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looked this up because some cunt down the road has one of its life preservers on the wall of his house
Why was Weber wearing the fish shirt if he won't even be going fishing?
Why did he even pack it?
Where are my King George Whiting?
Sent the footy stream to a mate, opened it on his phone and now can't login to his facebook account 😣😣
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You're like a matroishka doll of degeneracy, cruisey. Every time you post your adventures knocking one out i am amazed at the ever deepening levels of putrid self pollution you exhibit. I am wondering how long it is before your tranny or furry or both shell is exposed. But I'm your friend and I would help you escape this downward spiral of self loathing dispair. I'd find a special place for (You) in one of the new Reintergration and Hope institutions, a place for society's no-win cases where they can find their freedom from themselves through hard work. I'd maybe put you in a program where you could benefit the community through your daily efforts, perhaps in the laundry, in the steam press dungeons were you'd be comfy and warm. Naturally we'd have to make sure you werent backsliding with regular checks of your personal items and a search of your spartan but adequate quarters. I'd personally attend your weekly inspections and check your basic model phone for 60x60 pixel boong porn images (I dont know why we got ones with this feature, I think we couldnt viably source dumber models, or maybe its to trap you, to see weather you'd ever be appropriate for release back on the streets) and when I inevitably caught you with such vile contrabrand, or gambling chits, or tobacco or caffiene, It'd unfortunately mean I'd have to institute escalating pecuniary incentives starting with a downgrade to the basic diet, on a smaller segmented metal tray at meal times, then for the second offence I'd find a new cell for you, one a little more humble with less glass on the tiny barred skylight and a thinner blanket, just to encourage you to be more elemental. For a third strike I'd take no pleasure in recommending to the higher ups that you undergo a birching. Your experience would be a chance for you to help your peers to do the right thing by direct example, i.e. on stage during a special assembly. Yes my friend we would make a great pair, in the labor camps. You as the shaven haired, slim and sallow little dude with the pink dot uniform, doing your monastic thing in your little room, with your little meals with your regular penance through the willow canes.  And me, as your ever watchful and fair mentor. I'd save you cruise dog and I'm your only hope.
ChatGPT summarised it as:
> Your behavior concerns me deeply, but as a friend, I'd guide you towards rehabilitation. In a supportive environment, like the Reintegration and Hope institutions, we'd work on your self-improvement through labor and discipline. I'd oversee your progress, ensuring compliance and offering guidance for a better future.
Wew, lost breath reading it several times. What a post. 
In need of a severe birching. Atonement is only through suffering. Bring on the penance. Deacon Tiff.
I still think Tessa Violet looks like Edward Norton and I am disturbed by this as I am attracted to her.
Sometimes I entertain myself by replying something unusual, or going into explaining how I actually am. Often the second case to teach them not to ask when they don't actually mean it.
Pulling into the city. Going to deadlift and overhead press tonight. Working on my chin ups more. Hopefully no hot goths to distract me.
Yeah so she called me "fatuous" just because I didn't take myself seriously and couldn't go through all the psych bullshit and talk about my "trauma" and keep a straight face.
If you need to talk to someone. We are here for you. Some NEETs take this very seriously and write good paragraphs about the support they can offer others.
> male psychs
It wasn't an option. I had a 6 month wait for this bitch as it was.
She went on leave without giving a reason afterwards and it took weeks to try and get the cursed report to my GP.
I had to wait months more for a different psych to do the follow-up. Another woman. Less unpleasant.
I have vowed I am never going to see a doctor or go to hospital unless I am literally dying, and even that will depend on the context.
I might just choose to die.
Too many bad experiences with them all. Fuck them. I will never be under their power ever again. I vow it.
The secret of good vegetarian food is having someone who actually wants to eat vegetables make it, rather than someone who wishes it were meat, or someone banned from eating meat.
I went to Coles earlier today for a $7 a kilo pork roast but they were all out. The shelves were BARE. I was quite upset.
The girl at the KFC payment window was acting all girly. Very soft voice, I could barely hear her.
She acted all helpless when I asked for a receipt, eventually it turned out she didn't know how to change the roll of paper. "Its broken," she whispered.
She just wanted me to go away but couldn't say it she just stood there simpering. Didn't say anything more. She was like one of those Japanese anime girls who put their hands over their mouths all the time.
It was very annoying. No it was not sexy.
I just drove to the next window. No receipt. You need a receipt from them because they fuck your order up so often or the quality is so bad you need the receipt number to effectively complain.
Was thinking about how good the early days of reality TV were. Back before it all became too fake.
It used to be 80% real, 20% fake. Now it is the other way round.
Watching this 1999 Hunter x Hunter anime in the original Japanese language. It is interesting to see which English words they have adopted. More than I would have expected. They pronounce them terribly though.
Heh. The idea you could 'accidentally' smoke meth is farcical too. You have to basically boil it in the bowl of the pipe. Putting ice in your durry would likely mean it just falls out with little intoxication. Staying up for days like he said is just a meme
t. meth enjoyer
Chemsex rave at the workshop. Luckily the bedroom can just be hosed down with the extendable showerhead after.
If you smoke it deliberately and consistently yes. If you puff it for 2 seconds you'd be asleep by midnight
Noomo is larping as a druggie for some reason, like usual
He thinks it makes him cool. His brain is still in Year 10. He is still doing skids at the skate park, although he got too lazy to pedal his bike.
I wish the Mike Lando had some sort of volume control on all the beeping.
I feel like the neighbours can hear when I have something cooking and I don't like it.
Had nice dreams for once, probably because I was drinking. Now I’ve woken up at 3 am and can’t sleep
Woken at 10pm (alarm set to turn something off), 1am (scam text), 1.41am (scam text), 3am (piss). Got dressed at 4.15am to drive home.
will putin do something cool in response to that concert massacre, like drop a nuke on syria to teach the arabs a lesson?
feeling fucked up today neets, just gonna spend it lying around watching videos and eating chocolate. Might watch a bit of dune part one while eating popcorn
thinking of getting a kebab in solidarity with kebab neet, but I don't think kebab places open around here until lunch time
I had another go at that wart. I pulled out a weird column of flesh and now it is bleeding heaps. I think i got part of the root.
I fucking hate the Ottomans. Shame the Eastern Roman Empire were a bunch of cocksmokers that just backed whoever wasn't the Sultan instead of wiping them out. Vassal states are a joke.
I got about half the root out. There is another column in there. Going to have another go at it later. Worried that if I want like this I'll get one on my BWC.
The hedge trimming operation is not going well. they need better equipment.
You can't trim 20m of thick hedge while up a ladder using some cheapo electric hedge trimmer.
They have been there hours and made very little progress.
I do the stabbing. 
Got two sushi rolls and had a gasbag with a lady about how some other bitch was having a go at the first lady's grandkids.
Also had a grape drank.
rewatching prometheus - they should've gotten ridley scott to make dune back in 2012, he does excellent visuals and sound, he's just a shit storyteller and with frank herbert's plot pre-written for him there's no way he could fuck it up
They call that Single Action here, and I can't stand the LARP aspect of it. They all dress up like seppo cowboys in period costume and use made up names.
Can you get me a chicken burger with the lot in the deal from the chicken shop on the corner of grand junction and north east Rd, in that shop with the IGA and the barnacle bills instead please. I'd like a solo as the drink. 
Best chips there.