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what the fugg those local farm deals are like 1/4 the price of Coles. 
Shame there's only 1 in vic but it would be worth it.
Made a very good veg curry. 
Frozen curry leaf, frozen chillies, red onion, miscellany of reduced to clear and scrap vegetables. If it's got potato and cauliflower its fine. Used the $2 shan curry powder, which is ambiguously named but is actually a specific north Indian curry. 

Made 4 serves, but I eat two serves and no rice.
My laptop arrived. It has windows 11 on it. I can’t believe they changed the start menu and they got rid of copy and paste.
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Just got home from the overnight herd. Having a blend 43 with no milk or sugar. grabbed a few things from aldi on the way home, they had two packs of dove roll on deoderant for cheap so I grabbed one.
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what if cruisey is really a james bond tier gambler and not the loser we think he is and the mong herding business is merely there to launder his massive gambling wins?
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This week on womboflix...

Tomorrow night, we begin Carnivale -  an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell.

Then on Saturday we have John Carpenter's They Live (1988) - They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. They live.

Finally, on Sunday, we are playing Knives Out (2019)
I watched carnivale a long time ago when it was abc, I would have been 10 or 11. My mum and sister got into it too. I found it very unsettling but interesting as well.
I always enjoy talking to the chemist. Have to stop myself from sperging out and talking about receptors like a sperg 
Too much independent research
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Played some more Mass Effect. Kept feeling how similar it was to Knight of the Old Republic, another rpg by the same company released a few years before it.
they're getting some mileage out of this
> “What’s a 12-year-old doing with a 37-year-old at 2am in the morning, when this kid was in state care?”
another case solved by NEETs well over a week ago
Nadia is still alive. Different employer.
We need a new image. Pepe is no longer interesting. I vote for sassy from big lez. Or New threads need a new Australian personality. Can only be used once unless they're a meme variation on the originl one. Maybe. 
Need the monknet on the web server.
My doctor suddenly decided he’d bulk me from now on. Epic win. No one around for miles bulk bills here
Bought some chops from Weber's butcher. The rougher, younger looking guy served me but I was rude and left quickly.
I bought a frozen turkey leg to roast. Defrosting it now. Might start cooking it while it is still half frozen.
A super executive caused a scene at Woolies today.
He was opening drinks and taking a sip and putting them back and then when he left he kept shouting "Are you having a good day today?" over and over at the top of his lungs.
The little brown old bastard in front of me at the lotto queue yelled at him to shut up but it was pretty stupid because he obviously wasn't going to do what some random person told him and if anything he might have become violent. Fortunately he didn't seem to notice and just kept walking out of the shopping centre.
I bought 5 $1 scratchies. Only one of them was a winner. $2 prize.
Also entered tonight's Oz Lotto and tomorrow's lotto. Could only afford 6 games for tonight.
Going to build us that commune NEETs.
I am having a green dare (750ml) to cool down after doing my bodyweight squats, hand grips and calf raises.
> an antitheft fog device
This is the sort of bizarre shit people have to resort to when we live in a society that doesn't adequately identify and punish criminals.
A certain ISP got legal advice on connecting the fire suppressant gas dump to the burglar alarm when they built a new datacenter. Apparently using it to kill somebody trying to steal servers was "not recommended".
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> Black criminal overdoses on a bus in Appleton, WI, and firefighters revive him with narcan. When police ask him about the bulge on his right hip, he pulls out a gun and kills the firefighter that saved his life.
Every Wordpress admin knows
That the secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what config to throw away
And knowin' what to keep
I have put the turkey leg in the fridge to defrost. I will cook it tomorrow. Will drizzle it with a garlic butter.
How do you neets cook your steaks? I've been thinking to get some sort of seasoning or adding garlic to mine. Don't know where to get good seasoning though.
the smoke alarm for the old lady next door has been going off for the past 10 minutes. I reckon the worst has happened.
Every smoke alarm I have ever had went off just from normal cooking. So I always ended up deactivating them.
> you'll ride it once or twice then it'll gather dust.
I have considered that possibility but I have been in the zone with workouts this year. Consistent lifting and daily walks too. I think I would get use out of the cycle.
If I was to get married I wouldn't have a best man or any groomsmen to invite. I'd also have to invite my mum and my step-mum which would be super awkward. 
The whole day would just be so stressful that I wouldn't enjoy it
People with hearing aids can't hear smoke alarms, the pitch is too high. 
Go over and knock on her door neet, she's probably burned somthing
Someone made a steak for me once and it was the best i've ever had. juicy tender and delicious. He put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes and mixed butter in with the oil. then he used a spoon and tilted the fry pan to spoon the oily butter onto the steaks. I thought you were supposed to use barely any oil but he used heaps and it turned out to be the best ever.
a fair bit evaporates or boils down during a long cook
some people would have continued to spoon butter over the cut slices when it was plated, but that would be too much for me
It was expensive in 2022 dollars, I can't imagine what it would cost now.
Oh fuck me: https://www.coles.com.au/product/coles-no-added-hormone-beef-tomahawk-steak-approx.-900g-3582547
2024 will be another year of acceptance.
The first thing we will need to accept is we did the initial year of acceptance wrong.
We will do it right in 2024. Accept everything and be happy despite it. There is no change. There is no improvement.
> I scraped most of it in the bin
The slurry splattered on top of what is left of my life in the bottom there. With Cruisey's pile of aged dog shit.
Do you NEETs reckon I will have to get to Aldi early to get one of those bikes?
I do not like the thought of being one of those normies that queues up for an Aldi Special Buy. My dignity may not permit it.
Just sat jobsmax web tutorial.

