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I nearly fainted in the shower before with the fart I released. One of the worst smells I've experienced.
I said good morning to Nuro and he said "Hey Retard, Whats Up?" and when I complained that he disrespected me for no good reason he said to not be a faggot because he didn't call me a "Fucking Retard" although I was and not to push it, once.
Why is nuro allowed to pretend to not be nuro in order to talk about himself, but other neets can't use like half the flags here?
Webber, how would the Texas pornhub ban work? Would a national ISP just block the DNS lookups from certain customers based on their registered address?
Turns out those cheap socks are made with synthetic stretch threads and feel horrible. Who would have thought?
Yeah I guess so. Pornhub might also have to add some kind of seppo geo-ip checks too. Like how Bunnings tries to guess your state and nearest store.
> While he was stopped, several individuals began taking packages and items from his truck.
> According to the police, two men stood on the passenger side footboard and showed the driver they had guns.
my sides
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thumbnail of polo.jpg
polo jpg
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Keep overeating because I'm depressed. Keep getting depressed because I'm fat from overeating. I need to break out of this. Get on the El Nuro diet or something.
Fug me just had to make a new mygov account, tried to login on my old one and it kept saying invalid user name / password tried to get a code sent to my email address and then my phone when that didnt work, no email and no sms code sent, tried with and without vpn on and off, no go.

Oh well new account with another email address linked and cenno linked and banking details updated (all worked while I was on vpn as well) the best bit was the confirmation email was sent to my other email address that never recieved the code from the first try.
I haven't had a proper photo ID for about eight years now. Dan probably wonders why I go to him when my address says I am still on the other end of the city.
> The incompetencel (incompentencel being a portmanteau of "incompetence" and "incel") or fuckupcel or bad-decisioncel is a man who is always making bad decisions that sabotage any success he might otherwise have had.
> When he makes one bad decision, rather than finding a way to redeem himself, he keeps squandering new opportunities he is given by making more mistakes.
> Eventually he realizes, there's no hope, because by extrapolating outward, he sees that the pattern is just going to continue in every new situation in which he finds himself.
> he sees that the pattern is just going to continue in every new situation in which he finds himself.
That's his biggest mistake. He's wrong. It doesn't have to be like that.
An unexpected visit by a couple blokes from the fisheries department spooked me good. Turned up in an unmarked dual cab ute and dressed like cops. Shitting my pants I knew something wasn't right so threw the car keys under the passenger seat before they even stopped their car. At least a bottle of wine in the system. They asked a few questions before leaving. And I did the same not long after thinking they'd call in the real coppers after smelling wine on my breath. Had a good couple of bites. Lost a hook to something shortly before leaving.
>  because by extrapolating outward, he sees that the pattern is just going to continue in every new situation in which he finds himself
Literally me.
Fisheries and catchments are dogs, spend all day harassing normal people then claim they lack resources to catch whoever dumped 20 tons of amuminate into the river.
I do and that's why they just turn up unannounced and invited when they hear I'm having a hard time. But rather then help they're just a shocking imposition at the worst possible time and they fuck everything up
have actually thought of getting back on the dexies, but I'm too much of a pussy to buy illegal drugs and I don't want to go to the trouble of going to another psych and getting a script
meats,nuts,fruits,veggies. Get extra virgin olive oil for cooking. Eat literally nothing else. But theres tons of paleo recipes you can look up. Go buy sea salt aswell.
That's why everyone hates fisheries. 
Corrupt, incompetent, unfair, general cunts. 
The real damage to fish stocks are caused by interference during breeding season, pollution.
imissfather 2.0

Talked hard about stopping the board cancer. Initially banned it, then again with an 18.1 but appealed said ban evasion.

