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Went to the shops even though I said I was too drunk. Risky cruise. Avoided the Irish merchant though.
Can't do this anymore. Why didn't you neets do what I asked and leave me behind in the last thread?
it's not gay if I hire a woman to do me up the rear with a strap on, is it? Asking for a mate.
I know, that's societys preconceived ideas of what being gay is, like I could pound you up the arse all night and we both know it wouldn't make us gay, but society would see both of us a a couple of raging fags, life is simply not fair.
This reddit image opening thing is gay. It won't let me open a tab with just the image, only embedded.
thumbnail of white_mondster.jpg
thumbnail of white_mondster.jpg
white_mondster jpg
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i know i swore no more white mondsters, but i just need one more to cope with today, then i'll get on the energy drink free wagon tomorrow i swear
''Trump told NRA Friday his mass deportation program would begin "within moments" of taking office. To do at scale would likely require 150-200k law enforcement officers, including a private army of red state ntl guard he'd deploy into blue states More here. https://theatlantic.com/‘‘
FUG FUG FUG. Had a rent inspection. The official time is between 9:30 and 4, normally happens in early afternoon. The woman turns up at 9:15. FUG. Place was still a total mess, floors were filthy, parts of the sink still covered in grime and bleach. FUG. She insists on taking photos anyway, so now my disgusting lifestyle is recorded in perpetuity by the real estate agent. If I had any more than the barest trace of self respect, I'd be in total meltdown right now. Fortunately, I don't. Just gonna get gooned. FUG.
Got in my car and the battery is dead. Even the key button doesnt work, and it didnt even try to turn over.
I am sorry you suffered that NEET.
We live in a Landlord society and us renters are just peasants to them.
The older I get the less I care of their opinions of me.
Do not sweat it.
Thanks neet, tomorrow I'm going to turn my life around, get a job, buy my own place, and never have to worry about landlords again. Gonna be a busy day.
As long as youre not damaging the property then who cares of what some gay cunt real estate agent thinks
What they think leads to what they choose to do which can lead to you being kicked out or given a bad reference when trying to get a new place.
Was taking a shid at about 2am and had this huge huntsman start crawling towards me
Luckily I had my thongs on and stomped it but it didn't immediately die and actually came even closer. It only figuratively scared the shit out of me
Had to get a new one. Fucking swearing like my dad about why they think it'd be a good idea to put an air intake manifold over the top of where the battery goes.
too bad if you had an 88 SS Commodore or something
> Queensland to crack down on public knife possession after fatal stabbing
even though stabbing people is already illegal
maybe crack down on the imported nigger problem instead?
did she come back to grab the dog?
The husband let them out. He wanted them gone. They were not part of the fantasy he has for his new life without the wife he killed.
All that internet stuff about this or that "true Aussies" stuff is always awful. It is just people in Melbourne and Sydney that are insecure about not really being Australian.
All the poofs on reddit talk like they are true blue dinkum cunts but they are just poofs putting on an act. It has become very common.
oh no NEETs... saw my cousin at coles. That time the other day wasn't just a one off. She must live nearby 
This is awful.
No but I stabbed a woman in the pussy with some of the shards when she tried to stop me but it turns out she was a tranny and I cut his cock off which made him a tranny.
I've noticed that. They try to sound all ocker with the way they write but there are lots of little things that aren't quite right.
> About 107,000 customers are without power as a severe storm front pushes through Victoria.
Nah I kept the cock so I can sell it on gumtree later so he had to make do with a chicken wing penis that the manager gave him.
Over ear ones I would be looking at something like this.
> criminalise doxxing
It will be funny if that means the lefties can't doxx fascists any more. Even the masked ones from NSN.
Yeah, only got two pairs though and I only use it for really long edging sessions. I went for several hours yesterday and didn't have it in me to go for more than 30 minutes today.
I dropped a shit that was rock hard and then about an hour later had some shitty sludge slide out of my arse. One extreme to the other.
> “Cooper Pedy, for example, is about $4000 a week that we’re spending flying cash in to make sure that town has a provision of cash,” he told the committee. 
Next week: Coober Pedy LPO and/or Roxby Downs Airport gets robbed.
The speed with which they got rid of cheques was amazing. Motherbat got a letter late last year saying she could use her chequebook until March.
Last week the Corvette Club had to vote to change the constitution to remove the bit about cheques and replace it with some shit about the currency of the day.
Everything was 240p back then.
My first digital camera used a floppy disk and produced worse photos than a disposable camera sold in a vending machine.
Watching youtube video of thai street food cooking crispy pork belly rolls and the crackling looks awesome.
Imagine robbing it lol. How would you make the get away? Not even the 'vette would be up to the task.
I was hoping for some feet pics.
I've been napping each night lately. Going to try to break out of the habit and get more sleep at night instead.
> malt 'o' milk bikkies
Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Antioxidant (E307b From Soy)), Malt Extract (From Barley), Milk Powder, Eggs, Salt, Baking Powder, Food Colour (Caramel Ill), Natural Flavour.
Try a few other ones, even if they are the same chain. Use the websites to check this. My local woolies doesn't have chicken hearts but one a bit further away does.
Watching Law & Order: SVU. This is better than the other one but not great. Strong anti-Serb sentiment so far which I don't approve of. There is also stuff that wasn't intended to be anti-gay but would be considered as such today.
She was bipolar or something. One episode she'd be caring and sane and the next she'd be wanting to start a war with some cunts.
adjective [dis-​in-​gen-​u-​ous]