Dear God, the crayoneaters these people must have to deal with. Half the process seemed to exist soley to weed out illegal immigrants. 
Fuck my life neets, I passed quadratic algebra yet I work with nyen who can't speak English, john who eats crayons and meth addicts who are on bail.
It used to be really good like that as whilst their customer service was basically non-existent, their prices were really cheap. These days they speak English but aren't as good as they used to be.
MSY is fine if you know exactly what you want and how to use it. Avoid like the plague otherwise.
> yet
Are you in the market for one? I will think of one for you. Tell me a few things about yourself and your NEET persona please. Mention a few of your more notable posts and story arcs.
Eh I would but i'm not very iconic. name's seem to either be for funposting or dramas. I started using ausneets back in like 2017 then forgot about it for ages then came back in 2021 when i remembered it. i can't remember what site it was hosted on, maybe 8chan?
Can any of you recommend a cheap prepaid mobile phone service? It is for a GPS tracker.
I purchased a $7.50 sim from some mob called Lebara based on some shit I red on OzBargains and the like. Received the SIM the other day, but cannot activate it with either their website or their shitty app. Online support isn't available, so I've asked PayPal for a refund of the $7.50.
I thought that originally, but I read they had discontinued something or were suspending services used with GPS trackers.
Just googled and their own website says to fuck off:
> Our service/SIM is suitable for use in mobile phones or tablets only and should not be used in alarms, medical alarms, GPS, tracking devices and the like. This use is prohibited in our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms and Conditions.
> Do you want to be able to make calls, or just want data?
The tracker website says you need a sim/service that is voice/sms/data capable.
I hate how the wagies take down the discounted price labels early on the last day of the weekly catalogue specials.
Its a cunt of a job to remove all the tickets. Woolies at least never provided any extra staff or hours to get it done. So you had do it during trade hours. Woolies were horrible cunts to work for.
I remember he tried to revise his origin story from went-to-8chan-because-it-was-on-the-news-after-Tarrant to was-there-from-the-beginning and claimed he had been in extensive contact with hotwheels but turned against him lol.
I bought a game off ubisoft. They charged me for it but the site is acting as though I haven't bought it. What should I do?
Thinking about that time a neet was complaining about the banners being low quality and every example he posted was made by me.
I was going to recommend the Demon Slayer movie for womboflix but I think NEETs wouldn't give it a fair chance and would unfairly shit on it just to prove they aren't anime fags.
Not mature enough to handle it.
If buro had a kiwifarms thread it'd reach to at least 50 pages. There have been so many lies that it is difficult to keep track of them.