Another false prophet.
watch out for bottled water. I just discovered that i have basically been drinking soda for the past couple years and that my "water" contained sugar and a ton of calories.
thumbnail of mong-icecream.jpg
thumbnail of mong-icecream.jpg
mong-icecream jpg
(49.48 KB, 750x1000)
Went for a walk. Bought some ice cream. The girl there complemented my choice of flavours (nutella and bounty). Couldn't think of anything intelligent or witty to say to that.
They get flooded regularly, by just one user posting the same thing this sounds extremely familiar, a wall of text. This can amount a lot. Beyond that I don't know what posts they delete.
"The mind commands the body and is instantly obeyed. The mind commands itself and meets resistance."
-Saint Augustine of Hippo
Yeah, that line is the horizon. Sun is about to rise. 
Greeting the new day might be giving power to Kronos and I'm not messing with that black sun stuff.
Imagine basking in the glow of Ouranos's blood and thinking its warm. 
Best to avoid the sun all together today.
That orange globe is the Sun in the app?
The Sun could also mean ruler, and as you said power (for all energy on Earth comes from the Sun in some way, coal and oil is just died vegetation which used the power of the Sun for photosynthesis to get the C from the CO2).
And yeah, plants need water and sunshine, and with time they'll grow. With Saturn/Kronos this surely is about good harvest this year.
Yeah, Venus should be around there too, that's what I went to look for first. Last time I looked I couldn't see her because of the hills to our east. Not sure if its always like that here or if it depends on the season.
We've had a late summer here, it's just broke and we've had a couple days of cooler weather and a bit of rain. 
Autumn has arrived. We shall feast through winter.
> Not sure if its always like that here or if it depends on the season.
If you check the app regularly you'll know.

Must be better, I saw you guys complaining due to heat couple of times.
The app is always slightly wrong. Most of the apps and online stuff I think must be made by people in the northern hemisphere. 
Most of the constellations are the same but the proportions are different and I think from the refraction through the atmosphere, the sky sort of 'fish eye lenses' making things look very different from how it's shown there. It's like they stretch out more at the horizon.
I checked again. Didn't see that Mars and Venus are also in Aquarius with Saturn, as they rise together with Sol. 
Thinking I should cover myself in soot and baking soda then laugh with the galahs as they begin to screech.
Wish I had a white, first born male goat and a mother of pearl razor.
> Wish I had a white, first born male goat and a mother of pearl razor
Go out and see if you can find a cat somewhere. A kitchen knife should do.
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thumbnail of 1657374467043.jpeg
1657374467043 jpeg
(37.9 KB, 434x597)
Good morning. Stayed up all night thinking about 'learned helplessness' and how it isn't real. 
Rather it should be called 'realised incompetence'. 
I've realised just how bad I've got it and why. I have never baked a cake. Never wrapped a Christmas present. Never changed a bike tyre, never put up a tent, never patched a hole in the wall, was never taught to shave, never been to a wedding, never been to a festival, never had a female friend, never went to high school formal, don't know anything about cars, don't know how to fish, don't know how to tie something onto a ute tray, don't know how to buy or sell a vehicle, don't know how to iron a shirt, can't cook anything more than chucking something in the oven or pan, can't do home maintenance, was always picked last in lunch time soccer when you lined up against the fence, was always teased about my glasses and face. Never taught how how home loans work, don't know what stamp duty is, I could go on and on.
Everything I know is from a screen. All I know how to do is use a computer and go out drinking and taking drugs. 

So its really no wonder how you progress from that into self-deprecating humour, isolation with video games, and down the internet rabbit hole you go. Then you can't complete a degree, can't keep a job, a stable routine, a healthy lifestyle, maintain relationships above the status of drinking buddy, and more. 
Woe to the incompetent
Good morning NEET.
You can learn new things now. You can change your lifestyle and grow along the way.
You do not have to be like this forever.
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thumbnail of 1710663302339767.png
1710663302339767 png
(208.46 KB, 828x723)
> The King is about to make a "somber statement" at 21:00 GMT on all TV channels. Will post stream when it's available. I don't know what it's about but BBC News are calling it an "existential catasophe for the United Kingdom", parliament will be recalled for an emergency meeting at 9am tomorrow.
First you wash your face with warm water, that softens your beard. Then apply shaving cream (just use the spray can type, no need to do with a brush and soap, shake the can first) around your face and neck. It's enough over the board and stache, it is unnecessary to spread it onto your forehead and nose. Then put the razor - use a safety razor, not a blade - to your face, you don't have to apply pressure just rest it by its weight, then pull it along your face vertically (90 degree to the razor, basically where the handle points move it into that direction). Remove the foam off your face and neck, one strip after another. Wash the foam and hair off the razor after each pull. After you finished, wash your face with cold water, remove the remnants of the foam as well. After all this you can apply aftershave. I tried ones with and without alcohol (do not apply that one orally), but I came to the conclusion, it's enough to wash me face and that's that. Sometimes I apply hand cream or lotion if I feel my skin is too dry.
There's way too much dust in the sunlight that's streaming in the window, I need to clean up around here

