If I try sitting down and reading my adhd makes me stop after a minute and do something else.
How finely do you neets reckon I should cut the chicken if I'm going to do it in the slow cooker?
> your family 
Multiple relatives too. The reason he keeps calling IGA a "fatherless bitx boi" (the spelling is a gay discord meme) is because his father is the only relative that nuro is still in contact with. He thinks he has a good relationship with his father because his dad buy buys him a pub meal off the specials board once a year.
Remember how stanners gives people shit about families issuing restraining orders when stanners never had a proper family or a father ? 

The moon still has that half shadow from the bottom but has moved to about 11oclock in its cycle.
Jupiter is in the north east.
You were banned first. I still have the screenshots. I left and served half my sentence voluntarily in peace because i have a life.

Meanwhile this is the only thing you got and i pray to god we tear it away from you after the all the damage you have caused you fucking scumbag.
I was never banned. You don't know who I am.
You were permabanned. You were meant to stay away but this board is the entirety of your human interaction as you've previously admitted.
Saturn is between Jupiter and the moon. From our perspective the flat earth with the firmament star chart changing above our heads, remembering time I am a fan of the flickering star beneath Orion. All these characters have been worshipped by men.  Jupiter is looking down at me saying what the fuck as I try to rewrite the experience I had looking at him. 
A solar emanation of the Indo-European sky father deus rather than the feminine earthly mother of the basic surroundings. 
The place we sit between the something or rather.
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You know who is even worse ? The last (2)  #BOs who enabled the mental patient to whom originally went by the name of Stanley / IGA

ChickenDinner and GoonDaddy asked for the job. They wanted some power. They got it.  Turns out while being the top dog has its perks IT ALSO COMES WITH SOME ACCOUNTABLILITY !

While in Charge ChickenDinner and Goondaddy bare the final responsibility as to the current sorry wretched grim state of the board. One had a terminal case of Autism and a chip on its shoulder, while the other was just lazy and a complete fuckup (no suprise)

So while stanners best belongs in Nambour mental hospital (a 10 minute drive from the caravan park ill pay for the uber) The board has really suffered from terrible administrative mismanagement.
do it you little bitch i already know the pay phone you will call in from. you will be on the service station cameras so just fucking do it
I reckon the stars recall their view of you better than the moon. They're constant. They've viewed us through our whole evolution, the moon has only been in the sky since modern humanity has bewn around. Everything remembers it's surroundings. The universe knows itself. I wrote some stuff about Israel then deleted it. Jupiter.
I like how nuro just projects. You know exactly how he is doing based off what he says about others. He kept calling other neets poor and then became homeless. He then started this caravan park meme despite no evidence at all lol. 
This new suicide one is interesting. With any luck nuro will finally off itself and give the board some much needed peace.
The problem with BigUNNA banning nuro is that he fails to actually enforce it. Nuro always comes back and the mods allow it. They will need to make a sustained effort of banning it on sight for several months to truly stamp out this pajeet pest.
Remember how Nuro took a photo of Stanner's phone number when he kept pranking the shop landline ?

Remember how Stanners then reported Nuro for doxxing for posting it like the little bitch he is ?

Nuro is particularly uppity tonight. I guess he is embarrassed about that party or whatever being revealed as yet another lie...