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Womboflix is still taking suggestions for an Easter themed movie for this Sunday. So far all we have is The Last Temptation Of Christ. If neets have any other ideas, let me know.
Strange, we've also had no 'Good night, o7' posts from the 'American NEET' since the dope 'unwittingly' smoked dope. Just a coincedence though, nothing to see here Unemployed_Goy...
I reckon you are all just me only I forgot that I made your posts so I reply to them. I am the omniNEET.
Imagine all the lost customers from this meth bender. And he laughs at monk lol. If ash had a grave instead of being smeared along 50m of road, he'd be rolling in it.
> If ash had a grave instead of being smeared along 50m of road, he'd be rolling in it.
I thought he hit a log and then superman-ed into a shipping container.
Plain Red Tulip egg was best back in the day. Something about the shape made the chocolate taste different. Best around the middle of the egg. Thicker.
It has been many years since I ate an easter egg.
Wage off. 
Train thing (bogey exchange) is behind Churchill centre. It was where tanks were built for Wwii, or the first one, I can't remember.
did some stretching, the 8 brocades. There's really no excuse for me not to do it every night before bed, it's not difficult, I just make it too hard inside my mind. Might try some pilates next time.
neets don't need to go to nam, but some of us would benefit from more externally imposed discipline in our lives. Is there any way of getting it apart from the military?
Didn't the US lose 60k in Vietnam, but the VC lost 600,000 and 300,000 civilians?
South Vietnam took about half the losses as the north.
So rather than the US losing, you'd have to conclude that the south Vietnamese lost.
millions of vietnamese were killed in that war. The seppos didn't really lose, they just go bored of slaughtering the commies, declared victory and went home during a lull, and when the fighting started up again didn't get invovled
Forced myself to eat a bunch of feed because I didn't want it to go off. Fucked up my diet and didn't even enjoy doing so.
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You are correct... but have been lurking...

For the others; I'm not nuro, I don't even know who or what that is. I don't do any drugs either. And,, I never same-fag, I don't have time for highschool antics.

GM &/or GN
Have a Blessed week NEET Frens! {o7}
my $2500 phone is in a sorting facility two suburbs over but I shall probably have to wait until after easter to get it, I suppose. Why cant I go there and get it myself? do they do that?
I want my testicles taken out of my scrotum and cut in half before hitting them with a hammer as hard as you can
Weak nigga should not have listened to his bosses. I'd have put a 338 Lapua Magnum round straight through that plate glass window and the rag head behind it.
he didnt want to set off the bomb, which didnt exist and wouldnt go off with a bullet, that shit only happens in cowboy moofies. what a fucking retard. He has PTSD because he did a retard and some normies died.
*hands on my forehead, sweating profusely as I try to astral project into New Jersey
*suddenly a voice
"Ay pork chop you done in here or what? I'm trying to watch the giants."

*I fly back into the wall; unconscious.
> All crew members, including two harbor pilots who were directing the vessel at the time of the crash, were accounted for, and there were no injuries on the ship, the owners said
What do you think their first words were after they hit the bridge and it collapsed?
I wonder if there's camera footage of the ship's bridge. I don't really care what caused the crash, I just want to see their facial expressions when they realise what they've done.
Why hasnt Davo taken a picture of WEBAR written in 10 foot letters on the side that faces the train line (not back) of the supercheap building?
Wonder what they're listening to.
Hope its the Eagles or Creedence and not some dotty shit like Tom Jones or the Everly Bros.
Can you get me a steak and mushroom pie, w sauce, a vanilla slice and a banana milk from Lovells Bakery please.
Also, reviews of pepper pies along the way would be good.
garn get my shit together today, need to find a plugin that will limit my youtube usage to only a few channels during the day
>  A crystal meth high can last for six to 12 hours or more. Learn about the stages of meth intoxication and the effects of different methods ...
New shoes and mobile phone came when I was at the dentist. 
Straight white teeth and some unboxing.
the dentist said I was eating acid food because my enamel is thin. 
I dont eat acid food so Im gonna have to think about that. 
I told him to look for problems and he came up short. The guy is running a well oiled machine but he's a little compulsive and goes thru staff like shit thru a goose. He doesnt know shit about oral probiotics which is about what I'd expect from his program, like a maccas franchise owner, but one in the city, not in the burbs. Dude flys planes for recreation, its not like you'd not do something costly like growing orchids or playing an instrument in a town band, if you were a career city dentist.
> its not like you'd not do something costly like growing orchids or playing an instrument in a town band, if you were a career city dentist.
Food for thought.
New italian shoes fit good. Always a stress for online purchs. They run a full size big so I got a size under what I normaly get. They better not fall apart after the 2 year warranty, not for $400.
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vegies png
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Forced myself to eat some salad, feel much better. Would recommend it to my low energy executive bros, more effective than a white monster.
It's odd. When I was a kid my parents and grandparents tried to get me into classical music, which I never much liked. As an adult I found I liked film soundtracks and trailer music a lot more than pop music, and they're heavily influenced by classical music. Or maybe they're a kind of classical music. I'm not sure.
I struggle with classical music. I find only a very small percentage of it is to my tastes.
Film soundtracks are a much more mainstream and accessible type of classical music I think.
But most movie soundtracks aren't good. think of all the movies made every year, only a tiny percentage of them would have a soundtrack worth listening to.
Even the best composers have more misses than hits.
Hope that Cenno money lands tomorrow. Need to get petrol before the Sirs hike the prices ahead of the Easter long weekend.
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> The vessel had been chartered by Maersk since its delivery in early 2015. The 22 members of the ship's crew on board were Indian nationals
Dear NEET,

We thank you for your time and effort to apply with Hungry Jack's.

After careful consideration of the information you provided, your application will not progress any further on this occasion.

We appreciate your desire to work for us and wish you all the very best in your future ventures. 

Kind Regards,
Mars and Saturn are in Aquarius, then Neptune, the Sun and Mercury are along Pisces, and Jupiter and Uranus behind. They're all in a line.
Unless any neets have any other ideas, I think we'll see The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988) on Sunday
It's my phone not the website. I don't get why it does it though. 
It's like a left swipe opens a bookmark. Then when I press back, (which I do quickly because it happens so often), it usually closes the browser. Then I open it and the Gen is back.
Still confused about which bourito ingredients should be cooked. 

Traditionally it's just one ingredient plus onion and picante. Texmex is effectively stewing everything. My trans bouritoes are never as good as either, I need to commit to one or the other.
moofie soundtracks with violins and shit is basically top 40 tier classical music. I like them when they are inventive and use minimalist themes like blade runner and snowtown, but then again thats synth music. I like brahms but I dont listen to mozart, the level of emotion conveyed in the music is a big decider, waltz music is gay but wagner operas have me listening and not doing nothing else.
Went to the bike shop to get a new tyre for the American Classic front wheel and I'm talking to the sales dude and saying I need to swap out hub bearings, I got them coming from england. How do I get the old ones out, do i drift them out? and he told me to put it into their workshop in two weeks time, like I was some retard normie when he's looking at a mechanic's frankenbike high speed courier steed. Fucksake I miss the days when the mechanic ran the shop and couldnt be fucked doing gay shit like swapping bearings so he'd tell you how easy it was and you dont need anything except a table knife. Got a decent looking gatorskin even though I have had one fray at the sidewall before, plus there was a picture of some random nigger on the box which was cringe, even though its a german brand. The marketing industry must employ a lot of psychotics.
Nuro said he'd take a look at my bike for me but he had it for two weeks and charged me extra for "storage charge", once.