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Need about 20 standards to resolve this 26 standard tax. A risky cruise to IGA is in order. 
My current dry spell started on August 28, 2020.
Daily Mail has been stalking our movie nights
> Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.
Only some seed-oils are bad, interlinked. Spirits don't lower your testosterone, interlinked. I'll use the spin bike without a screen, interlinked. A frog photo in the kitchen will boost my mood, interlinked.
Total sudo death
She doxxed a bunch of Jews, who have subsequently been harassed.
She has railed against doxxing in the past when it's been men doing it to radical feminists, but apparently it's ok this time.
It’s not my favourite by a long shop but when it’s raining it seems to be my go to comfort food. Oh and that steak I had the other day was to die for. It was 11/10
I enjoy garlic bread as much as the next NEET but I am thinking some childhood experience must have led to your current obsession with delicacy.
anyone know if it's possible to get prescribed testosterone from a gp? i think i lack it
Not unless you're a tranny 
My GP told me my test was normal because the reference range is deliberately set at like 200-900
All doctors are literally gay and trying to kill you
You have to be below the "normal" range which starts ridiculously low for ideological reasons.
Our feminised society views testosterone negatively and the less men have the better they like it.
I awaken after being hit by a truck. I hear hums and chanting in the background as a strange man calmly waves his drink in front of me. He tells me that I will get to experience teen anime romance. “There are portals…” he says. Wtf???
Dan's iron bar was actually inspired by former politician Wilson 'Ironbar' Tuckey:

'In 1967, while employed as a publican in Carnarvon, Tuckey was convicted of assault after striking an Aboriginal man with a length of steel cable and fined $50. The man was allegedly being held down by Tuckey's brother at the time. Tuckey has had the nickname "Ironbar" ever since. '
This is why I don't post videos or vocaroos any more.
The low quality NEETs make remarks about your voice.
According to the voice experts on here every voice is either autistic or gay.
Maybe they should just keep their opinions to themselves.
thumbnail of ssstwitter.com_1707466426103.mp4
thumbnail of ssstwitter.com_1707466426103.mp4
ssstwitter.co... mp4
(4.27 MB, 720x990 h264)
Yeah i most likely have tiny bit of tism NGL. Just a tiny bit. 

Elon and I are comming up with a fix.

QRD: Food used to be cooked in animal fats or shit like olive or cocunut (as god intended) WW2 comes along and rationing becomes a thing. Then some food scientist figures out you can extract the oil from the RAPESEED plant very economically through a massive multi-step industrial process and name in Canada oil which they shorten to Canola oil which then ends up in literally all food produced by mega corps because it is so cheap. It then takes 20 years of people consuming goyslop for anyone to notice the connection between the industrial diet and people balooning in size / dying suddenly.

what is wrong ? you are the one asking the questions dickhead. 

yep its a chilling effect all round


also no  moofies tonight or tomorrow rite ?
> The salary cap is significantly higher for higher-ranking officers like SIS Directors. SIS Directors can earn more than £160,000 annually. The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service makes more than £170,000 (exact figure unknown). According to Wikipedia, in 2010, the Chief made £169,999, so it could be more than £200,000 now. 

He can afford it
> industrial diet and people balooning in size / dying suddenly.
wtf i didn't expect that. does this mean KFC and mcdonalds is pozzed jew goyslop now?
I know you're not really chinese but I'm expressing my hatred for them anyway because I hate them and they eat good animals and they're racist
Watching something called Space Cowbowys. It was on the TV when I turned it on. I think it's going to be Boomers in Space orsomething.
> two bottles of champagne in
Lol, 14 standards of the cheapest plonk. $5 a bottle at BWS and you think you're superior to Based Stanners because you don't start drinking until 1pm.
Don't make me write an email to Michelle Freeman informing her of your racism and talk about manufacturing firearms whilst cosplaying Brenton Tarrant with those shorts...
> Ferrari (2023)
> Coyote Ugly (2000)
> Crimes of the Future (2022)
> The Road (2011)
All four downloaded. Which should I watch?
Yeah I know that obesity and hormonal imbalances are a major issue impacting my country haha but look at this funny mp4 I made
Um based??? No I don't workout because I feel uncomfortable exercising inside lol
um seweety its 13 dollars a bottle at BWS, so 2 of them comes to 26 dollars

who ? oh her, i have not spoken to her for a year. keep trying you broke ass bitch boi.

how long till WFTD ?
Nuro you need to ignore the goads and do not respond directly to accusations (either with the truth or lies - it is usually lies).

Just ignore.
its called being in close proximity to a  wide angle lense....

Funny how you are so scared to post any OC these days 

SOME neets just can't seem to handle nuro's status as the alpha pack leader of ausneets.
Can the neet who watched putin's interview 5 times fill us in on any important details - did vlad do anything but ramble about history?
wish I was out in the park drinking with the neet bros, having that one final big night before we all get on the wagon
Jupiter is looking dim these days. 
I should have utilised his power. 
Sirius was more attractive.
Sophrosyne (Ancient Greek: σωφροσύνη) is an ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, decorum, and self-control.
> There is 3000kg of human poo estimated to be on Mount Everest and it’s causing a foul stench
Morning bros. Today's going to be the day I finally get my shit together. Got it all worked out this time. It's going to go smoothly this time.
How hot and it's too hard to find parks near there. 
A lamb and rosemary pie, a quiche Lorraine and a vanilla slice would be nice from the orange bakery. 
Wonder if Weber has been to Banjos and got a scallop pie. Traditional Tasmanian feed.
i never used it when riding because its slippery shit that would make my grips unsafe, or just run and burn my eyes when i got sweaty. 

Just had a skin checkup. Had 2 spots on arm biopsied. They were benign and got frozen off on friday. Currently have two large welts on my arm. Such is life.
You need to order some of this https://www.infowarsstore.com/health-and-wellness/dr-jones-naturals/dr-jones-next-level-energy-methylfolate

i am eagerly waiting my delivery
I can't get over how uncool Taylor Swift comes across as. She is very awkward to see in motion.
I've been getting up at 10:30am and need to start doing so at 6:00am. I have two weeks to get my arse into gear. Any tips or advice?
ate some salad, got some energy, wasted it playing vidya, now can't do anything except watch youtube
He did not!
He only thought about banging some of them. I don't blame him tbh. With them being completely immobilized during the day and him being immune he could freely rape them all day without difficulty. It would be interesting to see if he could get one pregnant as well.
Looking at the new pornhub statistics. Trannyshit isn't searched for very much but ends up most viewed lol. This would strongly suggest to me that it is getting promoted and people are unknowingly clicking on it. I'm glad I just pirate all that filth instead.
I gave the interior of the car a wipe down. It is being serviced tomorrow and it is just good manners to give it to them in a clean condition.

I will give the exterior a good spray with the hose later this evening. That is as close to a proper wash as it gets these days.
Had two bowls of chicken curry. Spilt it all over my shirt. I'm wearing a light grey t-shirt that is literally covered in curry. Going to go to the bottleo later. Will probably change my shirt before that though.
I have a old tshirt I put on when I eat things like curries, noodles and soy sauce dishes because I splatter it all over my self.
Jehovah's Witnesses apparently have a high female to male ratio, might be an easy way to get a wife.
He said he has to rush when he is in the toilet because he gets exhausted. Sounds awful.