Bukele has put his wallet into cold storage in their national bank apparently
Acquired a white mondster, a double Dare, and some biscuits.
Lizbef Souf supermarket seems very depleted. I wonder if they're going out of business.
That sucks. You can get shitty reflective and retractable ones from AliExpress to cover part of the window where the sun shines in. That's what I was going to do before I got oversized roller blind because the curtains were falling apart.
A fortnights worth of crud completed (minus all the other stuff). 
People are getting paid, and so am I so that's enough.
apparently they've even dropped HSC mathematics as a requirement for entry to a mathematics degree..
Meh, they just start with discrete mathematics for ducks anyway 

Tell me off the top of your head how to calculate all the possibilities of a 6 digit number plate where each character is a-z or 0-9 smarty pants
Basic combinatorics is an excellent wordcel filter because it is all dead simple if you can visualise things.
Because I think I just stopped doing my homework once we got to matrices in year 10. 
Put a hole in the wall when I thought that big thick book at it
thumbnail of 1646127422391.png
thumbnail of 1646127422391.png
1646127422391 png
(2.69 MB, 1080x1080)
Getting a bunch of emails related to the 10+ seek applications I did over the weekend last minute for cenno 
Even got a missed call and an email telling me to fill out a form 
Too nervous and manic for this
dirty cunts
fucking cunt amazon cunt pulled up out front
didnt get out
didnt throw package out of car
just drove off and i get a 'delivered' email
can't even raise with amazon until 24 hours have elapsed
On recent deliveries, Sir has been providing a photograph of the delivery. Can you ask the support chat Sir for that photograph as proof of delivery?
They don't even leave cards now, so unless you know the tracking number or the sender has tied your email address to the tracking number, you have no way of knowing you missed them.
The other robot must not be talking to that one today. I gave up waiting for the transfer after a couple of minutes.
I'll get the bank to reverse the charge on my card tomorrow. It's the only thing these merchants understand.
Reading about the Egtved girl, a woman found buried in prehistoric scandinavia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egtved_Girl

News sites insist she was a stronk powerful woman who got her own burial mound because she was a wise community leader. I reckon she was someone's sex slave, but we're missing her master's grave.
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thumbnail of GI6ZFstaQAAZUhL.jpeg
GI6ZFstaQAAZUhL jpeg
(262.32 KB, 1080x1350)
> Police are investigating after two men allegedly used counterfeit $100 notes at a Niddrie business last week.
> It’s understood both men received $50 change in legitimate Australian currency back from the staff member, before leaving the premises.

100% factory genuine saar good price
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thumbnail of 1zrkgwi0cmkc1.jpeg
1zrkgwi0cmk... jpeg
(200.45 KB, 1280x1856)
Thinking that quaternions are like the reals or complex numbers only better is exactly the sort of stupid shit I'd expect a pseud like him to believe. I'm not even sure an engineer would need much beyond the rationals and maybe the occasional use of the Gaussian rationals for oscillations and stuff.
He has, to his credit, mostly walked back the whole physicist/mathematican larp. He used to bring that shit up quite a bit and name drop quite advanced concepts in a way that indicated he didn't know what he was talking about. I am pretty sure me challenging him on it is the origin of him hating me.