1. lacking in candor
2. giving a false appearance of simple frankness; calculating

Cruisey's expressions of concern for Weber are self-serving and disingenuous.
are there any jokes that play on ghosts and esprit de corps / spirit of corpse
if not there should be
Wednesday driving to Hay via Mildura and staying the night.
Thursday driving from Hay to Canberra via Narrandera and Cootamundra and staying 4 nights
Monday driving from Canberra to Albury via Cooma (lol), Tallangatta, etc
Tuesday driving from Albury to Horseham
Wednesday driving from Horseham to Adelaide
lol 😂
The Not-A-Nationals. The original state that was due to host the Nationals pulled the pin late last year, so Canberra decided to put on an informal one.
Might also pay a surprise visit to the cunt who owes me money and give him a few taps with a breaker bar.
My new drivers licence arrived.
I do not look good. I am choosing to blame the camera angle. And maybe the lighting.
Accidentally poured too much hand moisturizer onto my hand. I had to rub the excess on my forearms.
Having beer for lunch before the next company.
Some nutcase nearly rear-ended me at the lights at the intersection of Sir Donald Bradman Drive and West Tce.
Threw a plastic chair out of the way when walking through the market after some dumb cunts blocked my way stopping to chat.
Fuck I’m sick of everything lately
There’s some obnoxious dyke in this pub making far too much noise. Fantasising about smashing a bar stool over her.
It isn't a girl's name - it is a unisex name. Even if Ryan was a man, why would she present herself as a woman but use a man's name? Trannies don't continue to use their old names after trooning out.
Think I’ll escape to Motherbat’s again this weekend. Might go tonight and throw two sickies.
Googled this cunt after seeing a fat book on the pub fireplace about him.
The reception and admin girls at the place I’m about to go to (smelling of three pints of stdout) think I’m special needs. Only thing worse than being treated like you’re invisible by pretty girls is having them talk to you like you’re a baby or toddler.
> representing Australia in baseball and South Australia in golf, winning the South Australian state tennis title and also being a leading local player in lacrosse, basketball and swimming. 
Versatile fella.
Some dumb cunt merged at speed at an intersection with the traffic lights out. I held down the horn for a good 10 seconds. Was just hoping for some kind of road rage fight but he just gave me the finger. 

Also a rapey jeet is on the loose
Endured the humiliation ritual to get a door fob, and the people I’m here to see are nowhere to be found. Might shit on their keyboards.
How do I get a a job as a machine operator that requires references when I have no references
It took them two weeks to release the footage. Sometimes they wait months or don't even release it at all. You have to wonder what their game is.

Pajeet will get caught. These days only a fool would commit a crime that would be reported and would be serious enough to get police actually investigating and looking at CCTV footage etc.
Just the brand of bike and those autistic trackies will be enough for someone to identify him.
They use satellites to detect that sort of thing these days.
It says they cleared trees to plant the cannabis. Big mistake. A smart criminal would plant the cannabis over a wider area and inbetween existing vegetation.
Nuro said I could hang out with him but when I turned up to his place he wasn't there and he said  he was at a party on Coolkid Beach and it was invite only and also the beach was closed, once.
Nuro machined a home-made firearm and included a pepe sticker when he mailed it to me once